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text 2018-06-20 08:12
Amazing Home Decor Ideas To Give It A Classy Look

A home is always called your sweet home when it gives you a feeling of ‘heaven’. Your home is where your heart resides and we all know that heart fall in love with its elegant decor. That means the main root to call it your dream home is behind its lavishing decor which truly enhances the beauty of your home. So why not make your home look truly classy and of your own touch. The best way to start things up is to check out the best place to buy home decor online and embellish your own home in your own style. Although choosing your own home decor is a rewarding experience which will excite you a lot.


To guide you better, below are a few home decor ideas that you should consider to make your house a ‘dream home’ and give it a much classy & elegant look.


Home bars can make your drawing room alive

Your home is a mirror reflection of your own personality, who you are in real life and for today’s energetic world, Bar Accessories for Home are the perfect addition for a classy look of a house. To entertain your friends, colleagues, boss or relative, a high-class bar in a home will define your status and make you recognize as a high profile person in the society.


Cigar Humidors-perfect epitome of royal home

Smoking a cigar is one of the symbols of classy, royal, and stylish man. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke habitual or not but having the presence of its humidors in your home will make you call as a royal person.  After all, you want an addition of royal touch in your sweet home. Right? And that’s exactly what we try to figure it out.


Amazingly incredible! These options excite me a lot. I can imagine how much you are curious to buy them. There are tons of cheap decor stores online you can get for endless options of best classy home decor products like billiards, wine coolers, theater seats, gaming table, wine racks, and licensed US military products. So, what are you waiting for? I have already picked my favorite home decor items. Are you still thinking? Don’t be after all; you are doing all such efforts for your own home. So, it's absolutely worth it!

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text 2018-06-19 12:37
Cash Lender- a pioneer lending institution


There will be a number of situations in life when you will be in dire need of cash. Whatever the reason behind the same, you will have to look for various external sources of finance. Banks and Financial institutions offer loans based on the credit score of the applicant. It helps them determine the ability to repay the loan. For an applicant with a high credit score, it will be easier to get the loan application approved but for those who have a bad credit, there is no chance to get the approval. Banks also take a long time to process the application. If you are in need of urgent cash, you need to contact Cash Lender, a pioneer lending institution that looks beyond your credit score. They have a quick application procedure and approval.


They offer bad credit personal loans BC and accept any type of security against the loan. You can use any asset owned by you as a security. With a high customer satisfaction rate, they will ensure that you have access to funds in no time. They are quick and efficient in their services and it is the only institution that accepts a mobile home mortgage BC. They have a 98% approval rate and will process the loan application at the earliest. You are only required to submit a few documents with your application form and the application will be processed without any delay.


If you are in need of funds, contact Cash Lender today.

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review 2018-06-19 03:34
A Gripping, Fast Read about a Would-Be Murderess
Go Home, Afton - Brent D. Jones

I have some potentially, slightly spoilerly thoughts in paragraph #9. Feel free to skip that, to help, I'll write my conclusion first and then add that on as a post-script of sorts. Deal? Okay here we go:


I learned over time that the murderess without blood on her hands has a lot in common with a heroin-addicted streetwalker. Both crave a fix, and both are willing to do just about anything to get one. And the longer she has to wait, the more dangerous and erratic her behavior becomes.


Afton Morrison, our narrator, has a problem -- she has this drive to kill someone. Multiple someones, actually. She's not a female take on John Wayne Cleaver, though. She's really at peace with the idea (as much as you can be). She wants her targets to be deserving (in a Dexter kind of way), and she wants to get away clean, so she can do it again. This isn't your typical take on a Children's Librarian from a small town public library, but, hey -- maybe it should be. She's found her first victim, follows him, knows his habits, is sure he's the right guy and is all set to make her move. . . but can't seem to find him when the time comes.


Meanwhile, she's got to play supportive and attentive little sister to her brother who's having trouble with his love life. She's an unwilling mentor to a would-be over-achieving high school student. Plus, Afton's finding herself with new and unexpected interpersonal connections -- none of which she has time for, because he's got to go kill a man. As soon as she finds him.


Also, other complications ensue -- Afton may have a well-conceived plan, but she's going to have a really hard time sticking to it once other people get involved.


I like Afton -- as much as you can like someone like her. Her brother's great, ditto for all the other complications in her life -- good characters, and (generally) good people. I hope we can find out more about Afton and most of the secondary characters (there's a couple I'll ignore for now for spoiler reasons).


The writing could be tightened up a little bit. A couple of errors fixed -- and I'm going off of an ARC, it's possible they will be in time for the publication. I think some of the language used by a some of the characters (see Peter, a fellow librarian, in particular) goes over the line -- he can be a creep, but when you make him that much of a creep, he becomes a liability. "Can we just spend time with the would-be murderess? I don't feel quite so dirty reading about her." But on the whole, the storytelling itself is strong enough that it makes up for whatever deficiencies one may find in the text.


A personal note to Mr. Jones: If you don't stick to your schedule on the following installments, so I have to wait to find out what happens, I'll...I'll, I dunno. Tweet nasty things about your mother. Just sayin' -- I need to find out.


A fast, fast read that grabbed me from the first chapter and wouldn't let me go until the end. And even then, it left me wanting more -- soon. Thankfully, Jones has his 4-part series scheduled to wrap up this October. Go Home, Afton is as entertaining as it is intriguing with a protagonist you want to get to know better (even if she's someone you'd like to see locked up in a treatment facility for at least a few years).


So, Afton is a great unreliable narrator. She's not trying to be one -- which is the best part. She's reporting things to us as she sees them, but she can't trust what she's seeing and hearing. Which makes the reader pretty sure they know what's going on most of the time -- but they can never be totally sure.Thankfully, Afton is pretty up front about this. Neither she nor Jones are trying to play games with the reader. I can get behind that.


Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest opinion. The ensuing addiction was just a bonus.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2018/06/18/go-home-afton-by-brent-jones-a-gripping-fast-read-about-a-would-be-murderess
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review 2018-06-18 00:46
Sweet Home Highland Christmas
Sweet Home Highland Christmas - May McGoldrick

What a great read! This had everything that I needed right now. The main characters, Gregory and Freya, were great characters that I really loved reading about. I couldn't get enough of the chemistry between them. Freya's niece Ella was an absolute hoot and kept me laughing throughout the book. I enjoyed the fact that this was on the shorter side so that it didn't drag on at all.

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review 2018-06-16 19:37
The Star Witness - Andy Hamilton
(note: the Andy Hamilton who wrote this novel is NOT the person described in the author profile … is there a way for Booklikes to differentiate between multiple authors who happen to have the same name)? THIS is the Andy Hamilton who authored "The Star Witness"
I've been a longtime fan of Andy Hamilton via his BBC Radio shows "Old Harry's Game" and "Revolting People", plus very fond memories of catching a few episodes of "Drop the Dead Donkey" on TV long ago. So was happy to discover that he'd written a novel and was eager to read it.
And now I'm eager to read any other novel Andy Hamilton cares to write. "The Star Witness" wasn't anything like his radio shows (which are hilarious with deeply insightful serious underlayers) not that I expected that of him … the man's too versatile to just do the same thing over and over. Instead this work had the serious front and centre with moments of snark and self-deprecating and defensive humour from the main character … a quieter form of comedy interwoven into an larger fabric of a man whose going-through-the-motions life is suddenly turned upside-down and inside-out, and how this this upheaval at first flattens him into apathy and then slowly changes him for the better. We hope. There's an ambiguous at-a-crossroads ending and good on Mr. Hamilton for doing that because, really, I like books that don't spoonfeed me all the answers and instead leave things open for speculation and interpretation.
Definitely have to re-read this with knowledge of that ending because I know it's going to change a lot of my perceptions from the first in-ignorance reading.
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