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text 2017-04-20 18:03
The Duke’s Disaster by Grace Burrowes 99 cents
The Duke's Disaster by Grace Burrowes (2015-04-07) - Grace Burrowes;


Noah Winters, Duke of Anselm, exercises the pragmatism for which he's infamous when his preferred choice of bride cries off, and her companion, Lady Thea Collins, becomes his next choice for his duchess. Lady Thea's mature, sensible and even rather attractive-what could possibly go wrong?


As a lady fallen on hard times, Thea doesn't expect tender sentiments from His Grace, but she does wish Noah had courted her trust, lest her past turn their hastily arranged marriage into a life of shared regrets. Is His Grace courting a convenient wife, or a beautiful disaster?

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review 2017-04-16 01:24
Nope, can't do it
Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-) #19 - Brian Bendis,Valerio Schiti,Arthur Adams

Even with Gerry Duggan writing the next GotG series, I'm burnt out.   I will most likely pick up the series on sale at some point - digitally and issues or volume one - but I will most likely have to read Rocket and I Am Groot to get it all.   But mostly, I'm tired of series that last twenty issues then get rebooted.   Why?   I know that DC just did this, bt they also rebooted the world in a way that makes me think they are in this for the long haul.   


I'm tired of having to re-up my subscriptions all the time.   I'm tired of them dragging teams like this so there are six character titles and a main title.   (And the GotG is going to ship twice a month, from what I understand, so eight bucks each month.   Royals and Black Bolt may be the same, but, ugh, my Inhumans addiction!   Plus that's only two titles, as I have yet to decide if I'll indulge in Secret Warriors. I may have to because having Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur - who is going to do dinosaur stuff according to the people who are creating this - and Ms. Marvel in the same title may prove too tempting for me!)


I'm dropping all things Guardians for the time being.   And I may indulge from time to time: the new movie, the coloring book, but I need to bow out for now.  I may drop Deadpool if Duggan drops that, and I don't like the new writer.   I'm just really worried about Secret Empire now that all this is starting.   I'd much prefer longer lasting series, but... it's not happening. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-04-12 14:21
Brandstifter: Thriller - Martin Krist




Hart, realistisch, spannend - der neue Thriller von Bestsellerautor Martin Krist! 



Sie haben deinen Ehemann brutal ermordet - jetzt bedrohen sie deine Kinder! 

Wie weit wird die junge Witwe Valentina gehen, um ihre Familie zu beschützen?


Problemlöser David Gross soll den Feuertod einer jungen Frau aufklären und gerät dabei selbst in lebensgefährliche Ermittlungen. 

Doch die Sorge um seine eigene Familie lenkt ihn bald mehr ab, als ihm lieb ist ..




Meine Meinung:

Ich bin vom Verlag angeschrieben worden, ob ich dieses Buch lesen und rezensieren möchte. Da ich schon viel von Martin Krist gehört habe und schon länger etwas von ihm lesen wollte, habe ich nicht lange überlegt. 


Der Einstieg in das Buch ist mir sehr schnell gelungen, der Schreibstil war sehr flüssig und die Geschichte war auch von Anfang bis Ende interessant gestaltet worden. 


Es geht hier u.a. um den Privatermittler David, der selbst eigentlich genug Probleme hat. Seine Exfrau ist verschwunden und sein Sohn sitzt im Krankenhaus und braucht langfristige Pflege. 


Ausserdem spielt Valentina hier eine große Rolle, deren Mann bestialisch in seinem eigenen Haus ermordet wurde und sie nun einige Sachen erfährt, die sie schockieren und sie nun auch Angst um ihre Kinder hat. Sie sich sich dann finanzielle Hilfe von ihrem Schwager. 


Dann spielt noch der Loser Luka eine Rolle, der eigentlich seine kleine Familie ernähren müsste, aber mehr in Kneipen anzutreffen ist. 


Diese Handlungsstränge haben sich später zu einem Ganzen zusammen gefügt, das hat mir ganz gut gefallen, war anfangs aber auch etwas verwirrend. Nicht so gut hat mir das abrupte Ende gefallen. Es ist meiner Meinung nach auch zu viel offen geblieben. 


Alles in allem war dies ein interessanter Thriller, der sich vor allem zum Schluss zum Pageturner entwickelt hat. Ich kann hier trotz ein wenig Kritik eine klare Kauf- und Leseempfehlung geben. Von mir bekommt das Buch gute 4 Sterne. 

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review 2017-04-11 14:26
Still loving this
Jughead (2015-) Vol. 2 - Chip Zdarsky,Ryan North,Jack Morelli,Derek Charm

When Jughead mistakenly ends up on a date with Sabrina - yeah, the teenage witch, it would be an easy way out of writing him as asexual - and I half-suspected that the comics would go this way.    But the thing is that Sabrina was originally hired as a talking burger - she dressed up as a huge burger - which sent Jughead into fits: he loves burgers in an almost sexual way, but ladies, meh.   At first he just wants to talk to a giant burger, so when he asks Sabrina to do something, it's completely innocent.   When she assumes it's a date, everyone gets excited: Jughead on a date!   I think, on some level, they believe the magical properties of a vagina - any vag that gets all up into a burger costume - will 'fix' Jughead.   Although I suspect this is shaded by me basically being told to just have sex, because I'll like it, and people assuming there's something wrong with me.   


To be fair to the comic itself, it never comes out and says this with most of the characters.  And it could be that they're simply excited that Jughead is showing interest of some kind of romantic sort towards anyone - or anything.   (Again, he likes her best in her burger costume.  In an elaborate fantasy in which they get married and have a child, she never takes off her costume and their baby is a baby burger.)


Jughead, afraid of insulting Sabrina, doesn't correct her - which means she assumes he has romantic, or at least sexual, interest in her and when he's nervous and has his friends crash his date to help him out, Sabrina gets angrier and angrier.   And you really don't want to anger a witch.   Archie, oblivious to the fact that Jughead is still asexual, but trying to help the only way he knows how tries to get them to kiss.


Still, Jughead works through his confusion and eventually apologies to Sabrina.   Basically, he figures out he's not so much into ladies as talking burgers.   It's pretty awesome that they stuck to this, and somehow found a way to explore alternatives to the asexual aspect without undermining him as a character, or saying there was something wrong with him.  I personally really appreciated this because I know I've done the same thing: explored, hell, even denied, and it didn't make me any less wrong or different.   It just meant I needed to try.   (And I have a friend who saw Paula Poundstone, who is openly asexual and a comedian.   Apparently she made a joke about trying sex every ten years to see if she changed and likes sex, and nope.   My point just because you are something, there can be confusing times, times that you question, but only you can decide what you are.   And because of that, I found this storyline realistic, honest, and I love that it didn't retract Jughead asexuality or change him to try and make him more palatable to the mainstream.)


I'm loving this so, so much.

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review 2017-04-08 01:36
Last Bombshells I own
DC Comics: Bombshells (2015-) #18 - Marguerite Bennett,M.L. Sanapo

I like the later issues more than the earlier ones, to be honest .  More characters from the regular DC universe, and it really gets into resistance against the Nazi's.   Those from the ghetto in Berlin are almost killed, but find a haven in this issue.  


And I kinda cried a little at some of the speeches that Mera made in this issue, as her storyline and those of the Ghetto survivors intertwine.   The last page introduces a new character in this world, although she'll be familiar to those who read Justice League.   And I'm excited to see what happens with her.   Thinking of splurging on Comixology soon and getting more of this series.

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