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text 2016-09-06 15:56
New Release! Bad Apples 3: Seven Slices of Halloween Horror

This should be good for at least a few squares on your Halloween Bingo cards.


Available now in Kindle and paperback editions.


I've got a story in this called "The Uncle Taffy's Girl." I hope you like it.


Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

Paperback Editions also available at: Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million

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review 2016-05-05 21:22
Enjoyable shot of well written horror
Panacea: A Novella of Horror - Adam Light

I am not the greatest lover of short stories, possibly because most authors somehow fail to get the balance of the "hit" just right. A short story has certain advantages for the reader; you are straight into the action; there are few if any wasted words; if you don't like the author's style then thankfully the torture will not last long.


Adam Light succeeds where so many others fail and tells a "Faustian" tale (abandoning spiritual or moral principles in order to obtain wealth or other benefits) with great confidence and panache! Rob Arnold's wife of many many years is dying of cancer and there appears no hope of recovery until one night, whilst watching his favourite baseball team The Atlanta Braves,he is confronted by a commercial for a miracle drug "Panacea".."Tonight only, I am offering my revolutionary cure-all, Panacea, to the general public. The elixir that beat the pants of cancer can now be yours. Don't hesitate, friend. Pick up that telephone and dial the toll-free number on your screen, now, and you can say you were the one that saved them. Panacea is the answer. Call now and get back those years together you deserve."


Needless to say Rob is intrigued by such bold statements, what has he to lose his beloved Molly has only months to remain alive. The results of the drug are instant and what follows is intriguing, funny, and sad in equal measures with a conclusion that is totally unexpected, original and very satisfying. So if you need a quick shot of horror before the midnight hour have a taste of Panacea but be prepared for the consequences!

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review 2016-05-02 00:04
Review of Panacea by Adam Light
Panacea: A Novella of Horror - Adam Light

My favorite story in the Dead Roses anthology, I was glad to see Panacea by Adam Light thriving on its own in the wild. This is also undoubtedly my favorite story by Adam to date.


Rob Arnold and his wife Molly are what every married couple strives for, with a love that far outweighs the years they have been together. The only thing in life that could ever tear them apart is Molly's cancer which every day brings Rob closer to losing the one thing he cares about. Willing to go to any lengths to stop this from happening, Rob desperately latches onto the first thing that he comes across promising a cure. Unfortunately nothing comes without a price and sometimes that price is far higher than you bargained for...


I'm not always a fan of short stories. If I like them I usually end up feeling cheated by the shortness of them and otherwise often they just sort of feel like an afterthought-- almost stories that want to be more... but aren't. That said, some of the best stories I've read have been shorts. I think it shows exceptional talent in a writer who can pull off a short story and not leave you wanting and Panacea is that story.


© 2016 by Andi Rawson of Andreya's Asylum

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review 2016-01-25 22:35
Tommy Rotten - Adam Light
Tommy Rotten: A Halloween Tale - Adam Light

Ten years ago, a boy named Tommy disappeared in a pumpkin patch next to the old haunted house at the edge of town. Every year after that, Tommy waits for someone to come into the pumpkin patch at Halloween to be his companion. Is this the year that someone dares to enter the old patch filled with rotten pumpkins and the decaying remains of Tommy?


Your typical urban legend type of story aimed at a teenage audience. Not bad, but nothing great either.


3 rotted pumpkins out of 5

You can also follow my reviews at the following links:




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review 2015-10-20 16:50
Bad Apples 2 review
Bad Apples 2: Six Slices of Halloween Horror - Edward Lorn,Adam Light,Gregor Xane,Jason Parent,Evans Light,Kealan Patrick Burke
What do you do when you're a collective group of five (predominantly) horror writers who released an excellent series of shorts last Halloween and called said collection Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror? Well, obviously, you release another collection, only in keeping with the tradition of sequels across mediums you make it bigger! And call it Bad Apples 2: Electric Boogaloo, because you recognise the incontrovertible truth that ALL second sequels should have this post-colon title.

Oh, alright. Lorn, Xane, The Brothers Light and Parent did not call it Electric Boogaloo (more's the pity), but they did release a sequel and it is bigger because this time they've brought a friend named Burke. No, not Carter Burke. He died at the end of Aliens. Kealan Patrick Burke, and that, review-reader, is good news indeed...

Bad Apples 2 is the rarest of beasts: an anthology that does not contain a bad story. All six of the tales contained within fall on the good side of three stars, and one even comes close to cracking my very rare and exclusive club of five star reads.

Burke contributes the shortest of the bunch, THE ONE NIGHT OF THE YEAR, but it packs quite a bit into its sparse number of pages as an elderly man and his dog wait for the things that inevitably come on Halloween night. This one is simple in execution, but powerful in construction, and left me musing over the possible meaning of the why behind what was happening. 3.5 stars.

CANDIE APPLE by Evans Light is a nasty trip down Grief Lane as a man who lost his wife to a horrible accident the previous Halloween awakens on this Halloween to a house that feels all too quiet and empty. I really felt for the protagonist in this one, and the ending was note perfect. 3.5 stars.

Adam Light picks up from the story brother Evans told in the first Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror with his contribution, TOMMY ROTTEN. In this one, poor dead Tommy only wants someone to keep him company in his pumpkin field grave, and on Halloween is able to put that yearning into supernatural action - which is bad news for any trick 'r treaters in the area. Light nicely builds the legend of Tommy with his seemingly effortless prose, and I like the way in which the Light Brothers play in each other's worlds. 3.5 stars.

Jason Parent provides perhaps the darkest and most richly descriptive story with DIA DE LOS MUERTOS as his Afghanistan vet attempts to deal with an exceptionally rare form of PTSD. Parent structures his story so that the action goes back and forth between current Day of the Dead in Mexico, and back in the past when his protagonist became afflicted with his "PTSD" - the past scenes being especially creepy and effective. 4 stars.

DOCTOR PROCLIVITY & PROFESSOR PROPENSITY is not just a handful to type, it's also by far the longest tale within this collection and borders on being a novella all on its own. This Gregor Xane tale contains his trademark weirdness, but it also paints a great mystery that his memorable protagonists set about solving as they suspect a puppet show which only makes an appearance on Halloween is responsible for disappearing a number of local children. Cue creepy puppets and all manner of craziness once Jimmy and Uncle Shel peer behind the curtain ... This one really had me hooked, and Xane has an unparalleled ability to pull you into his worlds, no matter how bizarre they might be. 4.5 stars.

And finally, my favourite slice of Bad Apples 2 was Edward Lorn's HALLOWEEKEND. This tale of a haunted Halloween attraction that goes very, very wrong was exactly my kind of mix of weird monsters, engaging characters and gruesome gore. It even has a mid-story twist that you might have seen before, but never delivered in the way Lorn handles it here. Plus I love how Lorn never shies away from killing any character in his stories. I mentioned above I was toying with 5 stars, and after writing this paragraph, I've decided: it's a 5 star effort.

So there you have it. Any horror loving aficionado owes it to themselves to pick up Bad Apples 2 and consume it on, over, or after Christmas. Because who wouldn't like a shiver-charged whiff of Halloween whenever the mood strikes them?

4 Reasons to Never Look Behind the Curtain for Bad Apples 2: Electric Boogaloo.
Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1406551613
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