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review 2018-01-13 17:33
Witching Hour Theatre - Jonathan Janz
Witching Hour Theatre - Jonathan Janz

The venue where we watch our favorite horror movies has metamorphosed through the years. We've went from old single screen movie theaters to drive-in theaters, to multiple screen multiplexes, and now many people have high quality electronics in their man cave that would give any theater a run for their money. For those of us that remember the older movie theaters, they were a magical place. The smells of popcorn and candy mingling with the sounds of the bustling crowds and the flashing bright lights of the marquee. Going to the theater was an event. But when the lights went down and the crowds dispersed, the theater could be a spooky place. This is the atmosphere that Janz captures perfectly.



Larry Wilson, an awkward loner and horror movie aficionado, doesn't miss many of the Starlight Theaters Friday Midnight Matinees. He gets his popcorn and candy along with a large soda to wash it all down with. Tonight, he even got a future date with the cute girl behind the counter that he's never had the courage to ask out. This night was shaping up to be one that Larry would never forget. Unfortunately, this was the last good thing to happen tonight. For this night, blood was going to spill and not just on the screen.

Witching Hour Theatre is a fun romp through familiar territory. Janz doesn't try to do too much with this story. He lets it be exactly what it is - a B-movie tale told in an eerie familiar setting. He's got all the right ingredients going - atmosphere, good characters, flawless dialogue and pacing, and oh yes, plenty of the red stuff. Come right in and take your seat. Don't mind the stickiness on the floor. I'm sure it's only spilled soda...or is it?




4 1/2 Slasher Flicks out of 5



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review 2018-01-03 23:53
The Witching Hour - Anne Rice

The whole time I was reading this 1,000+ page epic, a thought continuously ran through my head: “This is Anne Rice’s IT.” The subjects of The Witching Hour and Stephen King’s horror novel couldn’t be more different, but the writing style is quite similar. In this, surely the New Orleans author’s magnum opus, a time span of three centuries is covered; this is the quintessential generational saga.


The Mayfair family has a sordid, macabre past, and the center of it all is the large plantation home in New Orleans that has been passed down in the witch clan through the years. The largest chunk — and the most intriguing section — of this novel is concerned with the Mayfair history, which Rice details in lush, evocative detail. Against this is a forward-moving narrative set in the present day about Rowan Mayfair, the most powerful witch yet, coming home to New Orleans. I absolutely loved Rowan. Michael—the man she comes to have an interesting relationship with—too. Their arc is an erotic and enlightening journey into the mysterious.


The first book in the Mayfair Witches trilogy, this is my favorite Anne Rice novel as of now, and I expect to read the sequel soon. Highly recommended!

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review 2016-08-03 10:13
Not that sold on this series, though it was atmospheric.
The Witching Hour - Anne Rice

Interesting concept and solid writing.

It just didn't grab me like her Vampire-books did. It also felt a bit same old, same old, though it technically wasn't.

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review 2016-06-05 16:08
Audio Book Review: I'd Rather Be A Witch
I'd Rather be a Witch: The Witching Hour Collection (The Cotton Candy Quintet Book 2) - Erin Hayes

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.

Jordyn's sister calls, asking her to return home after her years gone. Her mother is dying from cancer. Jordyn doesn't hesitate, but does worry how returning home with affect Zach. Zach was her high school love and what she did to save him changed him. Things could go very wrong with her return to such close proximity of him...

Kristin brings the tender heart that fills Jordyn to the surface as she gives Jordayn voice. Kristin voices each character with a different timber and voice. She also does an echo for Jordyn's thoughts, which I love.

We have a mystery mixed with love! Jordyn returns home to help her family as her mother nears her last days. She wants to do anything to help her mother, but even as a witch there is only so much that can be done. The dark magick will not help but hurt in the end.

We get the current story but also the history of Jordyn and Zach when younger. The beautiful and terrible night. The second chapter tells their story and how things went so wrong with magick. This sets the stage and makes us weary of returning home with Jordyn. It just can't turn out well with what we learn... I'm worried with Jordyn.

Jordyn also faces the man she's loved from childhood. There is a deep and dark past between them. It's sort of sad to see it as Jordyn still loves him. But the surprise of the story is there is a possibility of a new love interest for Jordyn, if she'll let herself go and forgive what happened to Zach.

Ooooh. And the mystery! Jordyn returns home to suddenly find there was a double murder at Shady Point, the place where Zach and Jordyn's past turns dark. And she's the prime suspect. How is this possible? It is. Jordyn wants to help Zach as she thinks it could be him, but what she learns when she casts her spell draws new light to the story. Jordyn is determined to prove herself innocent and save her mother.

Jordyn has made mistakes, huge mistakes, that affect everyone. She wants to fix those while home visiting while her mom is ill with terminal cancer.

Wonderful shorter story. I was drawn to the characters and invested with them. In the end I had to work to stop the tears.

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review 2015-11-24 16:36
Scooby Doo and the Witching Hour
Scooby-Doo! and the Witching Hour - Sonia Sander,Duendes del Sur

OK. I know this is a little late for Halloween, but who doesn't like Scooby-Doo? This was a really fun one about a haunting at the pumpkin patch over Halloween (of course). With tons of great Scooby and the gang sayings - and updated to reflect current technology, this was a great one to read.

Source: www.hotofftheshelves.com/2015/11/scooby-doo-witching-hour-by-sonia.html
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