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review 2020-06-03 13:05
The Life of Elves
The Life of Elves - Muriel Barbery

by Muriel Barbery


This Fantasy story has a very fairytale-like tone to the narration and starts rather abruptly, as if in the middle of the story, but the reader soon catches up and the situation becomes apparent. A foundling child, Clara, appears under mysterious circumstances and is adopted into a Christian home to have a normal human childhood, but something about her is very fairy-like.


Another child, Maria, who "talks like most people sing" is adopted in similarly strange circumstances in Italy. The connection between these little girls becomes apparent as the story unfolds.


There is very little dialogue, especially in the early chapters, but the story is told in an adult's version of the fairy-tale storytelling voice with a sort of dreamy quality. It is not an immersive read, yet it is entertaining enough to keep reading, despite sketchy description of what's going on. A lot of new characters are introduced through the story and their non-human nature is often inferred more than made clear.


There are digressions to tell background stories of various characters and sometimes it really is like following a dream, jumping from one sequence to another with only a tentative hold on the connections, but all is made clear by the end. I noted in the acknowledgements that it is translated from French, which explains some of this.


Overall a pleasant Fantasy read, but not one that will stimulate the emotions to a great extent

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review 2020-04-15 22:30
THE COMEBACK by Bernard Taylor, narrated by Virginia Ferguson
The Comeback by Bernard Taylor (2016-10-06) - Bernard Taylor

As a big fan of Bernard Taylor, I thought I'd give this one a go and I'm so glad I did!


THE COMEBACK is listed as a thriller, but it has some horrific aspects to it. I noted what I thought was a bit of similarity to All About Eve, but I'll admit I turned out to be wrong on that count.


On a few other things I was right though, so there were some predictable bits.


Overall, I enjoyed myself and now I have another Bernard Taylor book under my belt.




*I downloaded this audio from Audible with a free code from this site: https://freeaudiobookcodes.com/index.php I promised nothing in exchange.*

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review 2020-02-18 15:15
Another #5StarReview from Jaye Frances for The Kure by @jayefrancesnews
The Kure - Jaye Frances

Jaye Frances can write some fabulous stories that go places I never thought I would be…and I love it!


The Kure

Amazon / Goodreads


Due to mature content, this book is best suited for a Mature YA/New-Adult or Adult reader.


John looked at the sign, Lucius D Harwell.


He approached the doctor’s door and knew he had to go in…now. Before anyone saw him, “So”, the doctor said, “Are you ready?”


When he saw the bucket full of the slithering slime he remembered the woman he had brought in a while back. It hadn’t ended so well for her.


What would become of him? There had to be another way. He couldn’t bring himself to let the doctor begin. He had heard stories whispers, quickly hushed when someone approached. The doctor tried to talk him into beginning but he thought it couldn’t hurt to hypothetically discuss other options. The doctor tried to explain that it wasn’t like an elixir or ointment, couldn’t be found in a battle or jar – more like a potion, it was witchcraft. It went against church and state, but John couldn’t help himself.


Three conditions would let the doctor begin his recommended treatment, after he told him he would have to “cast away his good name and denounce all things holey and pure”. He would never speak of the books or what was contained in the pages. He agreed. The doctor retrieved the book and John watched him place it on the desk.


He saw only one word, KURE. The doctor gave him one more chance to change his mind, but he placed his hand on the cover of the book and felt an evil. As the book turned its pages on its own volition the doctor began reading.


How did Jaye Frances go there? It makes me wonder how her mind works.


Jaye France’s books have taken me on some wild journeys I never could have imagined, and I always breathe a sigh of relief, for leaving with my sanity, when the story is told.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos5 Stars





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Source: www.fundinmental.com/kure-by-jaye-frances
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review 2020-01-17 18:53
Last Stop on Market Street
Last Stop on Market Street - Matt de la Peña,Christian Robinson

I think I've reviewed this book about three times now, but I just can't stop coming back to it. 


I'm currently reading Echo which was a Newbery honor book in 2016, the same year Last Stop on Market Street won the medal. I wanted to see if I thought Last Stop really deserved the medal over Echo (which I'm enjoying much more than I ever liked Last Stop). 


This time I really paid attention to the words, and thinking about it, de la Peña does write effectively and evocatively. There is an expansive story conveyed in very little text.


I think after this reading I better understand why Last Stop won the Newbery, though I still don't agree that it should have won. 

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review 2019-12-09 19:11
Walk On The Dark Side with The Psycho Collection by B R Paulson @bonnierpaulson
Psycho Inside Me - Bonnie R. Paulson



Action from the getgo.


The sheriff’s son, Deegan, helps the preacher’s daughter cover up the death of bad boy Bobby. They were friends, but this changed their relationship, brought them closer.

Her instinct was to take his ring for a trophy, but Deegan had a better idea. A tattoo.

The death changed her and now she is on the run. She is fueled by nightmares of Bobby, but determined not to be caught.


Are monster born or raised? That age old question, what creates a monster? I am always curious about what drives people to do some of the most heinous acts to others.

Justice doesn’t always come to the rescue and sometimes taking the matter into your own hand is the only answer. I do believe the world has a lot more grey, than black and white.


I didn’t see the direction Bonnie R Paulson was going to take with Psycho Inside me, but I do love the Bonnie and Clyde vigilante aspect. I can always relate to a vigilante and I guess that says something about me. LOL She is a badass psycho and I love her…and her boyfriend too. I feel her need to take down the bullies and pedophiles that prey on children. They do deserve the worst that can be heaped on them…and her name is Cassie.


She trained. She is only a young teenager, but she becomes a predator, created by those whotreated her as prey. I love how she is changing from her 13 year old innocent ways, forcing herself to become a calculating weapon of justice. Fine by me is she wipes out the perverts. You may feel the same way after reading about the degenerates.


The world is dark, with rays of sun shining through when the clouds lift in her mind.

How will this end? Will she be killed in one of the attacks? I want it to end well for her, regardless of what she has done. I love a characters that can win me over so completely.


Molestation and sexual assault are difficult subjects to face and talk about, but Bonnie R Paulsonwants you to know…YOU ARE NOT ALONE..you can survive.


Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R Paulson….BLEW MY MIND.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R Paulson.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos5 Stars






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Source: www.fundinmental.com/walk-on-the-dark-side-with-the-psycho-collection-by-b-r-paulson-bonnierpaulson
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