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review 2017-04-30 02:01
I got the mixed feels about this
Shift Omnibus Edition (Silo, #2) (Wool, #6-8) - Hugh Howey

Ever since I finished the fantastic Wool a few years back I've had the other volumes on my TBR list. It was only when the other half of the two-person sci-fi reading group I'm in selected this that it became a priority though, and even then I'm about three months late getting to it. Part of it was the size, which suggested a commitment of time that I couldn't make until I took care of other reading requirements. Fortunately reading it proved quicker than I thought -- but only because I ended up skimming so much of it.


Hence the title of my post. I can't recall the last time I was so divided in my feelings towards a book. At the core of it is the backstory explaining how the Silos came to be. Overall, I was impressed by Hugh Howey's story, which explained nicely how so many people ended up in constructions that would take an enormous amount of preparation to realize. It also filled in the margins of Wool by providing prequels to the events in Silo 18 and one of the characters in Silo 17, though this felt like padding. And there we have the source of my conflicted feelings about the book.


Perhaps I'm ungrateful to complain about what amounted to unnecessary backstory, when the part of the book that I liked was really little more than unnecessary backstory itself. The difference, though, is that the backstory I liked introduced new characters and illuminated previously unexplored parts of the world of Wool. With the other half of the book, however, I already knew where I was going to end up. Had Howey's characterization been better I might have been more interested, but his strengths have always been with plot rather than character development. Fortunately once I figured this out I was able to skim through big chunks of it, which helped me to finish it a lot more quickly than I expected. So at least there's that.

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review 2017-01-18 20:07
IvX #3
IvX (2016-2017) #2 (of 6) - Charles Soule,Jeff Lemire,Leinil Yu
The X-Men infiltrate Attilan.   I’ve got to admit, I’m surprised by how well things went for the mutant side of things.  I mean, not that they went perfectly, but given the heavy hitters in Attilan, I’m surprised they were able to get that far.   Although to be fair to them, they’d found the Royal family split up already and had captured most of them. 
Still, there are enough powerful Inhumans that I was a bit surprised.  Or maybe it’s just that I know how this will end, and while I’ll start The Royals, I’m really wishing things would go a different way!   That being said, I also know how this is going to end, so this turn of events shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did, but I just got that into the story. 
In other words, I’m enjoying this a lot more than I expected!   
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