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review 2016-11-25 20:00
The Bank Job
The Bank Job (A Seventeen Series Short Story: Action Adventure Thriller) - AD Starrling

The last of the short stories in the Seventeen series, it focuses on how the two main characters in the fourth novel, Ashstorm meet. And it is rather embarrassing as they happen to be robbing the same bank and the same time. It shall be clear, this is how partnerships start.

It adds some new information, but it is not essential for the main series. I, myself, however always really want to complete series, so I'm glad I've read these as well. 

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review 2016-11-25 08:00
The Hunger
The Hunger (A Seventeen Series Short Story: Action Adventure Thriller) - AD Starrling

I quite liked this short story, accompanying book three of the Seventeen series, Greene's Calling. It focuses on Greene during the seventeenth century, but what I liked best about it is that it took place so close to where I live. For me that really added to the story, but this is personal of course.

It a nice little bit of background, in case you can't get enough of the series.

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review 2016-11-24 20:00
The Warrior Monk
The Warrior Monk (A Seventeen Series Short Story: Action Adventure Thriller) - AD Starrling

The Warrior Monk is part of a series of short stories accompanying the Seventeen series, and this particular story is best read after the second book: King's Crusade. In fact, I wouldn't start these short stories without having read the main series.

It focuses on the events that led to Alexa and Yonten meeting each other. While it provides some new insights into the background of the story, it was also a little bit repetitive with the story in the main series. It was also rather short (even for a short story), but nice to read nevertheless.

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review 2016-11-14 17:17
First Death by A. D. Starrling
First Death: A Seventeen Series Short Story #1 - AD Starrling,AD Starrling,Michael Bower

Set in 1570 in the wooded mountains of Moldavia, Lucas and his parents have a simple cabin home in the woods. It’s winter and few travelers are about. That is, until Alexander and his men show up on their doorstep. Lucas’s simple, happy world is about to be shattered.

Alexander kills Lucas’s father first, and then his mother Katarina. To Lucas’s surprise, they rise to fight again. Alas, they are killed again. This cycle continues again and again while Lucas is forced to watch. Lucas, the poor lad, goes into some sort of shock over it all.

Then Lucas must suffer his first death. Things don’t go as planned for Alexander and his men. I really liked the crow imagery and the ashes left behind. There’s definitely something very intriguing about this story. The tale and danger doesn’t stop with Lucas’s first death. Nope. Afterwards, he has to figure out his next move, how to survive the winter, who his allies (or parent’s allies) are. I was impressed by how much was packed into this short story.

I received a free copy of this audiobook.

Narration: Michael Bower was good, especially with the accents. He also did a good job imbuing emotion into the characters. Alexander sounded villainous through and through.

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review 2016-04-12 11:45
Good Story and Characters
Greene's Calling (A Seventeen Series Novel: An Action Adventure Thriller Book 3) - AD Starrling

Conrad Greene had tried to save a man- William who was like a brother but then he saw in William’s eyes he wanted to die. His heart had shattered when he saw hate in the eyes of the woman he loved. Conrad was living in the flood plains of Brazil where he was trying to live out the rest of eternity.he had a dog named Rocky as his companion. Then a charter plane had crashed right into Conrad's home leaving the pilot and a man dead. But there was also a locked briefcase. In the briefcase had been a gun and several photos one of Laura Hartwell the woman who had Conrad’s heart.  Conrad realizes he has come across a plan to kill the President Of The U.S.A. Conrad goes to Washington DC to reveal what he now knows. Conrad let's Laura know her life may be in danger. Laura is now with the Secret Service, she helps guard the President. Although Conrad tries he cannot stop a bullet from killing the President. Greene now leads a team of elite human and immortal agents to take down the elusive organization bent on taking over the world.

I enjoyed this story a lot considering I am not into take over the world stories but I did finish this one and more important enjoyed it. The action is almost non-stop and I liked that. Then the part on Conrad’s love for Laura. It seems a little far fetched but i got through it. I liked the characters a lot. The twists and turns of this story kept you interested and reading. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.

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