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review 2018-04-06 17:10
Girl in the Dark, by Anna Lyndsey
Girl in the Dark: A Memoir - Anna Lyndsey

I became interested in this book because as a migraine sufferer who hasn't always had my headaches under control or been able to reliably treat them, I would be shut up in my apartment, in the dark (or as dark as possible when I lived in Arizona), for up to 24 hours. I couldn't read or watch television or go online. I'd sleep but couldn't do so all day. I was bored and felt alone. The next day, when the pain was gone, it was like a first day out of prison or after a long illness. I'd be almost euphoric but also feel vulnerable, as sometimes I'd get rebound headaches. Thankfully, I now have medications both to reduce my headache days and to stop them before they become agonizing.


"Anna" has an extreme sensitivity to light that keeps her inside, in a light-tight room, not for a day but months (even years) at a time. Certain wavelengths affect her more than others, but she can't read, watch television, or use a computer. She listens to audio books, talks on the phone with others who share debilitating chronic conditions, plays mental logic games alone or with her partner or other loved ones. She understandably feels depressed and experiences suicidal ideation.


Yet the book itself is not depressing. There is a humor to her writing, and her strength in dealing with this condition is impressive, encouraging, and inspiring without being maudlin. She's candid about her frustrations, as when she talks with others with chronic conditions that don't limit them in all the ways she is limited and finds herself angry.


She's also a terrific writer; the book feels literary in its prose and structure, which includes shorter chapters ordered thematically and achronologically (in one chapter she goes through the alphabet--one of her mental games--to list all the therapies she's tried and their results). At the end of the book she explains her decisions about how to structure it and even includes a chart indicating periods when she could not leave her home at all and periods of remission when she could go out around dawn and dusk.


Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Girl in the Dark to read about is the fact that doctors refused to come to her when she could not leave her home. She corresponded with some, but knowing that house calls have been part of the medical profession in the past (and still are in some places--or for the right price) demonstrates their reluctance--not inability--to engage with patients with rare conditions like Anna's. To me, that's inexcusable and shameful.

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review 2018-03-17 16:20
Książkowy Wielki Szu
Wielki Szu - Jan Purzycki

Wieki Szu to klasyk polskiego kina. Ten film z 1982 roku (mój rówieśnik), zdobywca Złotej Kaczki w 1984, zna chyba każdy. Scenariusz do tego filmu napisał pan Jan Purzycki, który również jest autorem książki o tym samym tytule.

Od dawien dawna chciałem tę książkę przeczytać. Naprzeciw moim pragnieniom wyszło wydawnictwo Videograf, które w 2012 wznowił tytuł z okładką filmową. Mi udało się ją znaleźć na taniej książce i nie żałuję tego zakupu.

Pewnie jak wielu oglądających, nie miałem możliwości przeczytać książki wcześniej niż obejrzałem ten świetny film, więc książka nie mogła mnie niczym zaskoczyć. W sumie nie wiem, co było wcześniej czy książka czy film (ale według mnie jest to zaadaptowany scenariusz).

Jednak mimo tego, że wie się, co się w książce stanie to lektura jest niezwykle wciągająca. Chociaż obejrzenie filmu wpływa negatywnie na odbiór tej książki. Nie jest ona zła, ale przecież już tych bohaterów znamy: Szu, Jurka, Mikuna, Denela czy Jolę. Mamy przed oczami także aktorów, którzy zagrali te postacie czyli pana Jana Nowickiego, Andrzeja Pieczyńskiego, Dorotę Pomykałę, Karola Strasburgera czy pana Leona Niemczyka.

Książka jest oczywiście warta polecenia tym bardziej, że można ją znaleźć do kupienia w Internecie za niewielkie pieniądze.

Ocena: 8/10


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review 2018-03-07 23:36
Love, love, love
Spider-Gwen (2015-) #29 - Jason Latour,Robbi Rodriguez

Things just get darker for Gwen, as she becomes Gwenom.   Venom is taking over, and Castle is taking advantage of this, to try and take out Murdock.   Will it work?   Will Gwen's friends, the super-powered variety, save her?   


Again, I really just adore this AU.  I do hope they keep going with Spider-Gwen.

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review 2018-03-07 23:22
Why is Murdock obsessed with Gwen Stacy?
Spider-Gwen (2015-) #28 - Jason Latour,Robbi Rodriguez

I figured he was just trying to mess with her mind, while also retain control of the situation in New York - but it's so damn much creepier than that.   Of course it is, because Murdock oozes creep in this universe. 


And I'm obsessed.   


It's mostly Murdock backstory, along with Gwen revealing who she is to her friends and family, before she says she's going to kill Murdock with Castle's help. 


Just amazing, like always. 

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review 2018-03-07 23:18
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-) #28 - Natacha Bustos,Brandon Montclare

This is consistently one of the most fun, most warm-hearted titles I read.   No real angst, no real violence, just a very, very smart little girl who really wants to help everyone around her.   


Still upset that Devil has been gone for so long - but I'm hoping that Galactus will mean that this is being dealt with on some level.   Perhaps he has the power, or knows someone who has the power, to bring Devil back.   


The Fantastic Three is... mmm.   No.   Funny, but I can't see this team staying together too long.

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