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text 2017-02-21 07:03
Giveaway Blitz - YA Lit Giveaway Event

YALit Giveaway Event!


A bunch of authors who got together to bring you a YOUNG ADULT Big Box of Paperbacks Giveaway! One lucky winner is going to win FIFTY (50) Young Adult Paperback Books! How’s that for an epic Book-Lover’s Prize?!


THIS BOX OF BOOKS IS VALUED AT OVER $500! And this giveaway is open worldwide! Our first giveaway went to a winner in ROMANIA–and yes, we’re willing to pay the insane shipping on this oversized, overweight package to get the prize to WHOEVER wins!

Here's a sneak peek from a couple of the sponsors:

Adrenaline Rush by Cindy M. Hogan



As I hurtled toward my destination at 500 miles an hour, I pulled out a notebook, placed it on the shiny mahogany table in front of me, and scribbled a quick to-do list.


Pick out an outfit.


Get folders and notebooks.


Switch into fourth period drama.


I chewed on the end of my pen. Oh yeah—just one more thing.


Get kidnapped.


According to my pre-mission briefing, kidnappings were up in the States by five percent over the last five years. The significance of which didn’t hit me until I found that the statistics for kidnappings had remained static for a good thirty years. The spike caught the attention of the FBI, and they put their best men on it. The problem? Right when they thought they’d discovered the pattern of the kidnappers, it seemed to change.


We hit some turbulence, and the force of it pulled me out of my reverie. I sucked in a deep breath, my hands resting on the soft leather side arms of my big comfortable seat as the Gulfstream jet jumped. I let the rollercoaster feeling wash over me like a wave, forcing myself to enjoy every last tingle. I only had this flight and a few hours tonight to assume my new thrill-seeking alias—the one that would lure the kidnappers and save the day before the pattern changed again. I might as well make the most of it.



Chosen Wolf (Curse of the Moon #2) Excerpt


The full moon inched higher in the night sky, growing bigger and brighter by the moment. One by one, the members of the pack ran behind the Moonhaven mansion to remove their clothes before they tore to shreds as their bodies turned from men to wolves. Howls sounded in the distance.


Toby squeezed my hand, holding my gaze. “Maybe this will be the month you can finally shift again, Victoria.”


Sharp pains ran through my body. My right hip cracked. I bit my tongue, trying not to cry out in pain. My skin felt on fire as fur tried to poke through, but couldn’t.


His face tensed, a pained look in his eyes. “Are you shifting?”


I shook my head. There was nothing normal about this, and it was proving to be more difficult and painful than my other months of un-shifts. Each one grew worse than the last.


Toby scooped me up, carried me inside, and helped me onto my bed. “I can’t keep my wolf inside any longer. I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay.” I fought to keep my voice steady. Tears threatened.


He brushed hair from my face and kissed my forehead. “Ziamara’s upstairs sleeping. She said to wake her if you need anything.”


“I’ll be fine.” I grimaced, the pain nearly choking me.


Toby cried out and the sound of ripping fabric tore through the room. He spun around and dashed out the door. The back of his shirt had ripped, and fur poked through the split material.


I gripped a pillow, squeezing it as hard as I could to distract myself from the pain. It didn’t work, and the pillow exploded, filling the air with white feathers.


A loud pop sounded and then a horrific pain shot through my shoulders. I slumped down and screamed, unable to take the pain.


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review 2013-12-19 14:31
Review: Adrenaline Rush by Cindy M. Hogan
Adrenaline Rush - Cindy M. Hogan

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Adrenaline Rush is an action-packed, mystery/suspense that lives up to the title. I've been looking forward to reading this novel since I read the blurb a couple months ago, and it was worth the wait. Imagine how happy I was to discover that main character Christy is in The Watched trilogy that details the events leading up to her role as an agent.

Eighteen year old Christy is an amazing person. I lament the fact that I haven't read The Watched trilogy because I'm sure it gives great insight into the formation of Christy's personality (though it's definitely not necessary to enjoy this book). To be a special agent sent on a dangerous assignment at such a young age is mind-blowing. Christy is strong, loyal, and extremely intelligent. I'm majorly jealous of her photographic memory. She has an amazing ability to don a persona like it's merely clothing. Not only that, but she forces herself into situations that make her uncomfortable for the sake of her mission.

Christy is charged with infiltrating a local group of adrenaline junkie teenagers. Someone has been kidnapping groups of teens, and they are never seen again. Before long Christy realizes there are actually two groups of adrenaline junkies in the town. When she shares her gut instinct, that the group she was sent to infiltrate may not be the right group, the senior agents tell her she's too young to follow her instincts. Fortunately, Christy has learned to trust her instincts, so she manages to infiltrate both groups.

I really enjoyed this novel. The action scenes are well-written, and the madman created by Ms. Hogan is as intriguing as he is repulsive. There were times that events made me a bit sick, but without spoilers, I really can't get into it. I just needed a short break to let the story sink in. I couldn't stay away for long, though, and I finished the book in just a few hours. There are graphic scenes of physical, as well as psychological torture that left my mind reeling. Once in a while the story lagged a bit, but it wasn't long before the action picked up again.

If you like a good suspense with an intriguing plot, a great female protagonist, and plenty of action, addAdrenaline Rush to your TBR list. I can't wait for some free time to read The Watched trilogy; I'm dying to learn all about Christy's adventures before Adrenaline Rush.

Source: onceuponayabook.blogspot.com/2013/12/blog-tour-adrenaline-rush-by-cindy-m.html
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review 2013-11-29 00:00
Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush - Rebecca Royce Really great second book in the series, this time we get Ace's HEA!

I really like Ace even with his playboy careless persona. Those are usually the guys in books with hidden depths. He had a wonderful way if dealing with his lady love's caustic bite.

Alice is that girl who has had her gentle side beaten down by too many folks taking advantage. She tends to have the strike before they strike you attitude. It is a long haul for her to get back to her softer side, the person she pretends to be on camera.

Another really great story with only one smoking hot scene. Almost a mainstream read, except the steam was more detailed!

There were times in the story I wanted to slap both characters but in the end they grew and learned. There is plenty to keep them busy with the assassin, which was not much of a surprise. In the end I laughed and I cried, that is the sign of a good book. I am a sucker for a book that puts me through the emotional paces!

I would love to see more of this series. Other Guardians HEA, it really is a very full world that has so many more possibilities. Plus, we need baby bro Lael to grow up and find his live!

*Disclosure - I received a copy in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.*
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