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text 2019-01-09 10:32
Where to Buy Paper Noodle Boxes and Paper Ice Cream Cups Wholesale

Noodle Boxes are the best for hot, cool, oily or likewise dry sustenance items. These round boxes make it much less demanding to fill and agreeable to hold. Paper noodle boxes spare space and can be put away in a little retire space, firmly settling together.



Pappers kopp is a one-stop solution for paper noodles boxes arrangements provider. We give nourishment bundling items, for example, noodle boxes, rice boxes, remove boxes, serving of mixed greens boxes, pizza boxes, plastic sustenance compartments, sustenance plate, paper bowls, noodle containers, hot drinking paper glasses, cold drinking paper mugs, dessert mugs, expendable plastic mugs, shopping sacks, remove packs and other related items.


Get Paper Ice cream Cups at Affordable Price


We make a great range of paper ice cream cups, the greater part of which can be reused utilizing sustenance review card. It tends to be considered as the best green option in contrast to the customary plastic or thwart compartments. Our paper ice cream cups wholesale are lined such a way, to the point that they can consummately convey a wet curry or noodle dish. Sizes are accessible from 16oz - 32oz in plain and designed styles.



The Complete Package has a wide assortment of value eco-accommodating nourishment bundling and sustenance holders accessible at discount rates for those in the sustenance benefit industry. We are an across the nation merchant, so we have you secured with the best items available regardless of where you are found. Numerous in the nourishment benefit industry are practicing environmental awareness and we are providing paper ice cream cups wholesale to this same pattern to do our part to help keep the earth clean. Round paper sustenance compartments perfect for hot nourishments remove sustenance, for example, soups and pastas just as cold or solidified sustenance, for example, desserts and yogurts.


For more information about our disposable paper cups and double wall paper cups, visit our website:-






Our Office Address:
Moscow, Russia - 109089
Phone: +7 4952300272
Email: export@papperskopp.com


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review 2018-11-17 13:24
Tea Cups and Carnage
Tea Cups and Carnage - Lynn Cahoon

I found out that this was the middle of the series, rather than the first, but it didn't seem to harm the telling of the story and I did enjoy the story. 


A new person has moved to South Cove and she wants to open a Tea Store, she feels that the best thing in the world is sitting down with friends on an afternoon and enjoying a nice tea. Nell, who helps other store owners by selling some of their things in her store (tea from the new store, coffee to the local cafe, etc) is making friends with her new neighbor. She is also helping to raise money for the library so they can continue to provide services to the community, especially the children. She and her aunt, Jackie, and employee, Sasha, are working on an event to help the library. They are also working on the festival that is bringing in tourists to the town. All of this activity and suddenly, Kathi's sister appears and she is looking for work. She is also trying to get her sister to come back to Texas. Two motorcycle riders are also in town causing trouble, they are nearly hitting people with their bikes, riding where they are legally not allowed and harming people who get too close (Aunt Jackie getting knocked off her feet). All this is just too much for Nell, but she feels she needs to find out who killed one of the bikers and left him for dead. 


I really enjoyed this story and it prompted me to try and read others from the series in whatever order I am able to obtain the stories. 

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text 2018-05-25 01:28
So considering keeping this in case the value goes up... or selling it
The Five of Cups - Caitlín R. Kiernan,Richard Kirk

I have two copies.  I'm considering selling one, since they're going for $250 and up on Amazon.  I assure you, neither I nor my friend paid this much for it.  I got one as a gift after buying one for myself - after saying I wouldn't.   So, yeah, what do you guys think I should do?


Meanwhile, my Transformers Timelines: Shattered Glass is a twenty five page comic.   Asking price is going for $160, I have two copies - and got one for a friend, so I bought it three times.   You can pry that out of my dead cold hands, but no way am I giving up either copy.   Sorry to all my TF loving friends, but I loved that so much I was afraid I'd read it to tatters - one copy will likely end up that way eventually - and I bought an extra copy for that reason.   Because I did that to Mutant X #1, which Marvel now loves pretending doesn't exist. 


The Timelines, by the TF collectors club/Fun Publications - were rarely printed, and Shattered Glass seems quite popular.   Mirror-verse of Transformers: Grimlock is smart and very evil, for example.   


And yeah, if anyone is a Kiernan fan/knows one and really wants the extra Five of Cups lemme know.   I'd probably sell it for going price: I don't know if $250 is accurate, but I'll dig in if anyone is interested.  I'm going with Amazon prices right now.  I'm seeing $150 at the lowest, so it would be at least $100 that I'd be selling one copy for right now.

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review 2017-10-07 12:26
Treasured by a Tiger - Felicity E. Heaton

*Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.


It seems I have discovered yet another great series to get hooked on. This was my first Felicity Heaton book and let me tell you, I loved it.


There are some really cool things happening in this book, starting with the characters, which are really awesome, not just the main ones, but the secondary ones too, and with the various plots woven together. I loved the description of Hell, so different than what I've read before, and I love the fact that it truly looks like a place no one would willingly go to. I'm curious what other realms are there, besides Heaven, Hell and Earth. I also want to know more about the various creatures in this series, some of which we read about in this book.


I really liked reading about Grey and Lyra. Their stories are very different, yet I liked seeing how well matched they were. Grey is a very special tiger shifter, that unfortunately has been treated like crap by his pride just because he looked differently, which made me really angry. I loved how Lyra addressed that and showed him that he wasn't a freak, that he was beautiful because he was different. I was also sad for Grey, because, judging by what he tells Lyra about himself, you can see how lost he is, now that his sister found her mate, since he no longer needs to be the one in charge of her safety. You can really tell that that's basically why he went to Hell, why he's taking the risks he's taking, because he's lost and doesn't really know what to do with himself. I wanted to hug him most of the time, to be honest.


Lyra was a fantastic heroine. I love the fact that she's as much of a badass as Grey, and that she doesn't play the role of damsel in distress, when she really could and no one would blame her. I also loved the fact that once she learns about Grey's heritage, and understands that he doesn't know how to deal with some of his instincts, she doesn't hold that against him, but actually understands them and accepts the fact that he's not like other males that she's known and heard about, and actually tries to help him.


The major subplot, that I hope will be addressed in the next book, is one involving dragons. DRAGONS! *Allow me a moment to hyperventilate in an excited puppy manner* I really loved that, and I loved what Grey did at the end for one particular dragon, I thought that was really sweet and it showed how honorable he is, and how much his pride is losing for treating him as they did.


The book is really fast paced, I managed to read it pretty quickly, and I loved how the ending was neatly tied for Grey and Lyra, but also left the possibility of seeing them in the future open. I also loved the little hints towards the next book or books. I will admit I felt a little bit lost in the beginning, just because I wished I had more background information that is most definitely in previous books, but that didn't keep me from fully enjoying the story.


Based on this book, I can tell I'll be hooked on this series forever, because it reminded me of the older paranormal series, the ones that I so love and adore. So I'll definitely go back to the beginning and read this series in order, because I don't want to miss any details. So if you love paranormal romance, definitely check this series out if you haven't already.

Source: rubys-books.blogspot.com
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review 2017-10-07 11:50
Playing With Forever (Sydney Smoke Rugby Series) - Amy Andrews

Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.

This series keeps getting better and better with each and every book that comes out and I can't help but fall in love with Sydney Smoke's players.

It was nice to read a book where the roles were flipped, where the woman wanted a no-strings attached fling, while the man is leaning towards a proper relationship, I found that very refreshing. I also loved how Andrews at one point goes to show how comfortable two people can get with each other, that it's only really a matter of perspective, really. Ryder and Juliet have very different perspectives when it comes to how they view their relationship, and it's really interesting to read about that.

I liked Ryder. He was very funny and very sexy, and I liked that he was honest about how he felt about Juliet even though she wanted none of those pesky emotions. I also loved what he did for Tiny. He's such a good man just for taking care of Tiny as if that dog was his. I also liked that he admitted he needed help in managing Tiny, which is not something that most people even think about when getting a dog.

Juliet's story was pretty heartbreaking, really. I do understand why she didn't want a real relationship, although throughout the book it was pretty obvious she was lying to herself the whole time by not giving the proper title to what she and Ryder had. That was the thing I struggled with the most, the fact that ultimately she wasn't being honest with herself and with Ryder. At the same time, I liked that she was open and honest about what she wanted from the start, she didn't lie about her intentions.

Before I finish this review, let me talk a little bit about Tiny. The book starts with Ryder being emotionally conned into taking care of Tiny, and it is incredibly funny to see how he struggled with that dog. On one hand, I laughed like a lunatic, because it is funny, especially when Ryder took Tiny for his first walk and the first morning together. On the other hand, I cringed a little bit, because it was like I was reading about my dog at times (the walking part). I felt super happy to see that Andrews did a fantastic job into working dog training into the situation, which let's be honest, is something that not a lot of people think about when getting a dog. So yay for dog training.

The book was fast paced, it was funny, and it ended almost too fast. I am in love with this series, and I can't wait for book 5, because I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a book 5.

Source: rubys-books.blogspot.it
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