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debjonesdiem rated it 1 year ago
The Reclusive Earl by Ruth Ann Nordin is a fantastic historical romance. Ms. Nordin has delivered a well-written book. I adore the characters in this story. Opal is disgusted when she hears young ladies making fun of a man's lisp and follows them as they are spying on the gentleman. Landon must ...
debjonesdiem rated it 2 years ago
A Most Unsuitable Earl by Ruth Ann Nordin is an entertaining historical romance. Ms. Nordin has given us a well-written book packed with outstanding characters. Ethan and Catherine's story is loaded with drama, humor, misunderstandings and sizzle. I enjoyed reading A Most Unsuitable Earl and look...
debjonesdiem rated it 4 years ago
The Earl's Secret Bargain by Ruth Ann Nordin was a nice read. There was a bit of drama in Toby and Regina's story. Not a lot of action The Earl's Secret Bargain is well written with lovable characters and a bit of sizzle toward the end. This book is part of the Marriage By Deceit series, but ca...
Vailia's Page Turner
Vailia's Page Turner rated it 4 years ago
Wholesome and sweet. This was a short but wonderful read. when I first saw the synopsis, I was partly expecting some "Hello Dolly"-ish. Not quite. What I did get was a sweet, nearly innocent historical romance.Tom is a major clutz. In every sense of the word. He is hardworking and caring but c...
fruitcakes rated it 4 years ago
The plot relies way too heavily on misunderstanding/not talking to each other and not even in an interesting way.The main character is a ninnie, and while she occasionally showed a spark of someone interesting, she never really developed into an interesting person.While the romance is kind of sweet ...
Aayesha the Book Hogger
Aayesha the Book Hogger rated it 6 years ago
I liked this book a lot in the beginning, but then in the middle and end I didn't find it enjoyable. The main reason why was because it was a bit too heavy for my tastes. And because they were both kids. I mean, a 20-year old hero and a 16-year old heroine? I can stand younger heroines, that was def...
Rich's Gulag
Rich's Gulag rated it 6 years ago
Some good information laid out very succinctly for any author to follow.
Sandra HappyGirl
Sandra HappyGirl rated it 7 years ago
Note to self: Christian Romance
blub rated it 7 years ago
Jessica and Tom are very likable characters and so are their family and friends. I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading the others in the series.
Sandra HappyGirl
Sandra HappyGirl rated it 7 years ago
Great book, I liked this H/H but incredibly frustrating and annoying 2ndry characters, I nearly skipped over those parts. Redemption is a great theme for a book. I didn't read the earlier book which Neil was a part of and kinda glad I didn't. I may not have liked him as much. I will read it eventu...
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