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review 2017-06-08 18:00
Review: "Slip and Slide" (Death and Destruction, #3) by Patricia Logan
Slip and Slide - Patricia Logan


~ 2.5 stars ~

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review 2017-03-12 15:33
Review: "Shadow Bound" by Garrett Leigh
Shadow Bound - Garrett Leigh

"Luca leaned back into Dash's embrace, feeling the rays of the 

dawning sun bond with the heat of Dash's vibrant form. He tilted his neck to feel the warmth of Dash's lips on his crystalline skin. "Why?"

"Because you have found your soul. Now come with me and let me show you the world."


After being attacked by werewolves (off-page), a wounded vampire gets healed by a cat shifter's jizz (!), and they bond. That's it. That was the plot.


This felt more like a rough draft for a full novel rather than a short story that can hold its own. The world building was superficial and a lot of things were being left unexplained.



If this would be a freebie at least, then it would have made for a nice read for a rainy Sunday afternoon. But certainly not for $1.05 (Amazon price at the time of this review).


Cannot recommend.

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review 2017-01-23 17:30
Review: "Finding the Sky" by A.M. Burns
Finding the Sky - A.M. Burns

"If there was any lingering doubt in my mind about being gay, it's gone. I've never felt so incredible. Nothing felt wrong or even majorly awkward. Yeah, it hurt a little bit. Even with Scott taking it slow for my first time, but after I relaxed, it felt amazing. Scott is so awesome. I don't think things can get any better."


That quote above is a prime example for how awkward the writing was in this book (it's also everything that we got from Dillon and Scott's first time). The first-person POV was artificial and jarring and read like a 13-year-old writing a diary.


The rest of the dialogues weren't any better. They were stilted and unnatural and painful to read at times.



Judging from the language and the naivety of the main character (who doesn't read like a 16-year-old at all), the target for this book could have been young readers at the age of 12+. But then people got shot and killed left and right at several points during the story, so some YA this is.


The weirdest thing though was that there have been several hints that Dillon's uncle and Scott's (married) dads were fooling around. Even Dillon noticed that awkward sexual tension and had to ask Scott at one point if there was anything going on between them.




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review 2016-12-29 03:14
The Murder of Halland by Pia Juul
The Murder of Halland - Pia Juul,Martin Aitken

Huh. This is a weird novella, from the perspective of a woman whose longtime partner is murdered. I hesitate to call it a mystery novel, since the mystery isn't really solved. The writing is fine and there's some decent characterization here, but in the end neither the events nor the characters nor their relationships made a lot of sense to me, and I wasn't quite sure why it ended where it did. I suppose that's a bit like life. This book didn't do much for me, but it's short enough to read in a sitting if you're interested.

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review 2016-11-25 18:48
Review: "Breakaway" (Scoring Chances, #1) by Avon Gale
Breakaway - Avon Gale

"Oh my God," Jared groaned, staring up at the ceiling. "Sometimes, Lane? Sometimes I think if I typed 'douche-bag hockey player' into Google, it'd give me a picture of you."

Yeah, namely this one:



Ok, what the hell did I just read? Was this supposed to be a story about an adorably awkward MC? If so, the author failed BIG-TIME, because Lane was nothing but annoyingly awkward AF.


I am still confused about what this character was supposed to be. Was he just a simpleton? Or the village idiot? Maybe a six-foot-three man-child? Because he certainly read like a 14-year-old.



And his obsession to want to "pet Zoe's tits" all the time? What the fuck was that all about? What 20-year-old GAY guy acts and behaves like that? It was like Lane has never seen a woman before in his entire life. Now I have never been to Canada myself, but I am 98% sure that they do have women over there too (if not, then I apologize and take it back).


And what was the fucking point of those constant and annoying threesome references (other than to alienate readers from this couple and their relationship)?



To sum up, I can say that I HATED Lane with a burning passion of a thousand suns, I was annoyed with Jared for sticking with Lane (whatever he saw in him is beyond me), the sex scenes were painfully awkward and the whole relationship was just utterly ridiculous and - what's even worse - boring.



PS: Half a bonus star because the author clearly is a big hockey fan and that aspect of the story was well-researched and written with palpable passion.


PPS: People keep saying that this series will get better, but I am more than wary at this point.

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