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review 2019-12-17 14:19
Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea
Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea - Ginny Fite

Elena Labat is a special forces Police in New York City. She is called in to duty when a large scale terrorist attack rocks the City in multiple locations. Elena knows that there is more to this attack then what she can see. After an explosion, Elena is left confused and eventually unconscious. While Elena is unconscious, she is thrown into the world of her ancestor, the story of Hana that her mother told her as a child. Hana lived 4,000 years ago in Lebanon. Hana is unique due to her blue eye color and is coveted by the King. The King has demanded Hana be sent to him on her 12th birthday. Her parents comply and Hana is sent on the dangerous trek through the desert with a guide from Sidon, Danel. Reaching the palace, she is placed in service to the Queen, soon to be given over to the Prince. Hana wants more to her life, freedom and purpose. She will fight for these things, but finds herself needing help after getting kidnapped. Elena enters Hana's life from her coma and helps Hana escape, however when Elena wakes up from her coma she is left longing for Hana's life and reassurance that she is happy.

Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea is the story of two strong and courageous women 4,000 years apart. The writing alternates viewpoints between Elena in the present and Hana in ancient Lebanon. At first, the connection between the two women is not apparent and it is like reading two separate, though compelling stories. Usually in dual-time stories, I am drawn towards one story more than the other, however I felt equally drawn towards each woman's story and was constantly wondering what had happened to one character while I was reading about the other. I was amazed at how the writing was able to portray both women as strong and firmly rooted within their time period. When their stories finally do intersect, Elena finds a deeper meaning in life and Hana is able to tap into a deep inner strength. I really enjoyed that this was more than just a time-slip story, but a story of two heroic women connected through time. Overall, Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea is a thrilling dual-time adventure with well-written, amazing female characters.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

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review 2019-12-09 19:51
Africaville - Jeffrey Colvin
On the bluffs of Halifax, Nova Scotia a group of freed slaves made a settlement for themselves in the late 1800's, eventually dubbed Africaville.  Since then, the community grew; although they remained on the outskirts of town.  In 1933, Kath Ella Sebolt is looking for a way out.  A scholarship to a a college in Montreal is her ticket, however trouble with her best friend Kiendra and a pregnancy with Omar Platt's child could complicate matters.  Kath Ella wants more for her son, Etienne than she had.  Etienne does well for himself, but often struggles with the fact that he is what people would consider 'colored.'  Etienne's son Warner, now in Alabama is surprised to learn who his grandparents were and finds himself tied back to the small community in Nova Scotia. 
Africaville is a family saga that captures to trials of four generations of a family in North America.  I was very interested in the community and it's foundations in Canada.  Picking up in the 1930's with Kath Ella, the story was able to depict the many different ways that racism was able to encroach on the residents of Africaville, from limited opportunities for education and jobs to violent retaliation.  For Kath Ella's son and grandson, the focus turns more on identity.  Colvin was able to capture the complex emotional turmoil of two men coming to terms with who they are.  One of the most interesting characters in the story for me was Zera, Omar's mother.  Zera was jailed for a protest and made the difficult decision to send her son to relatives in Africaville.  In a way, it is her legacy that pulls the other three generations together.  I would have loved to know more of her story and the events that led up to her arrest.   I would have also appreciated more information on the families that founded the town on the bluffs and how they came to settle there.  Overall, a sweeping family story of a group of people that history has forgotten.
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.
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review 2019-12-03 14:04
The Unfortunate Debutante
The Unfortunate Debutante - Laura Beers
After the death of her parents and her brother, an Agent of the Crown, Emma Pearson has been left alone and without much money.  Her father's solicitor Peter believes that he and Emma are betrothed, but Emma would rather work than rely on Peter.  Luckily, a friend of her brother, the Marquess of Downshire finds Emma and offers to take her in as his ward.  Emma accepts and now must complete a Season in London.  However, this is not as easy as it seems as someone seems to be sabotaging Emma at every step.  Bow Street Runner, Simeon Martin is elected to guard Emma.  Although, this is a harder job than Simeon realizes.  Emma  would rather spend her time researching for her news articles on the Anti-Corn Law League that is fighting that laws causing people to starve.  Simeon learns that Emma isn't the typical debutante that he thought.  Emma's behavior infuriates but intrigues Simeon and he finds that Emma might be exactly what he needs in life.
The Unfortunate Debutante is the seventy book in the Beckett Files series.  I would highly recommend reading the entire series in order to get to know all of the characters and their roles as The Unfortunate Debutante brings together characters from many of the previous books.  Emma and Simeon take center stage in this story.  Emma quickly emerges as another strong female character in the series, determined to survive on her own and not accepting a marriage to Peter as an easy way out.  Simeon's character has had a difficult storyline, being spurned in the past and making him wary of any relationship.  He's sees Emma as any other spoiled debutante, but quickly learns that she is anything but the fragile young women seeking a rich husband that he thought.  I loved the incorporation of England's history into this Regency spy romance.  Emma and Simeon's involvement with the Anti-Corn Law League increased the suspense and well as situated the story firmly in the early 1800's.  Like many of the romances in this series, their love takes a different path with each of them slowly realizing that the other is what they needed all along.  What I enjoy most about these books are the spy elements, although Simeon is a Bow Street Runner and not an Agent of the Crown, he is still involved with the plots against the Anti-Corn league and of course, keeping Emma safe from what Peter has plotted to get her back.  Overall, another exciting, sweet and original installment in the Beckett Files. 
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.
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review 2019-11-11 17:21
Royal Beauty Bright
Royal Beauty Bright - Ryan Byrnes

Read for Veteran's Day task- 24 tasks!


The Baker family was not the typical family of Leamington Spa, England in the late 1800's. Mrs. Baker is a widow who runs her own sweets shop, her oldest son, Luther is different from other children. People say he is possessed or a lunatic, what we would now diagnose as autism. Luther's younger brother, Jim protects Luther furiously, but still takes the brunt of his mother's pain and frustration. One day as Jim and Luther are playing with Jim's best friend, Rodney, Luther pushes Rodney and hurts him badly. Rodney recovers but the incident leaves its mark. Years later, a war breaks out. Rodney is fighting on the Western Front and finds a new recruit in his regiment acting strangely. He is surprised to find that it is Luther Baker. Rodney is pressed to protect Luther by childhood friend Ethyl, who is serving as a nurse and trying to find a way to send Luther home. Meanwhile, Jim has taken a job with the British Army Postal Service with his own plan to smuggle Luther out. As Christmas approaches on the Front, Luther cooks up his own plan for survival.

Royal Beauty Bright is a heartwarming tale of compassion that revolves around the Christmas Truce of 1914. Alternating between 1897 and 1914, the timeline immersed me in the lives of Constance Baker, Luther, Jim, Rodney, and Ethyl. Though Luther was met with much adversity in his life, including being tricked into service, the love that Luther shares with his family and friends and they love they return shines brightly through. I loved that Luther excelled at chocolate making and that it paved the way for him to form relationships with other people as well. The depictions of life in the trenches on the Western Front were brutally realistic and showed the impact on the soldier's mental well being. Luther's insights during this time were often the most honest and truthful sentiments during the war, unhindered by what others might think of him. I loved when he told Rodney to write his mother: "Tell her people don't want to kill each other, but they don't know how to stop." As Christmas approaches on the front, I could tell that something had to give. I enjoyed reading the reactions of the men on both sides as they realized that they could take a break from the War and have fun, if only for a day.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

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review 2018-11-25 01:01
An Excellent Mystery by Ellis Peters
An Excellent Mystery - Ellis Peters

I love this series more every time I read further into it. This is the eleventh of the Brother Cadfael mysteries, and is set in the fall of 1141. King Stephen and Empress Maude are making war, as usual, when two strangers show up at the Abbey in Shrewsbury.


This mystery centers around a young woman, Julian Cruce, who has disappeared before entering a convent. As mysteries go, it's quite easy to figure out - and there are, as well, some pretty obvious difficulties with the plot. None of that hampers my enjoyment of the book, however, as these mysteries have become one of my go to comfort reads.


I picked up my copy at Wallace Books today, for a whopping $3.50 of my credit, and dove right in after I finished putting up some of my Christmas decorations. I was really wanting the next book as well, The Raven in the Foregate, because it is a Christmas mystery. I've been reading them in order, so I was happy that this one was available, since I had read up to the tenth, but disappointed that there wasn't a copy of the next one to buy as well. At this point, I think I will probably buy a used print copy on amazon, since the kindle book is priced at over $10.00, which is high for a book first published 30 years ago. Maybe Open Road will put the series on sale over Christmas!


I'm using this book for Day of Penance (book concerning a man of the cloth/Brother Cadfael is a monk).

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