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review 2018-01-23 17:27
[Rezension] Mia Leoni - Eine Hochzeit für Himmelreich
Eine Hochzeit für Himmelreich: Liebesrom... Eine Hochzeit für Himmelreich: Liebesroman - Amors Four (Band 4) - Mia Leoni
4 Freundinnen – 1 Mission
Und die ganz große Liebe
Als Hochzeitsplanerin ist Nicole Expertin für die schönsten Momente – allerdings nur im Leben anderer. Sie selbst hat ihren Mr. Right noch nicht gefunden – und eigentlich auch gar keine Zeit, nach ihm zu suchen.
Denn Nicole hat viel zu tun. Es gilt, endlich den Diebstahl der Dinosaurierknochen aufzuklären, kleinere und größere private Katastrophen zu managen und eine Hochzeit für Himmelreich zu organisieren, an die das Dorf sich noch lange erinnern wird – und das, obwohl das Hochzeitspaar drauf und dran ist, sich unversöhnlich zu zerstreiten.
Doch Himmelreich hat ein Herz für die Liebe, und so findet Nicole schließlich ihren Traummann da, wo sie ihn am wenigsten erwartet hätte.
Format: Kindle Edition / Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl der Print-Ausgabe: 240 Seiten
Sprache: Deutsch
Teil einer Reihe? Ja, Band 4 der Amors Four - Reihe
Die Himmelreich-Reihe
Staffel 1
Himmelreich mit kleinen Fehlern – Ema Wagner
Tausche Himmelreich gegen große Liebe - Lana N. May
Himmelreich und Honigduft - Jo Berger
Sieben Minuten Himmelreich - Violet Truelove
Dich schickt das Himmelreich - Mia Leoni
Staffel 2
Himmelreich mit Herzklopfen - Jo Berger
Zwei Küsse für Himmelreich - Andrea Bielfeldt
Himmelreich und Höllengrund - Susanne Pavlovic
Eine Hochzeit für Himmelreich - Mia Leoni
Eigene Meinung:
Das Cover ist echt schön gemacht, die funkelnden Sterne auf dem Cover haben was und auch die Landschaft in den Wolken hat etwas. Der Baum in Herzform lässt schon etwas erahnen, in welche Richtung das Buch gehen wird. Alles im allem aber ein sehr schönes Cover.
Das Buch steht eigentlich in einer Reihe, die in Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Autorinnen entstanden ist, aber man kann das Buch unabhängig von der Reihe lesen und es ist ein abgeschlossenes Buch. 
Nicole hat den perfekten Job für sich gefunden, sie ist Hochzeitsplanerin und geht in ihrem Job wirklich auf, auch wenn sie immer noch nach Mister Right auf der Suche ist. Doch sie hat auch keine Zeit für die Suche - bis ihr ihr Traummann fast entgeht, weil sie eine Hochzeit in ihrer eigenen Familie bald auf die Palme bringt, denn sich soll nicht nur die Hochzeit zwischen Gertrud und dem Pfarrer planen sondern gleichzeitig auch noch die Scheidungsfeier für ihre Eltern und dann ist da noch Patrick, der plötzlich vor ihrer Tür steht...
Mia Leoni schreibt einfach nur schön, ihr Schreibstil ist flüssig und leicht zu lesen und sie zieht den Leser wirklich ins Himmelreich, auch wenn es zeitweise für Nicole nicht nach Himmelreich aussieht. Aber auch der Humor, der in dem Buch steckt, ist einfach köstlich, man sitzt als Leser wirklich schmunzelnd da und lässt sich in die wirklich chaotische Welt des Himmelreiches ziehen. 
Die Geschichte greift etwas in die anderen Geschichten der Staffel ein, man merkt das als Leser aber nicht grossartig, aber natürlich ist es der Abschluss der Reihe und daher lässt man sich dann schon etwas auf kleine Lücken ein, wenn man die vorangegangenen Teile nicht kennt. 
Eine Hochzeit im Himmelreich heisst nicht, dass alles himmlisch von sich alleine läuft, wie man bei dem chaotischen Leben von Nicole sehen kann. Aber die kleinen und grossen Katastrophen liest man mit viel Humor und auch die Liebe komme in dem Buch nicht zu kurz. Ein schöner Liebesroman im Himmelreich mit himmlischen Charakteren, die teilweise zu schreien komisch sind und man merkt, dass das Himmelreich nicht immer ideal ist. Durch den leichten Schreibstil fliegt man auch durch das Buch und bleibt mit einem Lächeln nach dem Lesen zurück.
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review 2018-01-23 14:32
Wrapped Up In You
Wrapped Up In You - Ella Frank,Brooke Blaine
A Valentine’s Day Lovely! This is sweet and utterly romantic and while short was a perfect Valentine’s Day story. 

While I loved these characters and their magical day, I personally had a hard time connecting with them and wish I had gotten a few more flashbacks of their early relationship moments. It is hard for me to connect to an established couple, especially in such few pages. Too bad for me. :-(

In addition to the story, you are also given the first chapters of both Brooke and Ella’s upcoming books…and I have to say, while I am eager to read Robbie’s book, the snippet we get of Ollie and Reid totally did it for me. I am so eager to read more of these men, who immediately grabbed hold of me.

Cannot wait for February and March to arrive!

*An ARC was received from the Author in exchange for an honest review.*


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review 2018-01-23 06:45
The Diary of a Bookseller
The Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Bythell

I saw this in my local just before Christmas and snatched it up, as my not-so-secret fantasy is to own a bookshop (me, not the bank, which is why it remains a fantasy), and I never get tired of reading first hand accounts from the front. But this one was even better than I was hoping for; it was informative, succinct (it's truly a diary, so entries are rarely more than a page) and best of all, it's hilarious.


Each day begins with a tally of books sold online, and how many of those books he is able to actually locate in his stock (100,000 books; I can't even find a book I'm looking for in my paltry 1200 or so).  From there it's a short narrative about what happened that day.  Usually something his employee Nicky does, doesn't do, or says, or an anecdote about one or more customers doing something inane, rude, or more often, both.  (This is not the book to read if you're looking for affirmation on humanity.)  


Less often, but my favorites, were his field trips abroad to buy books.  And strewn throughout is the very real, and very serious, consequences Amazon has on booksellers.  It's one thing to know that Amazon is taking away independent booksellers' business by out pricing them on everything, but it's another thing altogether to understand how much control they have over small booksellers across the globe.  Even if you don't buy your book from Amazon, Amazon likely controls or influences how you purchase it.  


Each entry ends with the daily earnings; a number so fluid as to range anywhere from 5 Pounds to 1,000, and - spoiler alert - the days where he took in more than 700 Pounds was less than 3.


If bookshops and the eccentric people who visit them aren't your cup of tea, this book probably isn't going to delight you the way it did me, but if you secretly wish you could own, work, or live in a bookshop and have an appreciation for the irreverent humor of a man worn down by humanity at its most dubious, then definitely check out this book.  As I said at the start, it's informative (in spite of the hard facts, I still want to own a bookshop), it's easy to read (although once I started I was disinclined to stop) and it's laugh out loud hilarious.  I almost snorted.  And I'm following the author on Facebook; I never follow authors (well, ok, Amy Stewart, but honestly, as much as I love her books, I follow her for her art - she's disgustingly talented).


In fact, check him out on facebook first; if you like his posts, you'll love this book!

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review 2018-01-23 02:53
Book Tour: Searching for Gertrude
Searching for Gertrude - Kevin D. Haggerty

Searching for Gertrude take you on a hunt to find a girl of a young man love. Will he find this true love he lost. The young man is German and he has some issues with his government.

We learn about the laws that are going down in Germany at the beginning of Hitler Resign. The Nazi believed that Germans were not allowed to marry Jews. Will Rulfoff find this love or will Rudolf get his answers by searching for the girl he fell in love with when he was young. Things to go down hill when his love of his life family must move away to Turkey. He is determined to find her.

He goes undercover for his government even though he does not follow or like this government laws and ideas. As a German consulate there are a few surprises along the way will he go against or follow this government as he is now working for them. Find out by reading.

Rosalyn is an American Jew who come to Turkey to be a Nanny. Rudolf stumbles upon her in his search for Gertrude and ask her for help. Does she help him or not you will need to read the story to know for sure.

Rosalyn come to Turkey for her own reason as well. There is twist and turns throughout the book. Will Rosalyn do as she came to do in Turkey. The author does a wonderful job with the plot. I could not put it down and the fact, that she shows the time and era and history behind what going on in Turkey. Is Turkey with Nazi or they Nurteral during the War. If you are a historical fiction reader or just like learn some facts about history. This book is a good one to pick up. Want to learn more about Germany or Nazi Germany and other surrounding areas or Turkey in the 1930’s.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/01/book-tour-searching-for-gertrude.html
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review 2018-01-22 21:24
I am Livia by Phyllis T. Smith
I Am Livia - Phyllis T. Smith

I am reading books at a rapid pace right now. I've more or less been stuck on a couch with a pair of recovering five year olds for the last four days in addition to being hit with a terrible bout of sudden insomnia. At least I have plenty of books. 


To start, I have a minimal knowledge of Ancient Rome. I know what I've been taught in school. I know what my boyfriend Gordianus has taught me with his adventures. However, Gordianus (to this point) only brings me through Julius Caesar. Livia's tale begins with the death of Julius Caesar. However, my minimal knowledge of Caesar Augustus and his quarrels with one Mark Antony was enough to get me through this book without too much help from Wikipedia. 


I think my minimal knowledge actually worked in this case. I know about Livia and Nero and Claudius. I know who they are but not necessarily where they came from. While this book doesn't go into much detail about Nero or Claudius, it gives the reader an excellent glimpse into the life of the family's real power, matriarch Livia Drusilla. This Livia is not the scheming, poisoning, and manipulative woman we have been told about before. This Livia is slightly manipulative but not in the power mad way you think. At no point does the author lead you to think Livia's actions are meant to benefit anyone but Rome. This author does an excellent job making Livia human. She is a wife who cares for her husband. She is a mother who wants what is best for her children. She is a citizen who cares for her country. She is a woman who is constantly working to keep these three things in harmony even if it requires a personal sacrifice. 


I would have liked to have seen more of Livia later in life. I would have like to seen Livia during Nero. I would have liked to have seen Livia during Claudius even though the glimpses of Claudius we are given suggest that Livia wasn't exactly a fan. 

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