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review 2018-03-09 00:03
Rebel Rising
Star Wars: Rebel Rising - Beth Revis,Lucasfilm Ltd

A super short review because I haven’t got much to say:


I don’t know if anyone was really clamoring for a YA novel about Jyn Erso’s life in the years between Saw Gerrera rescuing her from Lah’mu and the Rebels breaking her out of prison on Wobani, but we got one anyway. It was entertaining (I enjoyed it a lot more than my last book by Revis, that’s for sure), but it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t feel like I got much more out of this than Freed already gave me in the Rogue One novelization.

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review 2017-06-14 04:08
Star Wars: Rebel Rising
Star Wars Rebel Rising - Beth Revis

Confession: I didn't particularly like Rogue One when I saw it in theaters. I just didn't care about any of the main characters in it, and I'm not a big enough Star Wars fan to have caught a majority of the references in the movie or recognize names of characters beyond the really big ones like Darth Vader. I knew nothing about this book other than it involved Jyn Erso in some way (I recognized her on the cover). I didn't really plan to read this, but my library got the audio book, and I was looking for one really fast to download. This was the only available book in the section I was browsing that I hadn't read and that wasn't a sequel to something I hadn't read or that wasn't a book I had no intention of ever reading. And I'm glad I ended up picking it.


Rebel Rising managed to do what Rogue One failed to do which is make me care about the main characters. It tells Jyn's story prior to the movie and gave me a better idea of who she is and why. Her story's not a happy one. She was forced to learn how to fight and survive from a young age under the guidance of Saw Gerrera who took her in after her mother was killed and her father joined the enemy. I loved her complex relationship with Saw who became her surrogate father. And I loved Jyn in general and how she kept trying to keep to herself and not care about others for her own sake, but kept caring despite herself, even when it often led to the very pain she was hoping to avoid.


It's a shame this book came out after the movie. I think I would have enjoyed Rogue One if I had read this before seeing it. I would have gone in already caring greatly about one of the main characters.

Even if that would have made the ending hurt more.

(spoiler show)

This book made me a Jyn fan and has made me consider giving the Rogue One novelization a shot just to see if I do enjoy the story (and Jyn) more.

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text 2016-11-18 15:21
Friday Reads!
Rise of Empire - Michael J. Sullivan
The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah
Across the Universe - Beth Revis
Cress - Marissa Meyer

It's that time of week again! 


So I'm diving into the next compilation in the Riyria Revelations series.  Actually, I already started it. I usually read this series along with my morning coffee.  I wake up smiling and looking forward to it. Love it when a book has that effect on me.


The Nightingale is historical fiction at its best. Riveting WWII story.  


Across the Universe is the first book in a completed YA sci-fi trilogy that I've been meaning to read. I think I'm only reading completed series or almost completed series from now on. Easier on my brain. With that in mind, I need to finish the Lunar Chronicles and I left off in the middle of Cress.


That's what I plan on reading of course. It's subject to change. Not much planned this weekend, so I hope to get more reading done.


What are your reading plans?


Happy reading! 



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review 2016-08-06 18:39
A World Without You
A World Without You - Beth Revis

What do I say about this novel? It was entertaining, it was confusing, it was adventurous, and it stretched my boundaries. The book is about mental illness and it has many different points of view. We view the story mainly from Bo’s point of view. At the beginning of the novel, I was entertaining the idea of Bo and the other characters living at Berkshire Academy, managing their special abilities. They each were special, some were dealing with their talents better than others but the whole idea of the Academy was to help the students comprehend and realize who they really were. Some of their teachers even had special abilities which came in handy in some situations.


Ryan, he was the deep one in the group. His thoughts and comments made me think and I didn’t trust him. He put too much thought into what he said and I thought he was only thinking of himself and was playing everyone else against each other. Harold, he was special. He kept to himself and it looked like he was talking to himself but Bo believed that his special ability was that he saw ghosts.  I wanted people to leave him alone but some people couldn’t and they pushed him to open up or they taunted him until he crept away. Bo was stressed about Sofia, for he liked her and he felt guilty about what he did. He was consumed about the Timestream and he started plucking the strings along it. Bo’s believed his special talent was time travel and somehow he has taken Sofia back in time and accidentally left her there.   He didn’t know exactly where but he needed to locate her and bring her back. Sofia had died so the Academy has a funeral for her but Bo is set on the notion that he has put her in the past and he can rescue her, if he is just given the time to do so.  Government officials have now arrived on site to investigate the Academy and everything in Bo’s world begins to fall apart.   All the stories that he fabricated in his head are now changing. The confusion shook Bo and I wasn’t ready for the confusion and the change that affected him.   I was inside Bo’s world, he was important and he was calm there. When this change swept over the novel, it shows the effect that mental illness has on an individual and others around them.

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text 2016-08-04 17:33
Who is messed up?
A World Without You - Beth Revis

I'm confused, Bo's confused and I can't read fast enough to ease my head.  Did Bo really take Sofia to the past and accidently leave her there or is all this a mind game?  Why did the "governmental officials" have to show up and mess with my comfortable read?  I was fine with their superpower abilities but no, they showed up and started shaking things up and now....its chaos!  I'm questioning everything I've read from the beginning, someone please start putting the answers together and quit adding more confusion.  

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