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review 2017-04-24 11:43
This is how a short story should be done.
A Piece of Time - Traci Harding


This is how a short story should be done. The story felt whole, the characters real and the conclusion satisfactory yet still ambiguous enough to leave questions.

Tani, our protagonist, made logical choices and decisions, even while dealing with the paranormal phenomenon in the story. It was so nice to see that logical thought pattern.

That the piece also focused on a pocket watch and tied it in so nicely, was an added bonus.

I saw no errors in this piece. An enjoyable read with a great cast of characters.

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review 2017-04-24 11:14
Quite underwhelming...
Green but for a Season: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 1) - C.S. Pacat

So I loved the Captive Prince Trilogy, like really loved it. I was super excited to see there were short stories in the same world being released and bought this one and pre-ordered the second one 3 seconds apart.


I feel this short story was quite underwhelming.

The writing, as before, was a delightful mix of sweet tender moments, inner turmoil and the big bad world of Vere, but it was rehashing information we already knew from reading the trilogy. Yes, it delves a little deeper into Jord and Aimeric's relationship, but really it left me feeling underwhelmed and a little bored.

I will likely automatically buy anything CS Pacat puts out there, I love the Captive Prince Trilogy so much, but I hope the next few short stories in this end up being better than this one.

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review 2017-04-23 23:45
The Flintstones (2016-) Vol. 1 - Mark Russell,Steve Pugh

Well, that wasn't what I was expecting. Rather than a funny look at stone age life a la the cartoon I remember as a child, I was faced with an interesting commentary on social issues.

PTSD in soldiers

Treatment of immigrant labour


(Gay) Marriage - Kudos for Fred standing up for the 'non-breeders' right to marry.

Government manipulating troops into attacking innocent tribes just to get their land.

Bullying politicians


It was darker than I thought it would be. I was grinning as I started, because Fred had to show a group of Neanderthals a night on the town and one of them had such joy at being in Bedrock. Everything was new and exciting to him and you could see the joy on his face as he skipped over to buy a balloon from a stand on the street and won himself a hat from a grabber machine. And then they killed him off on a whim from Fred's boss and the whole tone of the comic changed for me.

The artwork was bright and bold but the story was far from this and the humour was dark.





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text 2017-04-23 14:17
Read 157 out of 453 pages
Nora Roberts: The Obsession (Hardcover); 2016 Edition - Nora Roberts

Read chapters 6-10....five chapters of painting, decorating, furniture shopping, and house renovations that remind me of Roberts' Inn at Boonboro series. Then the MC had to get bitchy over adopting the stray dog. The hero came into the story WAY too strongly; there was no subtle introduction, he just started in on the sexual innuendos. The MC went from someone I could root for to a bitchy "independent" woman. I am breaking up reading this book with reading from my booklikes-opoly pick. 75 pages at a time is more than enough.

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text 2017-04-21 17:59
Friday Reads
Far From Home (A Mangrove Island Novel Book 2) - Neve Cottrell
With Every Letter - Sarah Sundin
Nora Roberts: The Obsession (Hardcover); 2016 Edition - Nora Roberts

My weekend is going to be all about major list making for RT and reading. The weather here has turned really cold and I have been battling a cough and sore throat for over a week now. I want to finish reading With Every Letter - so much better than I had expected and I am hoping to continues to be so good. The feels, man, the feels. I have Far From Home to read for Booklikes-opoly. Finally The Obsession is a library book I want to get done before I leave for RT.

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