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text 2018-08-10 14:03
Embrace Sale Blitz

Embrace Sale 750x400.png


Calling all new adult readers! You don't want to miss this special Entangled Embrace sale. All full-length Embrace books are on sale for just 99¢ for a very limited time! Shop all books on sale here.


To celebrate this very special Entangled Embrace sale, we have a lightning round of questions and answers with some Embrace authors! Get to know them a little bit better, then shop the sale – 99 books for only 99¢ each!



What kind of Romance Hero is the sexiest?


Amanda Weaver: Brooding intellectual.

Beth Anne Miller: Man in Uniform.

Reese Monroe: Vampire

Magan Vernon : Man in a suit.

Delancey Stewart: Brooding Artist

Jennifer Blackwood: Man in uniform.

A.J. Pine: Tall, Dark, and Bearded.

Julie Patricka: Artist

Jocelyn Adams: Villain-turned-hero of any kind, but I am partial to vampires.

Robin Bielman: I love them all.

Lynn Stevens: Athlete.

D.R. Graham: The sensitive tough guy.

Kendra Highley: Snowboarder.

Christina Phillips: Man in uniform.

Katana Collins: Mmmm. I've always been partial to the bad boy with a heard of gold. The bad boy who loves animals or has a pet will always win me over!

Stacy Wise: Athletes are super sexy!

Season Vining: Tattooed and educated.

Cindi Madsen: Athlete.

Megan Westfield: Athlete.

Lindsey Frydman: An artistic and charming, yet tortured hero.

Jessica Lee: Vampire.

Amy Murray: All of the above as long as he's strong!

Jen McLaughlin: Man in uniform.

MK Schiller: Marine

Ciara Knight Man in Uniform.


Do you prefer romance that gets steamy or that closes the door?


Amanda Weaver: Steamy!

Beth Anne Miller: I like a little steam!

Reese Monroe: Closes the door.

Magan Vernon: Steamy, but not too steamy.

Delancey Stewart: I like sweet with heat (steamy with the door closed!)

Jennifer Blackwood: Steamy, please!

A.J. Pine: The steamier, the better!

Julie Patricka: Give me some steam!

Jocelyn Adams: Steamy all the way.

Robin Bielman: Steamy ;)

Lynn Stevens: Both!

D.R. Graham: A little bit of both.

Kendra Highley: In the middle.

Christina Phillips: Steamy.

Katana Collins: Oh, steamy! For sure, steamy!

Stacy Wise: I prefer romance that closes the door.

Season Vining: The more steam the better.

Cindi Madsen: I like both! Romantic chemistry & slow burn is my fave.

Megan Westfield: Closes the door.

Lindsey Frydman: I love a steamy romance read, but I do prefer to keep the door half-way closed in my own writing.

Jessica Lee: Steamy!

Amy Murray: Closes the door.

Jen McLaughlin: Steamy!

MK Schiller: Steam, please.

Ciara Knight: Both.


What is your all time favorite trope?


Amanda Weaver: Enemies to lovers.

Beth Anne Miller: Enemies to lovers.

Reese Monroe: Ugly duckling.

Magan Vernon: Enemies to lovers with a one night stand and accidental pregnancy Delancey Stewart: Friends to lovers.

Jennifer Blackwood: Enemies to lovers.

A.J. Pine: Enemies to lovers!

Julie Patricka: Reading=enemies to lovers, writing=fake relationship.

Jocelyn Adams: Opposites attract.

Robin Bielman: Friends to lovers.

Lynn Stevens: Enemies to lovers.

D.R. Graham: Bad boy, good girl.

Kendra Highley: Fake relationship.

Christina Phillips: Enemies to lovers.

Katana Collins: Enemies to lovers. There is something about the contrast and then the couples discoveries about where they were wrong about one another that wins my heart. Stacy Wise: Friends to lovers always satisfies.

Season Vining: Enemies to lovers.

Cindi Madsen: Friends to lovers.

Megan Westfield: Love triangle.

Lindsey Frydman: Enemies to lovers. *Swoons*

Jessica Lee: Enemies to lovers.

Amy Murray: I love a good enemies to lovers romance!

Jen McLaughlin: Best friend’s little sister.

MK Schiller: Fish out of water.

Ciara Knight: Friends to lovers.


Coffee vs. Tea?


Amanda Weaver: Tea

Beth Anne Miller: Coffee

Reese Monroe: Coffee

Magan Vernon: Coffee

Delancey Stewart: Coffee

Jennifer Blackwood: Tea

A.J. Pine: Coffee

Julie Patricka: Water. I have finally accepted that I need to drink all the water.

Jocelyn Adams: Coffee

Robin Bielman: Coffee

Lynn Stevens: When I run out of coffee, I drink tea. :)

D.R. Graham: Tea

Kendra Highley: Tea

Christina Phillips: Depends on the time of day!

Katana Collins: Coffee

Stacy Wise: Coffee

Season Vining: Neither (gasp!)

Cindi Madsen: Diet Mtn Dew

Megan Westfield: Coffee

Lindsey Frydman: Coffee

Jessica Lee: Coffee

Amy Murray: Coffee

Jen McLaughlin: Coffee

MK Schiller: Coffee

Ciara Knight: Coffee


Abs vs. Arms


Amanda Weaver: Arms Beth Anne Miller: Arms Reese Monroe: Arms Magan Vernon: Arms Delancey Stewart: Arms Jennifer Blackwood: Arms A.J. Pine: Arms Julie Patricka: Arms Jocelyn Adams: Arms Robin Bielman: Can I pick both? Lynn Stevens: Abs D.R. Graham: Jawline, piercing eyes. Kendra Highley: Arms Christina Phillips: Arms Katana Collins: Abs Stacy Wise: Abs Season Vining: Arms Cindi Madsen: Forearms Megan Westfield: Abs Lindsey Frydman: Arms Jessica Lee: Arms Amy Murray: Arms Jen McLaughlin: Abs MK Schiller: Abs Ciara Knight: Solid chest.


Mountains vs. Beach


Amanda Weaver: Paris

Beth Anne Miller: Beach

Reese Monroe: Beach

Magan Vernon: Forest

Delancey Stewart: I can’t choose! I love both.

Jennifer Blackwood: Mountains

A.J. Pine: Beach

Julie Patricka: Beach

Jocelyn Adams: Forest

Robin Bielman: Beach

Lynn Stevens: Mountains

D.R. Graham: I live in the Sea to Sky corridor of British Columbia, so both mountains and beach in one day!

Kendra Highley: Disney World!

Christina Phillips: Beach

Katana Collins: Beach

Stacy Wise: Beach

Season Vining: Beach

Cindi Madsen: Mountains

Megan Westfield: Mountains

Lindsey Frydman: Mountains

Jessica Lee: Mountains

Amy Murray: Beach

Jen McLaughlin: Beach

MK Schiller: Mountains

Ciara Knight: Mountains




Sale Blitz Giveaway

Prize To celebrate this sale, Entangled is giving away a prize pack including The Zodiac Pressed Powder Shadow Palette from ColourPop & Kathleen Lights, a DIY Custom Light Box, and a Hidden Moon Stone Candle. Enter here!



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text 2018-08-10 09:15
Explore Car Spares and Parts from Our Online Store

Looking for Jaguar car spares and parts in London? Then simply reach us via phone at +44(0)207-965-7366 or send us an e-mail info@jaguarwarehouse.com. We offer best-in-class Jaguar car parts online.

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text 2018-08-06 13:45
What are the Tips to find a holiday villa in Greece?


Holiday brings a kind of mixed feeling to us. On the one hand there is the happiness of spending time with your family and relaxing a bit and on the other hand, there is the pressure of organizing a perfect trip for the entire family.


Greek has come out to be a very good holiday destination with the boon of properties in athens. And people often take up a holiday villa in the Greece which really enhances their experience. This article gives you certain tips which will definitely help you in getting the best villa for you


  • Request for information


If you come across some property for sale in Cyprus that you like and not enough information is provided by the seller, contact him and ask for some additional information. This might even prove out to be a blessing in disguise as there might be some points left even by you that the seller might just clarify.


  • Check the reviews


Best of the best things, reviews! What can be better than word of someone who has experienced what you are going to experience? Their word can be trusted even more than an advertisement or even the word of the owner.


  • Get it for a week


This is actually the planning part. Property in Greek is normally available for a week and hence a plan that spans over a week will be better.


It is highly advisable to review the property back. When you were searching for Greek property, your best advice is the reviews and hence helps someone by reviewing the property back. 

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text 2018-08-06 04:34
All Air Conditioning Services Right at Your Doorstep


Air conditioners have made bearing the extensive heat of the summers possible with ease. Otherwise it would not have been possible to make during the scorching heat. Serving you unconditionally, your air conditioners need some respite too. You need to sure about their functioning and that all of its components are completely intact and in best of working condition. To give all what your aircon need, JK Aircon Specialist offers their services and make them easily accessible to you. Air conditioner online offered by them is of best quality with enhanced features and allow you to make extensive use of your air conditioner without having to worry about the degradation.


All air conditioners basically require one thing to provide you the best service. Proper maintenance and the regular servicing is what drive the aircon to achieve optimal performance. Most of us are unaware about the damage our usage patterns do to the air conditioners. Hence, to get rid of this and find the ideal solution for ensuring a long life of your air conditioners, JK Aircon Specialist is the best. Its expert team offers aircon chemical wash and cleaning and allows you to be sure about your air conditioners working.


If you are troubled with your air conditioners and have to face many problems due to the frequent breakdowns that occur, then it is time you find a reliable resource that can help you satiate the exact needs of your aircon. Most often it is the clogging of filters or accumulation of dust that affects the performance of air conditioners negatively. This is solved by JK Aircon Specialist’s aircon chemical wash and cleaning services. With these by your side, you won’t have to worry about finding yourself in the midst of a sudden breakdown of your aircon.

Source: jkairconspecialist.sg/brands-cats/daikin-aircon
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text 2018-08-02 08:41
Golden Goose Sale for its


The LBD is one of the great all purpose dresses and best recognized Golden Goose Sale for its sledgehammer-like effect on boyfriends. They're worth buying just to concentrate to the male gasps, and they have other uses very. This dress is a friend, a wardrobe asset, and the most wonderful go-anywhere fashion statement. There's no mystery why the LBD is the all-time centerpiece category killer of women's fashion - it does everything brilliantly, every season.

If working day starts such a fashion that leaves you stressed, late, and frustrated, you carry that mindset with you when you head the actual door. Your internal radar is automatically tuned to your negative. You tend entice more of an as working day unfolds. You miss the opportunities could possibly be visible if you weren't so distracted.

The groomsmen will start participating like the wedding date grows area of. They'll have to go to tuxedo fittings, through a bachelor party, attend the rehearsal dinner and you should definitely show roughly the church in one piece. Contemplating down into the wire, the bank there anyone. The groomsmen are an immense help in the wedding. They seat your guests as they arrive, they dance however single ladies, and they keep the party going.

Don't http://www.goldengoosedeluxebrandsale.com/ hand your management of to munchies. That fatty hamburger will not release your worries. Rather ask, 'What will this drink or food caused by my body over over time?' Cut down on carbohydrates. Sugar gives you a temporary lift followed along with a downer. When you are craving something sweet, have fruit or alternatively a handful of nuts. Drink plenty of water. Stress tends to dehydrate consume. Keeping your body hydrated will lessen stress symptoms for fatigue and headaches.

I'm it isn't sure why the birds help install my day for fulfillment. Partly it's given connect me to nature and issues that are central. Partly it's just because they remind me of purchased who for many people years diligently fed the birds on his own property. Partly it's simply because it gives me a chance in order to sit and quiet on the hustle bustle of time begins. Regardless of the reasons, it always is a great start for the day.

I can almost guarantee that if you start your day with a declaration concerning how bad goes to be, avoid using most certainly have an unpleasant one. There's something in our nature that encourages us to prove ourselves ok. So you go about your day collecting up all within the evidence of other nutritional foods that goes sideways. As soon as you come home you can recount in your family precisely how to choose right your prediction had to be.

When appear at the Christian Louboutin Jolie Noeud Dorcet Blue Pumps you will understand why ladies have wanted more color within their shoes. These satin blue shoes result in right color statement and add the touches of zing to any wardrobe. Functionality improvements shoes on your own feet tend to be certainly not going have got any type of blues, that is certainly for totally sure. The asymmetric bow in the top enhances the detailing which has gone into putting the sneakers in location. The peep toe looks delightful as usual but in this color it is possible to match it with kinds nail paint. The covered platform enables house amounts of mixing of favor and comfort to add up. Then there is the stiletto heel at almost five inches and the red soles that everyone is so very crazy when it comes to.


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