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review 2016-11-14 01:20
What I Did For Love by Shannon Elizabeth Phillips
What I Did for Love - Susan Elizabeth Phillips,Julia Gibson
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Read from January 09, 2015 to October 08, 2016


I've been reading this book on and off for two years and also been between books since then. It's safe to say that i am happy to finished reading the book and fangirled twice. Once when Laura and Paul finally are together and made love to each other. The second time which would be when the book ended and happy endings were in order. There was drama, heartbreak, feels, scandals, anger, anguish, humor, love, lies and deception in this book but love, honor and devotion in marriages is what matters most at the end. I'm so happy that georgie got her happy ending with bram and got remarried and also finding her redemption. I even love chaz and Aaron. I had a feeling that Laura would end up with Paul and Aaron end up with Chaz. What's funny is how far paparazzi, the leeches goes for a honest buck, hell bent on destorying celebrities but love free food. I enjoyed reading this and planning on rereading it years from now. This is the first book i have read by Shannon and plan on reading more from her soon! ♏
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review 2016-11-14 00:24
Vegas Love By Jillian Dodd
Vegas Love - Jillian Dodd
Read from November 30, 2015 to November 13, 2016


I loved the long epic vegas crazy adventure and feeling like i was going to cry when Ashlyn did what she did to Cash. I love the hot hookup in vegas at a wedding and it was quite steamy to say atleast. There was scandalous b*tches, manipulated people working for her, love, promises, vegas vows, teasing, cheating, happiness, jealous exes, one unforgettable wedding that is impossible to forget and leeches want to get your story then twist it around like a spider spinning it's web of lies. I laugh really hard when i read this book and had little fangirl sessions. I love Cash. He's romantic, sexy and sweet. I'm glad however that everything work out for her mother and love how the story ended. This is the first book i read by this author and enjoy reading it. Can't wait to read more by author.
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review 2016-08-26 08:10
Heat Of The Storm by Elle Kennedy
Heat of the Storm - Elle Kennedy

Read on August 25, 2016


I press my face against the couch pillow and was laughing then look back at the story thinking out loud that is so wrong when Will kiss another woman to make Mackenzie jealous. The sex was hot and the feels was something else too. I love Will's dominance and when the novel opens Mackenzie is shown to be a submissive but stubborn as well til she finally succumbs to his desire completely later in the story, leading her to confess her feelings for the man she loves. Carson and Holly are a crazy couple. I've enjoyed their banter and his threats to Will are hilarious. Love Shelby and holly's matchmaking skills. Too cute and hilarious. Even Holly and Will's scheme is brilliant but awkward as well. This is the first story that I've read by Elle and I'm already intrigued to read more of her books.



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review 2016-08-24 15:29
The Real Thing by Cassie Mae
 I saw this at my library and borrowed it. I love the character Mia. She sweet, stubborn, crazy, childlike and a d*mn idiot. This book did have raunchy, laugh out moments and has me laughing quite hard. This book left me happy and a emotional, on the verge of tears, wreck til the very end. Reading it out loud and there was a point of the book where it picks up at a slow pace. The feels died then picks up towards the end and has me smiling like a d*mn fool. I hate to say this but Eric is a idiot too. A very, sexy sweet idiot but had his moments too. I love how they both love books and love the mia bookworm moments. I did however get angry and frustrated, having my moments as well. Mia and Eric are simply a beautiful mess. Cute, beautiful couple. When the book came to a close, i fangirl and said to myself," that was beautiful." a happy ending for them is a happier me. I enjoy this book.
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-06-19 01:56
Oh, Ian
The Comfort of Strangers - Ian McEwan

I've been reading my way through Ian McEwan's oeuvre these last several years, including one of his books on my summer reading list each year. Made it through most of his 21st century works, so now I'm working my way backwards and picking up the new ones as they come along. 



Today, I read "The Comfort of Strangers," published in 1981 and short-listed for the Booker Prize. It's a brief novel and reads quite speedily. 


Having read "Amsterdam," and being aware that his early literary nickname was "Ian Macabre," I was on my guard. And yes, it was horrible. I came out a bit scarred and sad.


Here's the best thing I can tell you: Take Somerset Maughm's "Up at the Villa" and put it in a bowl. Mix with the kind of psychological drama you find in McEwan's "Amsterdam," but do NOT add the layers of narrative complexity that make such books as "Atonement" and "Sweet Tooth" so remarkable. Dump in a plot that reads like a very special true-crime episode of "Dateline: NBC" and mix well. There you have it.


This novel is a direct literary antecedent to Gillian Flynn. I've read both her "Gone Girl" and "Dark Places" and appreciated them. Same thing with "Comfort of Strangers." Appreciated. Didn't "like." (That's why I petulantly rated it much lower than any of his other books.) But if Gillian is your bag, you might love this one. 


Me, I need to recover my peace of mind. Next fall, he has a new novel, so perhaps I won't have to visit Ian Macabre again any time soon.



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