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Skin Deep - Community Reviews back

by S.W. Vaughn
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Nanny Ogg's reviews and stuff
Nanny Ogg's reviews and stuff rated it 5 years ago
Julia ♥Duncan♥ wrote a review that I completely agree with.The story is full of plot-chasms. I'll add one or two more things to the list... [spoiler] First off, I cannot believe that nobody would have believed Will had he gone to the police. I get that the police department is a close-knit group, bu...
Susan rated it 5 years ago
2,5 stars This book had a lot of potential. But I hate it when I am constantly confused. I felt as if I'd forgotten to read the instruction manual of this book. Characters and relations that were not really explained, two storylines while one would have sufficed and things that needed a lot more att...
No Glitter Blown
No Glitter Blown rated it 6 years ago
Infamous tattoo artist meets famed radio talk show host.The story has an intensity driven by violence and a sense of impending doom for both protagonists. This is especially so due to the cruelty both are subjected to and done onto secondary characters. Will is a gentle soul who seems to keep findin...
Bea's Reading Den
Bea's Reading Den rated it 6 years ago
Ok. Thing number 1: make sure you have a strong stomach. There is a lot of abuse here, not sure if it was needed or not.I really enjoyed this book, but I admit that I skipped some of the abuse scenes.
Affairs of M/Men
Affairs of M/Men rated it 7 years ago
I loved this book. It was a big dark and violent and therefore not for everyone. The abuse scenes were brutal although the sex scenes were mild. (Actually, I think there may have only been one, the rest implied.)The characters were interesting and I appreciated how Vaughn didn't think I was ignorant...
Dreamer rated it 7 years ago
Just adored this engaging m/m paranormal romance. DJ Will escapes from abusive Cop Lyle and finds true love with delicious Fae tattoo artist Cobalt. Wow, there are two more in the series, can't wait?He placed a kiss on his forehead. "Let me worship you." Will decided he'd died. Lyle must have killed...
Quirky Musings
Quirky Musings rated it 7 years ago
Around 4.5, bit less.I thought this was a wonderful book, not quite the 5-star "WOW" but I didn't have heart to pull it down any stars since it was pretty damn close.Anyway because I've got a killer headache and two more books to read I'll keep this short.Loved the book, it was very interesting and ...
Sandra rated it 8 years ago
$6.64 on Amazon
Mandy, I read obsessively
Mandy, I read obsessively rated it 8 years ago
3.5 This story totally pulled me in! I really wanted to learn more about the Fey world.The domestic violence was difficult to read about and i wondered why Will was repeatedly in unhealthy relationships! Cobalt was sweet,but I didn't feel like I got to know him as well as I would have liked to! May...
Trix rated it 8 years ago
The book totally surprised me. In a good way.[spoiler ahead]The characters came off so realistical and.. human (for lack of a better description). Will can't seem to shake off bad relationships and abusive partners... and struggles to break away from the worst yet, his closeted cop boyfriend. Lyle's...
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