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review 2018-01-25 19:15
Murder, Victorian England (and Vienna) and romance
A Fatal Waltz (Lady Emily Mysteries) - Tasha Alexander

At a country house party, invited by her friend Ivy, Lady Emily Ashton expects that she will be irritated but she doesn't expect that her one of her irritations would end up dead. Ivy's husband is arrested for the murder and Emily feels that she needs to defend the innocent and prove who did it. It's a twisty and turny story with a visit to Vienna via the Orient express.

Emily and Colin just need to marry soon.

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text 2015-07-31 14:00
Monthly Key Word Challenge ~ July {Completed}
A Fatal Waltz - Tasha Alexander
High Spirits at Harroweby - Mary Chase Comstock
Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Beyond The Sunrise (Thorndike Press Large Print Romance Series) - Mary Balogh
Do Unto Others - Jeff Abbott
Superfoods List: The 11 Best Nutrient Ri... Superfoods List: The 11 Best Nutrient Rich Foods For Increased Immunity, Energy and Longevity - Andrea Briggs
Energy, Fate, High, Look, Sun, Unto
Superfoods List: The 11 Best Nutrient Rich Foods For Increased Immunity, Energy and Longevity / Andrea Briggs ~ 7/5/15
Fatal Waltz / Tasha Alexander ~ 7/7/15
High Spirits at Harroweby / Mary Chase Comstock ~ 7/12/15

Don't Look Back / Jennifer L. Armentrout ~ 7/1/15


Beyond the Sunrise / Mary Balogh ~ 7/10/15


Do Unto Others / Jeff Abbott ~ 7/10/15

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review 2014-11-02 10:47
Review: A Fatal Waltz
A Fatal Waltz - Tasha Alexander

Reading the first Lady Emily book I of course adored the characters but it wasn't just that. I was also amazed by the attention to detail about life in the Victorian times and the amount of research that has clearly gone into it.
Which makes it even more disappointing that the author didn't bother with some bits. Definitely not with the random German bits. Dear authors, repeat after me: Google Translate is not a good source for foreign languages you have no clue about. Either try and find somebody who speaks the language or just leave it. Because in 9/10 cases you can just get away with 'said X in foreign language. That was also true for this book (and the 10th case was Wiener Zeitung which can be easily looked up...and therefore was also only misspelled once in the book). All the other cases could just as easily have been expressed in English so there was no need to bring tears to the eyes of the German-speaking readers with Handküss, Känstlerkolonie, Kaffee mehr weiß and - my favourite - schokolade mit gepeitschter creme.

Sadly the lack of research didn't stop there. Anybody who spends more than 5 minutes researching Empress Elisabeth of Austria will be able to tell you that a) her nickname was spelled Sisi not Sissi and b) she disliked that name a lot and so it's unlikely that an old friend (as Cecile is in the books) would use it.
Now that we're over the nitpicking: I also didn't like the plot. Though to be fair that was mainly a matter of taste. I prefer my crime-protagonists to solve simple murders and not get involved in major conspiracies where the safety of the World (or at least the British Empire) is at stake. Unfortunately this was one of those. And as my least favourite premisse wasn't enough one of my least favourite tropes was also attached to it: the superhuman opponent. Because the bad guy in this book is exactly that. He knows everything and manages to break into Emily's room repeatedly even though she keeps improving her security. He seems to be capable of teleportation because I can't see how else he keeps getting in.
And because that wasn't enough there also is the most annoying Colin/Emily-jealousy storyline that could have been easily avoided if people just talked to each other.
Still all of this, (the conspiracy as well as Emily's and other people's relationship-troubles) still is most conveniently solved in the last 10 pages or so which makes it look like the author ran out of pages but had too much plotlines that needed a resolution.
I will still read the next book in the series because overall I'd say the book is more average than bad but hits a lot of my pet-peeves and I'm still fond of the characters. (Also I have the omnibus-edition with the first four books) but I'll take a break from Lady Emily for a while to forget how much she annoyed me.

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review 2014-10-09 02:14
A Fatal Waltz (Lady Emily, #3)
A Fatal Waltz - Tasha Alexander

I'll admit, I read a short story the author posted online about Emily and Colin that takes place immediately after A Fatal Waltz, before I read this book.  The short story was replete with spoilers, so I knew, in essence, how this book ended.  I don't mind spoilers and I've been known to seek them out, but in this instance, it might have backfired a little.


A Fatal Waltz stalled a bit for me about midway.  This could be because of the spoiler-effect or it could be that the story just didn't intrigue me enough to hold my attention.  I'm not sure.  Either way, I enjoyed the book; I looked forward to picking it up and I got a bit irritable when I was interrupted.  It just didn't flow as quickly as the first two did.


A character from A Poisoned Season is murdered in this book (good riddance - he was vile) and Ivy's husband is arrested and thrown into Newgate.  Sensitive papers are missing and the victim had apparently received a warning/threat from Vienna before he was killed, but that too is missing.  Lady Emily hies off to Vienna to try to find the person who sent the note, and it's here the story might have first lost me, because it never seemed reasonable that Lady Emily had enough information to know where to start looking.


Lady Emily's goals start merging/interfering with Colin's assignment in Vienna and the two find themselves working together for the first time.  But really, I think this entire plot construction was built around the romantic conflict of Lady Emily meeting one of Colin's past um... dalliances.  One who was rather disinclined to be pushed into the past.  Ultimately, as I write this review, I think this is why the book wasn't a 4-star or higher read for me:  I'd bet a dollar that the author came up with the romantic conflict first and created a murder plot to justify it second.


Speaking of the murder plot - it was ultimately a very good one.  I liked the way the author presented the pieces of the puzzle to both the reader and Lady Emily; I just wish it wasn't so obfuscated by the shenanigans in Vienna.


I told myself I was going to take a break after this book and start reading some of the other books in the Pile, but when push came to shove last night, I picked up Tears of the Pearl and dove back into Colin and Lady Emily's world.  Guess I'm just not quite ready for a break.

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review 2013-04-06 02:06
A Fatal Waltz
A Fatal Waltz - Tasha Alexander Once again I'm impressed with all the details of Edwardian culture that Tasha Alexander gets right. It makes her novels a pleasure to read.
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