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review 2015-01-28 10:08
DIRTY RAT? by Darrin P Lunde

Ever since I read Rats!: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 

I've loved nonfiction books about rats. This one is good because it has the more narrative text on one side and the scientific facts on the other. It gives facts about several types of rats. By the end of the book you'll almost feel sorry for rats. Most die before their first birthday. They live their whole lives being hated and feared. 3-yrs-old is just about as old as they get. Poor little rats.

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review 2014-08-27 14:51
Edda: A Little Valkyrie's First Day of School - Adam Auerbach

In honor of the first day of classes here at SHSU, I read EDDA: A LITTLE VALKYRIE'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. A cute story of a little girl isolated in Asgard with a wish to meet kids her own age. Her father sends her to school, and while there learns there are differences between school and home. Because of her bravery, she meets new friends and has new adventures.

This is also perfect because I'm almost finished listening to The Strange Maid by Tessa Gratton.


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review 2014-07-10 10:25
Rules of Summer - Shaun Tan

Combining humour and surreal fantasy, Shaun Tan pictures a summer in the lives of two boys. Each spread tells of an event and the lesson learned. By turns, these events become darker and more sinister as the boys push their games further and further.

 In order to get the whole picture be sure to read the inside flap of the book.


Shaun Tan is such a deep thinker. This story is an amazing telling of two brothers spending their summer together attempting to get along. The Rules of Summer turn out to be the arbitrary rules that an older brother creates on a whim for his younger brother. The tone starts out light and quickly turns darker as the rules gets harder and harder to follow.


No worries though, the brothers survive the summer.


Here is an example of one of the illustrations.



Amazing, huh?


Download the iPhone/iPad app. $4.99 at the time of this post.


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review 2014-07-09 16:01
Ninja! - Arree Chung

This is a cute and lively book filled with great vocabulary. Ninja, armed with his ninja stick, silent ninja footwear, sticky ninja gloves, unbreakable ninja rope, and a bouncy ninja paddle creeps and tumbles and hides around his obstacles in order to accomplish his mission. Excellent!!

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review 2014-04-16 16:10
LOVE MONSTER by Rachel Bright
Love Monster - Rachel Bright

It's hard being different from everyone else.  Sometimes it feels like you'll never find someone to love. Monster is in exactly this situation when we meet him at the beginning of this charming story.  He decides he is going to do something about it and takes off for the big, wide world to find love. Monster looks high and low; he looks inside and outside - never having any luck. Monster gets sad and finally decides to just go home. But, then, when he least expects it, love finds him!


Rachel Bright used solar etching to create the illustrations in LOVE MONSTER. I decided I needed to know what that process entails so I went to YouTube and, lo and behold, there is a video of Rachel creating Monster using the technique. Check it out. (Seems like a lot of work to me.) I wonder why she needed the print instead of just the drawing? Any artists out there want to chime in?



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