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review 2019-08-28 17:40
We'll Always Have Parrots
We'll Always Have Parrots - Donna Andrews

#5 Meg Langslow


That Which is Fashionable Looks Costumey (is that a word?)     I recalled looking in my high school yearbook recently, and noticing, to my surprise, that from a distance of nearly two decades, the cool people didn't look nearly as cool anymore. The fashionable clothes and trendy hairstyles hadn't worn well. And all of the rest of us, the little people who'd despaired of ever being that cool--we looked rather normal. Time, the great leveler. Pg 213 "We'll Always Have Parrots" by Donna Andrews.
That quote is so appropriate. I went to an all-girl private school and we wore uniforms. But shoes (penny loafers) and hair (big puffy styles) were all the rage. Hairspray anyone. 
Meg and Michael are attending a convention for followers of the tv show that Michael performs in and has to attend conventions. QB demands that as many cast members attend the events as possible and made it part of the contract. While they are there, parrots and monkeys are brought into the hotel and someone released them and they are running all over the hotel. QB has decided to stay drunk through most of the Convention and difficult. She has to be coaxed out of the room. When she finally deems it time to come out of the room, she terrifies Meg's nephew and when Meg finds out, she goes and demands that QB signs her nephew's program and learn how to behave. 
Later, Meg has to break into QB's room and finds her murdered and hears the last words ever said, repeated by an African Gray Parrot. Michael, Walker and a few others are looked as suspects and Meg make it her goal to find who really killed the QB and keep Michael and Walker from being taken to jail. 
Along the way, she meets a whole cast of crazy characters who are like her family in some ways, but her family (mother, father, and nephew) are at the convention, too. 
It is a good read, but not as many laugh out loud moments as when she has more of her family. 
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review 2019-08-19 12:49
Potencjał Cosmere
Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection - Brandon Sanderson

Wziąłem się za ten zbiór opowiadań głównie po to, by przeczytać historię Zwinki, która stanowi brakujące ogniwo pomiędzy "Słowami światłości" a nadchodzącym "Dawcą przysięgi". Jednak to dwa inne opowiadania przykuły moją uwagę i wywindowały ocenę całości.


Pierwsze to „Cienie dla Ciszy w lasach Piekła“ - historia samotnej matki i wdowy prowadzącej gospodę w bardzo nieprzyjaznym dla ludzi miejscu. Jeżeli myślicie, że ten jednozdaniowy opis nie zapowiada niczego porywającego, to nawet nie wiecie, w jak wielkim błędzie jesteście! Historii tej nie brak naprawdę wbijających w fotel zwrotów akcji, a jeszcze bardziej intryguje świat, w którym się dzieje.


Drugie opowiadanie, „Szósty ze Zmierzchu”, znowu wprowadza nas w zupełnie inny świat, w którym prymitywna dżungla zderza się z wkraczającą nowoczesnością. Tu bardzo mocno czułem (zresztą w „Cieniach“ również), iż okoliczności przedstawione w opowiadaniu w przyszłości będą odgrywały większą rolę w cosmere - sandersonowskim wszechświecie.


Podziwiam autora za tę umiejętność wprowadzania w nowy świat i pozostawiania czytelnika z drążącym od środka pragnieniem poznania więcej szczegółów i odpowiedzi na nurtujące pytania. Panie Sanderson, życzę więc długiego i owocnego okresu twórczego, byśmy wszystkie te odpowiedzi mogli poznać!

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review 2019-07-01 02:00
Book Review: Rookie Privateer
Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1) - Jamie McFarlane

If you are looking for a good space adventure. Rookie Privateer is one for those young adults to teens. It about a group of kids. Well one teen that is looking for his future. He is currently stuck working with his father. He know not much to making money.

He seem to attract attention when something happens when he with is friends. What happens then goes not to be an adventure for him and his friend. Liam want freedom will get it? His friend Nick is set up for life. They are becoming Earth Mars Citizens. Someone or something is attacking their home. Will Liam reach the stars or will he not. He and Nick will they find out what the real world has to offer. Things begin to change and it changes them as well.

Find out how this book end. The authors does really well on the plot of this story. It bring you along for the ride. I could not stop reading and wanted more. What will happen to Nick James and Liam Hoffen? I hope to find out more by reading the next book. I just got to find out when it will be out. Great for teens and young adult readers. If you are into space or thrillers this really good for you as well.

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review 2019-06-21 05:00
A good walk spoiled
The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett,William Dufris

Speaking of the audiobook. The book is a hoot but the outing is ruined by the narrator who has completely mastered the "whiny female" voice. Sadly, it is the only female voice in his arsenal.

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review 2019-06-08 20:43
Review: The Song of Achilles
The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller

I couldn't get into this.  I had to switch between paperback and audiobook to get through it.  


I love the subject matter and the fact that the story focused on Achilles and Patroclus growing up together and falling for one another.  It was interesting how they lived with the spectre of both their deaths as they grew older, both knowing that they wouldn't live into old age.  I loved everything about the story except for the fact that I was bored reading/listening to it.  I'm not sure why, but my attention didn't fully perk up until the last few chapters.


I'm going to chalk this up to the reader and not the author.  I will attempt a reread this some other time to see if I perhaps just read it at the wrong time or in the wrong frame of mind.  It's happened to me before and I've ended up loving a book or movie the second time around.


All-in-all I think it was well researched and put together, just couldn't get excited for it.

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