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review 2015-01-01 03:45
School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins
School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

Izzy Brannick is 15 and has been trained to fight monsters, but school is a whole new experience for her.

After Izzy's sister disappears, her mother decides it will be good for Izzy to take on a simple case. So they move to a town for Izzy to get rid of a ghost that haunts a school. Ghosts are easy to get rid and so the case will be quick. Or so her mother thought. Izzy finds out that this is more just a simple haunting and she has to find the cause of it.

A few years ago I read the Hex Hall trilogy and loved it. I decided I had to read this spin-off which features Izzy as the main character. Izzy was introduced in Spell Bound. And I really like Izzy. She is a great character.

This is different from the Hex Hall books and at first I thought it started a bit slow, but it picks and gets better as the book continues. Eventually I couldn't put this down and couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I think is almost as good as theHex Hall books and I'm really looking forward to the next one. This book was really good. And it is also the book that finishes the 50 states challenge I was doing.

It is also the last book I have while we are in the remaining hours of 2014. And I think it is a great book to end the year with.

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review 2014-10-27 10:56
Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator by Jennifer Allison
Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator - Jennifer Allison

Gilda Joyce is 13 years old and lives in Michigan with her mother and older brother. Gilda's father died a few years ago and ever since then she has been trying to learn to communicate with the spirit world.

Gilda is determined to become a psychic investigator and she remembers that her mother's cousin's sister died by jumping out of a window, Gilda decides that should be her first case.

Before Gilda knows it she is on her way to San Francisco for the summer and hopefully to solve her very first case.

What can I say about Gilda? I liked her a lot. She's weird, but I think that's awesome. And she is blunt. Some of the things she says can definitely be taken as rude, but she's not really a rude character. She can actually be pretty funny. But I think she is a complex character, really. She may seem weird and silly, but there is really a lot to her.

I liked Juliet too, once her character started developing more. She is definitely more than just a rich girl. I like her and Gilda's interactions with each other.

As for the story itself, I liked it quite a bit. It's fast-paced and entertaining. But I like how it deals with death, how the two main characters still continue to talk to those they love that passed on. And with doing so, it really seems to help them be able to move on with their life.

The only thing I didn't like was the use of a Ouija board. I'm a paranormal investigator and have been for more than 10 years. I've seen ghosts since I was a kid. The Ouija board is something not to be messed with. It's not just a game.

Besides that, the story was really good and I really loved the main characters. I'm definitely going to read the rest of this series.

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review 2014-10-09 11:03
Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella
Shoeless Joe (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) - W.P. Kinsella

Ray Kinsella lives in Iowa and owns a farm. One day he hears a voice say "If you build it, he will come." And he is supposed to build is a baseball stadium and the person who will come is Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Field of Dreams is a movie I've watched many times. I have loved it since I was a kid and when I found out it was based from a book, I decided I had to read the book.

The book is usually always better than the movie, but this is one of the few cases where I think the movie is better than the book.

This book wasn't bad, but to me it didn't have the same feeling as the movie; the same magic.

The movie is amazing and honestly I found the book to be a little boring. I really wanted to love this, but I just didn't enjoy it much.

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review 2014-10-06 01:46
Finding Daddy by Louise Plummer
Finding Daddy - Louise Plummer

Mira, who is almost sixteen, wants to know more about her father that she doesn't remember. She has a photo of him and only knows the few things her mother and grandmother will tell her. Mira decides she needs to find him.

Mira isn't a bad character. I actually think she is very believable and while I know both of my parents, I can imagine myself in her place and understand how she feels.

Mira isn't stupid. She wants to know her father and you should be able to trust your parents. She shouldn't have went behind her mother's back, but how was Mira to know there was actually a real reason for keeping her away from her father? Parents are people, they make mistakes and bad decisions. And believe it, or not, sometimes they don't always know best. And even sometimes they will keep children from the other parent for no reason other than to be hateful. My cousin is currently going through this with his ex-wife and he loves his children dearly.

While I know Mira's father didn't turn out to be loving at all, my point is, Mira didn't know, her mother didn't want to tell her anything and she had a right to know about her father and all of his craziness. But her mother and grandmother would never explain why he couldn't be in their life. They only told her about his good qualities and never told her the bad things. And I think that was a mistake.

I just feel Mira's mother and grandmother should have told her. She had a right to know. She came from both parents and it is only natural for a person to know where and who they come from. 

I liked the book and found the story very intense. I may eventually read some other books by this author.

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review 2014-10-03 06:09
Precious Bones by Mika Ashley-Hollinger
Precious Bones - Mika Ashley-Hollinger

It's 1949 and 10 year-old Bones lives in the swamps of Florida with her parents. Bones and her family live a simple and fairly quiet life. Until two real estate agents come on to her family's property uninvited and a few days later one of the agents are reported as missing.

What I can about this book? It's definitely suspenseful and a good mystery. It was slow at first, but it picked up and got better. The characters are all unique and likable. And it just feels like a nice little community. Whenever one needs something, they all try to help a little. 

I thought it was neat that Bones was part Indian and her dad was half.

I thought it was a good and enjoyable story.

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