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text 2017-03-28 02:05
A Stone in the Sea (Bleeding Stars Book 1) A.L. Jackson Free!
A Stone in the Sea (Bleeding Stars Book 1) - A.L. Jackson

Sunder lead singer Sebastian Stone is no stranger to trouble.

It follows him wherever he goes.

From his track record, he should have known Shea Bentley would be a problem. But the soft, innocent Southern girl was all he could see. All he wanted to see. Now they’re both drowning in a sea of desire, sinking hopelessly into a world of lust, and their passion refuses to let them up for air.

No matter how much he wants that to be enough…Shea has an inescapable past. One she would do anything to keep running from.

But some secrets never die.

If her history is dragged from the depths, it could tear his world apart. He has to decide if she’s worth fighting the tide or if they should just sink like a stone in the sea.

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review 2017-02-13 02:46
Descender vol. 1
Descender Volume 1: Tin Stars (Descender Tp) - Jeff Lemire,Dustin Nguyen,Dustin Nguyen

Descender, Vol. 1: Tin Stars has some exceptional artwork and the story is very engaging. I recently watched the series, "Westworld", sparking my interest in stories with androids. This series by the talented Jeff Lemire certainly doesn't disappoint. The main character is the cutest bot ever! Illustrated beautifully the first volume begins with TIM 21 embarking on a journey to find his human companion, Andy. Full of mystery this strange new world is very intriguing! Little bot, big universe, indeed.

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review 2016-12-16 16:00
A Pleasant Surprise
A Stone in the Sea (A Bleeding Stars Novel) (Volume 1) - A.L. Jackson

A Stone in the Sea (A Bleeding Stars Novel) (Volume 1) - A.L. Jackson 


This is one of those stories that takes you by surprise. I was just looking for something different and saw this book I picked up as freebie a while ago.

What I wasn't expecting was to get pulled in by the characters. I wasn't all that happen about their insta-love, but I loved how fierce Baz was. When he loved, he loved all the way and having that turned on Shay was just no joke.

I knew that Jennings was going to be important to the story in the way that he was. Something about the way he was introduced led me to believe that we were missing something. 

There is just NO WAY that I won't read this next book. I've got to see how this goes down. I just love Baz and Shay together. I want to see them work out.

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review 2016-12-11 16:22
Last Call (Stranded in the Stars Book 1) by Naomi Lucas Review
Last Call (Stranded in the Stars Book 1) - Naomi Lucas,Naomi Lucas

Allie has been alone for years.

Stranded on an unknown, uninhabitable planet billions of miles away from Earth, being the only survivor of a disastrous crash landing, she has little hope left for rescue. Each day she is consumed with the task of foraging for food, finding shelter, and avoiding predators. But the nights are the worst.. When the planet freezes over and she is left with nothing but her demons. That is until the day she sees a ship fall out of the sky.

Where do Cyborgs go when there is no war? When every being in the galaxy fears you?
When you're a living, breathing computer virus?

Several decades after the galactic humanoid war between the Earthians and the Trentians, Jack has made a name for himself as one of the best bounty hunters in the cosmos. Tasked with pursuing an especially dangerous pirate to a remote location, his ship is caught in a fluke meteor storm. Stranded with ship repairs on a dust rock, also known as Hell-in-Space, he encounters a damaged, beautiful woman. The greatest bounty hunt of his life





There is an unexpected horror element to this science fiction romance.


The heroine has been surviving on a wasteland of a planet for a long time. The hero is a cyborg bounty hunter.


There are lots of mysteries and plot threads that go unresolved. It would have bee a richer book if these elements would have been fleshed out and we got more time after the I love yous but it wasn't a bad debut.

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review 2016-10-18 04:04
Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire

I read this book on the strength of the opening pages, which are quite strong. While I’m not a huge urban fantasy reader, I do enjoy them occasionally; compared to the genre at large, this one is lighter on the romance, heavier on the exposition and average on the snark. Unfortunately, it also has a fairly senseless plot and one of the stupidest protagonists I’ve encountered. Some vague spoilers below.

October “Toby” Daye is a half-fey, half-human former private investigator, busy not recovering from a nasty spell that turned her life upside-down, when a friend is murdered and she’s dragged into the investigation. The one thing I can say for this mystery is that it didn’t creep me out, as mysteries sometimes do. But after the opening it quickly does downhill. Toby visits the crime scene, but from then on doesn’t actually investigate; instead she runs about visiting everyone she knows, gets into a lot of trouble, mostly due to her own stupidity, and regularly requires rescue from her friends. Then she jumps back up half-healed, insists on rushing alone and half-cocked into some other dangerous situation, and has to be rescued again. Rinse and repeat. She only ever solves the mystery because the villain, who clearly has not read the Evil Overlord List, decides to monologue at her about their actions and motives.

And man, is Toby too stupid to live! She drags the plot out an extra 100 pages by forgetting that she can read the memories of the dead, and therefore not bothering to enquire of a mysterious assassin killed in an attempt on her life (by a rival who swoops in to save her, naturally) who paid for the job. She insists on storming alone into the villain’s lair after telegraphing her intentions, despite knowing the villain will have backup and her having many allies eager to help (one of whom gets killed trying to save her life as a result, naturally). And after an incident in which a doppelganger nearly kills her and our supposedly highly capable investigator has to be saved by a couple of kids, she insists on barging alone into another dangerous place, where an old friend pops up to help her . . . so she decides to make him prove his identity by handing him her only weapon and telling him to cut himself to prove he can bleed. And what do you think he’d do with that knife if he was in fact an enemy, genius?

All that said, Toby isn’t the only idiot in the book. There’s also the villain, who passes up plenty of opportunities to try to wheedle or force information about the McGuffin out of her, while meanwhile hiring assassins to try to torture her for it. For that reason, the final reveal doesn’t feel quite credible. It’s also hard to say much for the allies who show such respect for Toby’s nonexistent skills.

So while the book is readable, I found it more annoying than fun; due to excessive exposition about the world and its many species of fey, the plot doesn’t move as quickly as it might. Nor does it ever really address the issues raised in that great opener, particularly with Toby’s partner and child, who never appear again. Not one I recommend, nor do I expect to read more from this author.

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