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text 2017-07-20 14:05
Five Amazing Addition Activities for Your Kid

Does addition make your kid frustrated? If yes, then it isn’t their mistake, because it is difficult for them to learn basics of Math like addition. If you want to bring some more life to your kid’s studies then you should opt for different methods of learning. Here, different types of learning methods involve card games, art & craft, puzzle games and more.

If you want your kid to be skillful and confident in addition, then here are the top 5 addition activities for your kid:


Interacting with team frame book:

This is an online game, which can help your kid in quickening his thinking process. In this game, your kid has to solve some word problems, which is related to some basic addition. This is fun as well as eye-catchy.

LEGO addition flash cards:

If your kid is a big fan of LEGO, then you can download this amazing game for them. This flash card game can help your kid in creating center ideas regarding the problem. Your kid can write the sum of cards in the PDF.

Thanksgiving color:

This is a free fun addition activity which can be used in seat work, small group, math center, RTI pull out and homework. This is a printable online activity, which can make your kid better in basic operations i.e. addition and subtraction.

Winter quick and easy prep addition plus one center:

This is a small, easy and quick math center game, which has a beautiful and attractive theme of winter snow for addition. The resource also includes four center game pages in the center sign. This game can greatly sharpen the skills of children in 1st or 2nd class.

Gingerbread number cards:

This is a fun game for your kid, as it has the theme of winter fun. This game has a set of number cards which have a variety of math activities and lessons. Through this app, your kid can learn addition and subtraction, patterns, number matching, number order and more.

If you are looking for the best source to get all this teaching material, then you can rely on TeacherSherpa.com.

TeacherSherpa.com allows organizing folders with best educational material enhanced with images, clips and frames. Find, download, save and create the best educational activities. Not only this, but TeacherSherpa.com also offers you samples, materials and activities for other subjects like science, Spanish, social studies, and more. They also offer assessments for holidays which cover the overall course. In addition to this, TeacherSherpa.com allows you to filter tests and material according to classes like Pk-K, 1st-2nd and 3rd -5th.

About TeacherSherpa.com:

TeacherSherpa.com is an online destination to thousands of free classroom tested teaching material for children. You can find amazing, interactive and downloadable addition activities and reading activities at this website.

For finding the best studying material, log on to Teachersherpa.com

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review 2017-03-25 18:05
The Mission of Addition
The Mission of Addition - Brian P. Cleary,Brian Gable

The Mission of Addition is a great book about MATH! Yes, this book is all about addition. In the very beginning of the book, addition is defined. Addition is being modeled through rhyming in this book with many illustrations and examples. It is such a great book, especially for teachers to read aloud with 1st-2nd grade. Following the read aloud, students can practice their addition with real objects from the story! For example, the teacher can supply mini school buses or rings as their math manipulatives. A vocab lesson with addition, plus, and equal.


Lexile Level: 610L

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review 2016-11-16 23:16
Roster Addition ( To Love a Wildcat Novella) by V.L. Locey
Roster Addition (To Love a Wildcat Novella) - V L Locey
  1. V. L. Locey’s ROSTER ADDITION is a touching add-on to the To Love a Wildcat Series. Wildcat's goalie, Veikko Aho, and his wife, Liz, are about to adopt Maggie and Derrick’s granddaughter, putting some strains on their friendship. This contemporary sports romance takes place in Philadelphia. 


In previous To Love a Wildcat and Venom series novels, Veikko and Liz were trying to have kids.  Maggie’s son, Trevor and his girlfriend, Ashley, got pregnant, and they decided to give the baby up for adoption.  Veikko and Liz deciding to adopt their baby.  It seemed like the best thing for everyone; Maggie and Derrick were happy because they would still be involved in their grandchild’s life, the kids knew they were not ready to be parents, and Veikko and Liz would have the family they always wanted.  However, now that the baby is about to arrive, some issues arise that hurt feelings.  V. L. Locey did a great job capturing the emotions of all the parties involved.


 I love that the story is told from multiple viewpoints and cultures.  This is an emotionally happy yet stressful situation.  It is understandable how there can be hurt feelings with the various circumstances.  I especially was moved by Derrick, who was also dealing with other sentiments of retirement and his lifestyle.  I liked how things progressed between him and Maggie.


The Aho’s were very generous and will be good parents.  Liz is a very observant and sweet person.  She is understanding and cares about those she loves. 


I totally forgot that Liz has a pet ferret named Gandolf.  Having two ferrets (named after hockey players) I love that.  I also, like his name, it is perfect for the pet of a writer.


I like how Jane’s experience played into this story.  I love that she confided in Aho and gives him advice to rely on his friends and family. 


At 62-pages, ROSTER ADDITION is a fast read filled with a full range of emotion.  It had a great ending that should be interesting in the upcoming Venom Series book.    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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