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Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World - Community Reviews back

by Bryan Lee O'Malley
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An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 4 years ago
I'm having trouble telling the white boys apart in the story. Their names aren't used very often, and they all look the same. The story is also weirdly racist towards Knives (the tutoring comments, Scott assumes they'll eat Chinese food if he goes to her house for dinner, "are you even allowed to da...
angelicam2009 rated it 5 years ago
Another fun read! Writing-3Storyline/Plot-4Characters-4Overall- 3.6
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 5 years ago
This book has it's charm - charming art, realistic looking women, and some charming humor. Unfortunately, it plays into too many stereotypes, including fetishizing the Asian woman (Knives Chau, who is in high school, dating someone twenty three, and is there to remind him of how much she adores hi...
Inkspot Fancy
Inkspot Fancy rated it 6 years ago
Oh Knives. As we start to delve a little more into what Scott's been doing up until the start of this series and why he might be like he is, at least in part, his high school girlfriend from book one takes center stage with her sheer awesomeness. Speaking of Scott though, while the humor keeps it up...
christina's book corner
christina's book corner rated it 6 years ago
Read from August 6 -August 7Summary Does Scott and Ramona's burgeoning relationship have a future? Isn't Scott still supposedly dating Knives Chau? Who is Ramona's second evil ex-boyfriend, and why is he in Toronto? Who are The Clash At Demonhead, and what kind of bizarre art-punky music do they pl...
Julian Meynell's Books
Julian Meynell's Books rated it 6 years ago
The second in the series is as good as the first in all respects but one. The first book worked quite well as a unified whole, whereas this book, really feels like it just ends where O'Malley runs out of book. It feels like it is just cut out of the series. This is, however, a minor quibble. The...
BlondeBookBee rated it 6 years ago
Great story again. Scott is really funny.
Carnival Of Souls
Carnival Of Souls rated it 7 years ago
better than the first one still not amazing..
KristinaGummyBear rated it 7 years ago
Still just meh
Defenestraethe rated it 7 years ago
So I had the house all to myself for several hours last night. I was going to binge and read the whole series, but someone misplaced #4. I stopped after #2, because who knows how long until we find it, and I will probably need #3 fresh in my head when we do find it.Y'all, I love these. So weird, so ...
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