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Soul Music - Community Reviews back

by Terry Pratchett
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Books etc.
Books etc. rated it 8 years ago
Nice to know that I can still enjoy Discworld story, some of them I read lately felt underwhelm. This one was not exactly hilarous but there wasn't any annoying part as well.
Book Trauma
Book Trauma rated it 9 years ago
This one was reminiscent of Moving Pictures. I liked it but the subject matter just wasn't that interesting to me the way it was presented. Terry's characters are what kept me reading this one. I can't fully fault any book that contains Death and I like his granddaughter too. CMOT Dibbler is always ...
helenliz rated it 9 years ago
This starts with a death, and concerns Death. Death's grandaughter, Susan, learns that her parents have died and that she's sort of inherited the family business at the same time. Susan is of a logical turn of mind, so doesn't believe that this is how hereditry works, despite appearances to the cont...
even with nougat, you can have a perfect moment
Definitely in my Top Ten TP books, simply for so much Death and Susan :)
The Book Magpie's Nest
The Book Magpie's Nest rated it 10 years ago
Definitely in my Top Ten TP books, simply for so much Death and Susan :)
CharlotteBuriedinBooks rated it 11 years ago
OK, so this was quite similar to Moving Pictures - but this was about "Music with Rocks in". With the added angle of Death, becoming a bit depressed and disappearing, meaning that his grand-daughter Susan has to take over.It's about Buddy (plays a rather special guitar - looks abit elvish), Glod (p...
The Block
The Block rated it 11 years ago
The book is funny as usual, but it's quite similar to moving pictures, so not such a new idea. I loved the beginning, but I wasn't sure about the end. Always entertaining though!
Kaethe rated it 12 years ago
Death takes a holiday, his granddaughter has to take over, and music with rocks in it becomes popular Chock full o' puns.
Kaethe rated it 51 years ago
19 Feb 200820 Jun 201425 Aug 2016Death takes a sort of holiday, so the Death of Rats goes looking for Death's granddaughter to fill the gap. Susan is off in boarding school, being an unusually practical teenager with no memory of her grandfather, when she gets the message. Meanwhile a bard, a troll,...
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