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review 2019-09-22 15:44
3.2 Out Of 5 STARS for Veiled by Karina Halle
Veiled - Karina Halle




The Veil Between the Living and Dead
Supernatural (TV Show) Vibe
Spin-Off of Experiment In Terror Series
Romance Between An Immortal and A Human
Demons & Ghosts
May-or-may-not Be a Series...

With Audio Performed by Jo Raylan



The Synopsis is in Italics...my thoughts on the synopsis are in Bold.
LINK TO AUTHOR'S WEBSITE (where I pulled this from)
She just wanted a normal life.
He had other plans for her.
Would you go through Hell for the one you love?
VEILED is a STANDALONE paranormal romance and urban fantasy from the New York Times bestselling author of The Lie and The Pact.

It’s something that Ada Palomino has always known so well, having grown up in a house of horrors, surrounded by a family plagued by ghosts and demons and things that go bump in the night.
But after the sudden and tragic death of her mother two years ago, death has never felt so personal.
Or so close.
Now eighteen, Ada is trying to move on with her life and the last month of summer holds nothing but sunshine and promises with her first year at a Portland design school just around the bend.
That is until her increasingly violent and realistic dreams, dreams of other worlds, of portals and veils where her mother is tortured and souls bleed for mercy, start to blend into reality. Ada has to lean on her older sister, Perry, to try and make sense of it all but even then, she’s never felt more alone.
Then there’s Jay. Tall, handsome and deeply mysterious, Jay would be just another stranger, a familiar face on the bus, if it wasn’t for the fact that Ada has met him before.
Every night.
In every single dream.
And the more that Ada is drawn to him in both worlds, the more she’s in danger of losing everything.
Including her heart.
And her very soul.

QUESTIONS ABOUT VEILED: (This is part of the Synopsis)

Q: Is this YA?
A: No. The main character is 18 and there is sex, crude language and violence in the book. Readers sensitive to those components may not find the book suitable. If you are a reader who doesn’t like a lot of the “F” word, this is your warning…. All true.  Luckily, the "F" word and I are old friends.

Q: Is there a cliffhanger?
A: Nope! There’s also no cheating and no love triangle (think I’ve covered the bases there!) All true!  

Q: Do I need to read the series (Experiment in Terror) that Veiled is a spinoff of first?
A: Nope.
Absolutely not.  I disagree...I feel like you would have inside knowledge that would enhance this story since they're a ton of references to that series.
Veiled stands alone from that series...It didn't feel like this is true, although I'm totally guessing since I haven't read it.
Don’t listen to anyone say otherwise. EiT fans are very passionate about their series and want to share the love (and I love them for it) BUT Veiled was written specifically for those people who haven’t read EIT.
And furthermore…most importantly…IF you do decide after reading Veiled that you would like to read EIT, then I promise, promise, promise that your enjoyment of that series will not be spoiled or compromised. Trust me on this. EIT is too epic of a series to be spoiled.
PS if you are a passionate EIT fan, Veiled is a great starter to get people interested in this whole “world.” Also, all your favorites do appear in this story as it takes place right after Dust to Dust.  There are definite instances that feel like spoilers to EIT, especially since it takes place after the 9th and final book in the series.

Q: Is it horror? Your other series was and I don’t handle scary very well…

A: No, it’s paranormal romance (though I promise you there are no vampires or werewolves), and while there are creepy elements to the story, it wouldn’t be classified as horror. You’ll be fine.  This is also true.



Overall, it wasn't too bad, if you're into this type of urban fantasy/paranormal romance, this could be your jam...especially if you've read the Experiment in Terror Series.  Sadly, though, after finishing Veiled, I'm not feeling like I want to read the EIT series, myself.  I already know where they (Perry and Dex) end up, and I even know a few mishaps that they get into.  Also since finishing this book, my second by this author, I'm thinking I'm not necessarily a fan of her writing style.  

The narration was acceptable, but it could have been presented or produced better...it was too quiet by far, especially when she whispered.


Plot 3/5
Narration Performance 3.5/5
Characters 3.2/5
The Feels 2.5/5
Pacing 3.5/5
Addictiveness 3/5
Theme or Tone 3/5
Flow (Writing Style) 2.8/5
Backdrop (World Building) 2.5/5
Originality 3/5
Ending 3/5 Cliffhanger Well...kind of.
Book Cover Love the cover, actually.
Setting Portland, OR
Source Hoopla Audio (Library)
Length 9 hours, 43 minutes

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review 2019-09-12 20:38
3 Out Of 5 STARS for The Survival of Molly Southbourne
The Survival of Molly Southbourne - Tade Thompson


Molly Southbourne #2





Unique Storyline
Creeptastic and Horror-if-ic
The Second Half of A Complete Story
Science Fiction











The first book introduced a very disturbing story...that quite literally blew my mind with its sheer craziness. Unfortunately, the second book felt a little like he didn't really know where he wanted to go with the story...almost as if he was never really planning on continuing the story at all. Like an idea that never fully formed.


I want to say it was worthwhile overall...and it definitely wasn't $3.99 worthwhile. In fact, the more I think about it...the more I feel that this was better off without a sequel at all.




Plot⇢ 2.8/5
Characters⇢ 3.7/5
The Feels⇢ 3.2/5
Pacing⇢ 3/5
Addictiveness⇢ 4/5
Theme or Tone⇢ 3.5/5


Flow (Writing Style)⇢ 3/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇢ 4/5
Originality⇢ 4.3/5
Ending⇢ 3/5 Cliffhanger⇢ Not really...



Book Cover⇢ It's better than the first book's cover...bloody hands aren't quite as creepy as a bloody nose.
Setting: This book is definitely the UK...London, mostly.
Source⇢ Own Kindle eBook
eBook Length⇢ 128 pages




I Read This For the square: Read by Flashlight or Candlelight



My Pic of reading of this in dark with only the backlight of my Oasis




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review 2019-07-27 00:42
3.2 Out Of 5 STARS for Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak
Necessary People - Anna Pitoniak




A Study In Friendship
The Needs of People...
Broadcast News...& Drama
Narration Performed by Vanessa Johansson











This is more a study in friendship than a mystery thriller. Two girls who couldn't be more opposite of each other and the way they connect with one another--what it's like to be necessary to someone, right up until your not necessary to them anymore...


Necessary People is more the type of story to stimulate your thoughts than one to throw shock (mystery & action) and awe (twists) at you. Despite that, some or most, readers found this to be a great read. I want to say that I agree with them...but, the slowly developing plot left me bored most of the time, even though the writing is totally there. This reminded me of a Megan Abbott book, (Give Me Your Hand) that I listened too...it really has a similar feel to it, so if you like that, then you might really like this.


Lastly, the narration was excellently executed by Vanessa Johansson. She had a way of making you forget that only one person was telling the story.



Plot⇢ 3/5
Narration Performance⇢ 5/5
Characters⇢ 3.3/5
The Feels⇢ 2.5/5
Pacing⇢ 2.8/5
Addictiveness⇢ 3.5/5
Theme or Tone⇢ 3/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇢ 3.3/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇢ 3/5
Originality⇢ 3/5
Ending⇢ 2.7/5


Book Cover⇢ It's different...kind of cool...I guess.
Setting⇢ New York mostly...but also Maine and London for a bit, too.
Source⇢ Audiobook (Library)
Length⇢ 10 hours, 35 minutes



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review 2019-06-07 14:23
3.2 Out Of 5 Stars for Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown
Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown


Lies Beneath #1


๏ ๏ ๏ Highlights ๏ ๏ ๏


Killer Mermaids
Lake Superior Setting



With Audio Performed by MacLeod Andrews



๏ ๏ ๏ My Thoughts ๏ ๏ ๏


Lies Beneath is not a bad story, more like a meh story. The idea behind it is an interesting one, mermaids who kill to survive and live in the Great Lakes...seriously killer Mermaids are kinda cool. Unfortunately, the idea of it is cooler than the actual story. Some Authors have the ability to pull a reader into the story and make them really feel it, but I didn't feel that with this Author. Initially, I was drawn to this story because the setting is Lake Superior, being from Michigan, I thought it was super cool to have a setting close to home, even though it was a part of Lakes Superior by Minnesota, I still kinda dug it. The narration was decently done, Macleod Andrews doesn't usually disappoint. I did not know until a couple of days after I finished this that it has two more books...I thought it was a stand-alone. The ending did kind of leave it with things unsaid, but I was fine with that. So, I honestly don't think I will continue the series.


๏ ๏ ๏ MY RATING ๏ ๏ ๏




๏ Breakdown of Ratings ๏


Plot⇝ 3.2/5
Narration Performance⇝ 4.5/5
Characters⇝ 3.5/5
The Feels⇝ 2.3/5
Pacing⇝ 3/5
Addictiveness⇝ 3.3/5
Theme or Tone⇝ 4/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇝ 3/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇝ 3.5/5
Originality⇝ 4/5
Ending⇝ 3.7/5 Cliffhanger⇝ Meh...not really.
๏ ๏ ๏
Book Cover⇝ A bit deceiving, since the pov is from a MerMan
Setting⇝ Lake Superior, North Shore in Minnesota
Source⇝ Audiobook (Library)
๏ ๏ ๏


๏ ๏ ๏ Links ๏ ๏ ๏

Goodreads | Booklikes | BookDigits

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review 2019-05-31 15:18
3.2 Out Of 5 STARS for We Rule the Night by Claire Eliza Bartlett
We Rule the Night - Claire Eliza Bartlett


๏ ๏ ๏ Highlights ๏ ๏ ๏


A Different Kind of Magic but Confusing
A War Between Nations
Girl Power


With Audio Performed by Chloe Cannon




๏ ๏ ๏ My Thoughts ๏ ๏ ๏


This will appeal to many out there who are tired of the special snowflakes in fantasy novels but still crave strong female characters and the ones who don't care for any romance or info-dumping. This is a character-driven steampunk fantasy that centers on female relationships and the trials of war with an interesting but confusing magic system.


But beware...because sadly, for me, I just didn't get this world that the Author created. I had no clue what was going on half the time and the rest, I just didn't care. This nation that they are going to war for didn't feel like a nation worth fighting for...I mean if you're considered a traitor after surviving a day and a half in enemy territory...then seriously, WTF? This had the potential to be so much more than it was because what I did glean of this world felt super-cool. But overall, it just felt super-unrealized.


The Narration was decently done, but of course, I would've liked a second narrator for each of the two female narrators. She did give a little distinction between Linné and Revna's voices, though.



๏ ๏ ๏ MY RATING ๏ ๏ ๏





๏ Breakdown of Ratings ๏


Plot⇝ 3/5
Narration Performance⇝ 4/5
Main Characters⇝ 3.5/5
Secondary Characters⇝ 3.7/5
The Feels⇝ 2.5/5
Pacing⇝ 3/5
Addictiveness⇝ 3/5
Theme or Tone⇝ 3.5/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇝ 2.5/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇝ 2/5
Originality⇝ 4/5
Ending⇝ 3/5 Cliffhanger⇝
๏ ๏ ๏
Book Cover⇝ Gorgeous
Setting⇝ The Union
Source⇝ Audiobook (Library)
๏ ๏ ๏


๏ ๏ ๏ Links ๏ ๏ ๏


Goodreads | Booklikes | BookDigits

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