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review 2017-10-03 21:57
What can I say..."I just wasn't wild about Wild."...
WILD - Adrienne Wilder

So me and my Buddy Read Besties...Christelle, Josy & Simone decided that we needed to read this one together because it's the perfect book for a buddy read and 'EVERYONE' is loving this one...well...everyone except me and Simone and Josy (I think)...but we liked it really we did.


I have to admit I'm feeling a bit lazy today and Simone really covered a lot of reasons that I happen to agree with so in the most efficient lazy reviewer style ever here's the link to Simone's review...

Simone's 'WILD' Review definitely worth reading and can I just say "cutest wolf pup evah!"  Also sorry Simone but in my part of the world that bet would be what we call a sucker bet.

I think about the only other thing that didn't work for me was part of the ending. There were things at the end that were just to quickly and easily wrapped up all nice, neat and tidy with a bow...sorry, I like a good HEA but this one just didn't work for me. 


And in fairness to all those who haven't read this book and to the lovely Christelle who ended up being the odd man out on this one because she loved this book and made some very valid points in her review for why this story worked so well for her here's the link to her wonderful review so that you can see both sides of this coin...

Christelle's WILD Review


And that's not to say that there weren't things I liked in this story because there were...

like my friend Simone I was enchanted with the setting the wild's of Alaska for all it's savagery it is also a bold and beautiful country and it takes an incredibly bold and strong person to be able to live there. In short the author chose a setting that is both scary and breathtakingly beautiful.


Daisy...Daisy  and August are the perfect example of what can happen when man and nature work together...

and then there's the she bitch or the permanently pissed off momma bear as I can to think of her...

 Unfortunately the addition of Alaska and all of it's natural beauty was not enough to take this book over the top for me but it certainly gave this story a beautiful setting to play out against and the addition of my Buddy Read Besties as always provided me with the best of company to take this adventure with. 






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review 2017-09-27 03:51
Reborn (Bound Gods #4) by Adrienne Wilder
Reborn - Adrienne Wilder

For all its faults and plot holes and patches and more of the same, the series is extremely engaging. 
Give me MOAR!!!

sirisly, im a frigging addict @.o

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review 2017-08-06 06:07
He Speaks Dead by Adrienne Wilder
He Speaks Dead - Adrienne Wilder

Damn, Briggs!

I am not happy! :/

How can Charlie and Ethan live with themselves after all, I have no idea. This book made me mad :(

I read some reviews and I am glad to find out that I am not the only one who is upset about Briggs being disposable. He was treated like crap during the whole book, used and abused through its entirety (except for the first chapter, granted) 

only to be killed off without a second thought in the end. 

(spoiler show)


While Ethan is at least reflecting on the events of the fateful night in the epilogue, Charlie is perfectly cool with having a bright new shiny Ethan in a mighty meat-suit all to himself. Who's Briggs again? Only a person who saved their asses and the world :/ But - not a pause, not a care.

Anyway, I do realise RL is a bitch, but the two MC's are total and complete jerks. The last chapter made me despise Charie. And I don't understand how the author could do it to her character, leaving him a heartless, callused jerk.

2.5 stars

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review 2017-05-29 21:55
Might I suggest, if you haven't read this book...
Complementary Colors - Adrienne Wilder

before you begin you might want to consider stocking up on tissues, chocolate or other preferred comfort foods, a very cuddly teddy will be helpful and possibly copious amounts of alcohol...just sayin' it never hurts to be prepared...oh, and most important of all grab a couple of friends because this one really is best not read alone.


So first thing I did grabbed Josy, who in turn grabbed Simone. We're good that way, we try and drag as many people as possible down the rabbit hole with us when we go there.


Next I grabbed Jackson, he's just the cutest cream colored bear in the world and he lives in my office where I do all my buddy reads. Right now he's trying to get his fur dry...it's almost there...honest. Then I checked the tissue supply...8 boxes...I should be able to manage with that, finally it's off to the story to lay in my supply of comfort food...ok, now I'm ready...


Ok, forget that I only thought I was ready because really I wasn't...I'm not sure anyone could ever be ready for this book.


'Complimentary Colors' is a romance, a love story, a murder mystery/thriller, it's stark and cold in it's portrayal of how easily wrong outward appearances can be because once you look beyond the surface what appeared to be a charmed life...is in fact a cursed life.


Paris is an artist, he's famous, he makes obscene amounts of money, he's beautiful and everybody wants him. He sees the world through colors...colors that he puts onto canvas for the world to see. Except no one ever sees what he's truly put onto canvas...no one that is until Roy. 


Roy is all those things that we often take for granted. He's solid, dependable, constant, honest, loyal, patient and kind. Basically he's all the good things that Paris hasn't had in his life wrapped up in one nice sexy package and this made me happy because Paris...well his story broke me and I needed for him to have someone like Roy. I needed to believe that after all he'd gone through there would be some happiness for him...some color for his life...beautiful vibrant colors...the colors of love.


Let's talk about Paris's jailer next and yes that's what she was. For years his sister Julia kept Paris trapped in his own living hell. I hated Julia...no, seriously H-A-T-E-D with a passion, a strong and burning passion...a part of me spent hours plotting her demise and is honestly still working on it. Ok, my rage is building let's move on to Paris's sister Alice, my thoughts on here a little more ambiguous and I'd have to go into far too much detail to clarify that for anyone who hasn't already read the book. So Alice = ambiguous, for more detail you'll need to read the book...sorry...not.


I was more than a little impressed by the wonderful secondary characters Adrienne Wilder created...whether it's someone as vile and horrid as Julia or as warm and wonderful as Louise or Dr. Carmichael. The depth and life that they add to the story is incredible and does so much to enhance the detail and bring this story to life.


I could probably go on and on about this book. It was a heartbreaking story. Probably one of the hardest I've ever read. For me it was on a level with 'A Little Life', 'Listening to Dust' or 'Blood Memories' (ok, this is the biggie for me folks because very, very few books every get put on the same shelf as this one in my world). Anyways, I could go on but I'm not going to because I think the best that I can say now it...if you want more reviews there are some truly amazing ones on GR so here's the link to the book page...

Complimentary Colors by Adrienne Wilder

follow the link scroll down and there they are a plethora of awesome reviews for you and the other thing read the book, I know it's a hard read but it's also a worthwhile read (see the instructions about this at the top of this review) 


Now, last of all Josy and Simone...thank you so much for holding my hands on this one and as promised here are the songs...

I couldn't decide on one so there's 3, I hope you find them as fitting as I did. The first one is Paris's song for Roy...

Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

this one is Roy's song for Paris...

I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz

and this one...well it just seems to belong to the book...

How to Save a Life by The Fray


Can't wait until our next buddy read ladies, I'm sure Jackson will be dried out by then if needed or maybe we could find something a little lighter next time just to give ourselves a break...either way just let me know and I'll be there.


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review 2017-04-29 23:50
I'm a little late to the party on this one...
In The Absence of Light - Adrienne Wilder

I've had this book floating around on my e-reader for a while now and I keep squirreling off to other things but when it came up in a conversation with my buddy read besties, Josy, Christelle and Simone. I didn't hesitate to say yes and I am so, so glad that we did this. Thanks ladies once again you made an amazing story so much better. 


'In the Absence of Light' isn't just a romance or a love story. it's a story about loving someone who's different and what that means both to love them and be loved by them. Morgan is autistic and he's amazing. He probably shouldn't be as highly functional as he is but because he was raised by an amazing woman who refused to give up on him, he has never given up on himself.


Grant has moved to Durstrand in the hopes of living a quiet life for a few years before slipping away to some place with sandy beaches and warmer climes or at least that was the plan until he meets Morgan. 


I was totally enchanted with Morgan from the beginning. He's open and honest and he sees the world in a way that others wouldn't even consider trying to look for. He's creative and fiercely independent and the moments that we spent seeing the world through Morgan's eyes were like small gifts the kind that touch your heart and warm you from the inside because of the impression it leaves on your soul. 


i didn't warm to Grant quite as quickly but I did like him. I liked that he allowed himself to see Morgan. Not just the Morgan with the ticks who threw out thoughts and seemed to ramble random ideas into the world. Grant was able to see past that to the strong, intelligent, creative man who wanted him and was willing to share himself with Grant and show him what was hidden by the light.


'In the Absence of Light' shows us that it's not about who we love but that we love. When that person who adds color to our world and makes us see things in ways we never thought to before comes along we need to grab onto them and love them with all we've got and make them our home so that we can be theirs.


For more really awesome reviews on this book you should check these out...

In the Absence of Light - GR book page

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