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review 2013-12-12 05:12
Review: A Notorious Countess Confesses by Julie Anne Long
A Notorious Countess Confesses - Julie Anne Long

This one I just finished two days ago, or last night, I don't remember. Anyway, I had the same feeling with The Notorious Countess Confesses that I did with How the Marquess Was Won. 


In this one we have out sexy preacher, Adam, and the new girl in town, the notorious countess and ex-courtesan, Eve. It took me way too fucking long to realize they were called Adam and Eve.


Anyway, we have one person misunderstood for the role she has had in life and the other misunderstood, or under appreciated more likely, for the role he currently has.  And they sort of hit it off. 


My first qualm with the book actually came in the beginning because Wow was there a lot of infodumps in the first few chapters. I swear in the first three chapters 2 things actually happen. Everything else is mused on when people are walking or sitting near a fire. Luckily once the plot showed up things evened out and were awesome.


The tension between these two is top notch, and I think they have some real concerns between the two of them that they would have to overcome for their HEA. So the middle part, the falling in love part, that's good. It's the freaking ending AGAIN that ruins it for me. Everything has to be neatly wrapped up in a nice little box with a bow on it. And of course it is all solved by stuff done off screen and too many coincidences or "We can just do this and everything works!"


Bah. That's why this is rated where it is. It's not bad. The majority is entertaining and fun in a heartbreaking way sometimes. But still, good romance. But the slow start and the rushed finished just left me with a sad face. 


It's not the worst in the series, and it's not the best either. It didn't leave me wanting to shoot any characters so that's already a step up from Violet's book. I guess if they are consistently okay then that's better then me hating-loving them.


One more book and I am caught up! I thought this was the most recent. Ha. Of course not. But I may need a break before I read another. 

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review 2013-12-04 00:00
A Notorious Countess Confesses
A Notorious Countess Confesses - Julie Anne Long 4.5
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text 2013-11-30 14:21
Book Playlist Challenge - Day 7 - Ballads
A Notorious Countess Confesses - Julie Anne Long

Today's theme is a book that was a slow burn, but had strong emotions. This category was really easy for me, because A Notorious Countess Confesses is the very definition of a slow-burn romance. The slow building of the romance is one of the truly lovely things about the book. Plus, you really need to see how they grow closer to believe a relationship between a vicar and a former courtesan could work. It's very well done. Julie Anne Long is nearly always a win for me.

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review 2013-07-22 00:00
A Notorious Countess Confesses
A Notorious Countess Confesses - Julie Anne Long I have been wanting to read this book ever since it came out last year. So when it became available at my local library, I knew I had to pick it up. There have been some books of this series I have loved and other that ended up being averagely enjoyable, A Notorious Countess Confesses is up there on the top of my list of favorites from this author. This one is a bit different than most regency's, I loved the unique setting that the characters are placed in.

It begins when Evie Duggan, after becoming a widow and with rumors and scandals flying around London about her, decides to settle in Pennyroyal Greens, to have a new start. When she arrives, she causes quite a stir among the country folk, who view who as a woman ripe with scandalous behavior. She decides that she must make friends in order to become more accepted so that she can make a life for herself. But its harder than it looks. When the Vicar, starts to interact with her, she finds herself wanting more than just a content life, she craves his touch like none other. His goodness and sincerity overwhelms her, and before she realizes it, she wonders if they could ever have a future together. Adam, depends on his livelihood as the Vicar. He has sacrificed much for this life, but in some ways its well worth it. When the new countess shows up in town, rumors fly about her devious and scandalous ways, and must guard himself carefully. But there is something more to Evie than meets the eye. There is a instant connection between Adam and Evie, but in the end will Adam choose his people over Evie, or does his love for Evie be strong enough?

There was quite a bit that I found very like able about this story. The characters in this story were very endearing and I liked them from the first chapter. Adam is unlike most heroes of regency romance. He hasn't had a ton of experience with women, in fact the heroine in this story has more history with men than Adam seems to have with women. Adam is very sincere and good hearted, and I loved how caring he was at times. His circumstances and personality are of a more gentle nature, but I enjoyed seeing Adam interact with Evie, Evie has a very strong willed vitality about her. I liked her from the beginning, Evie may have a bit of a scandalous past, but only in order to protect her family.She also has suffered quite a bit and I loved seeing her with Adam, they end up complimenting each other in such a unique way. A charming and warm romantic tale that is bound to warm your heart!! BRILLIANT!!
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review 2013-05-17 00:00
A Notorious Countess Confesses - Julie Anne Long Guys, I love this series! The Pennyroyal Green books are awesome and I completely adore Julie Anne Long's writing.

Oops, did I just give away the punchline of this review? Oh well.

This time we meet Evie, who doesn't have the noblest of parentages and has had to work hard to get where she is right now. Though of course this doesn't mean she'll be accepted by the ton, because OMG, THE SCANDAL! So she does the smart thing (in my opinion) and goes to Pennyroyal Green. Where she meets Adam Sylvaine, who also belongs to the Eversea family (how many gorgeous men do they have in this family???) and SPARKS GALORE!

I really liked Evie's spirit. Obviously she knows what people think of her, but she's determined to try and fit in and I kinda loved her for that! She really succeeds at the challenges they throw at her, which were pretty funny at times if I might say so. All except for resisting Adam. And really, I wouldn't have resisted Adam either. Though you may not have expected it in a vicar, he is pretty sexy. And the good-guy-ness in him just made me swoon! He didn't really appreciate Evie flirting with him, which was sort of odd, but I did like that he really sees her and likes her for herself.

Like I've come to expect from Julie Anne Long, she delivers the romance and the heartbreak and ALL OF THE TENSION! Seriously, there's SO much tension and they're not even touching for most of the novel! I loved it! And I liked that this is a different scene from the balls and elaborate dresses, though I do love those as well!

My rating: 4,5 stars
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