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text 2016-08-26 05:53
FAQ on benefits of html5 ads

Display ads are nowadays continuously shifting from Flash to HTML5. As per the experts, it is not just a mere incremental step but a massive leap forward. Owing to the same, several FAQs have surfaced in regard of benefits of html5 ads. Underlying are few of the most prominent among them.



Why is adoption of HTML5 inevitable now?

Past decade was mainly reliant on Flash for advertising purposes. It all started when Google Chrome on September 1st started intelligently pausing Flash animations which in other words meant stopping of advertisements based on Flash; this was to give laptop batteries extended life. Mozilla and Adobe too followed the path paved by Google Chrome. And finally Amazon too announced that Flash based ads will not be accepted. This made the digital marketers to embrace HTML5 without waiting.


What will happen if my Flash ads are not built in HTML5?

When viewed via Google Chrome, Flash Ads will normally be stopped and greyed out. Towards center there will be a play button.  In certain cases, there can be huge default rate and because of this static image will be served in place of dynamic and animated ad for which you already paid. This can even make media performance to suffer. Most of the mobile devices have blocked Flash ads and it fails on desktops as well. Therefore convert flash ads to html5 without further delaying.


What actually are the advantages of HTML5 ads?

There are several Flash ads disadvantages which are never experienced with hypertext markup language. The latter is not prone to any security issues and it’s an open web standard. It renders perfectly on handheld devices and this holds significance in the light of fact that there is an increasing number of mobile device users and the time spent by people on mobiles too is skyrocketing. Also there is no need to use any additional plugins or extensions. Benefits of HTML5 for mobile web development too is huge.

Also read more about some of the golden tips for flash to HTML5 conversion tips for your business.


What issues does transition to HTML5 can encounter?

There are some unique technical necessities for hypertext markup language. To say, intricate animations as well as custom fonts need greater file weights when compared to those in Flash. A novel quality confirmation workflow has to be implemented. QA testing must be stringently and repeatedly conducted across different browsers on all applicable platforms.


Adobe Edge Animate or Google Web Designer- which is the best and how difficult they are?

Both are almost equally effective. These tools can be of great impact in case of rich media but for more standard execution demands, it may be overkilling. However these are coding platforms are hence mandates you to have at least basic programming skills. This fact has made it a bit difficult for developers to get expertise in production of HTML5 ads easily.


Which tools can I rely on for conversion to HTML5? Are there any limitations?

Most recommended tools are Adobe Edge and Swiffy. Using simple tools can be of help initially but the benefits are temporary. In course of time, more errors and delays can happen. Flash and HTML5 technology are completely different and hence simple conversions are genuinely not effective in all cases. There can be inconsistencies and at certain instances, the file may be completely broken.


The best way to do things in a perfect manner is to hire any of the professional companies offering flash to html5 conversion services. MAP SYSTEMS has been of impeccable assistance for businesses across different verticals. Contact the company directly to know more in detail.


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url 2016-08-13 15:45
This article on Facebook ad preference settings (Facebook vs. Ad Block): Is it a stealth way to refine marketing targets or is it really opt-ing out of unwanted ads?

A decent article explaining setting ad preferences on Facebook is at https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/09/facebook-will-bypass-web-adblockers-but-offer-ad-targeting-opt-outs/ .


Do I really believe opting out of ads or ad categories (or marking as "not interested" or however different sites phrase it) actually means I won't see unwanted ads?  


Do I believe setting ad preferences will block more unwanted ads than using AdBlock?


Or do I think it's like responding to a telemarketer or spam email where it just let's them know "got a live one"?  


Or worse, do I think this will be used to for more "targeted" marketing?  A way to "let us know what ads interest you."


With publicity campaigns touting how advertising here gets your ad seen by members interested in seeing ads from products just like yours ... How soon before Facebook is touting their ads are now seen by targeted versus random consumers? 


Read more
Source: techcrunch.com/2016/08/09/facebook-will-bypass-web-adblockers-but-offer-ad-targeting-opt-outs
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url 2016-08-13 15:10
Oh well, looks like Facebook just got all anti-user

"... [facebook] said: When we asked people about why they used ad blocking software, the primary reason we heard was to stop annoying, disruptive ads.


... publishers (like Facebook) alienate their audience and advertisers (the brands) allow their cherished brand name to be shoved down people’s throats. Yikes...."

Eureka, Facebook, people use ad blocking software because they want to block ads.  


Annoying, disruptive, costly ( when paying for data), wifi/data speed hogging, potentially malicious/phishing, painfully triggering health/vision issues, potentially drowning out the very website features/posts we joined the site to see advertisements.  


We use Ad Block to block ads. Duh.  Did you really have to ask?

Source: adblockplus.org/blog/oh-well-looks-like-facebook-just-got-all-anti-user
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url 2016-08-13 14:55
It Only Took 2 Days for AdBlock Community to Foil Facebook's Plans: Score 1 for Adblock Plus, 0 for facebook
Source: www.inverse.com/article/19556-adblock-plus-beat-facebook-bypass-ad-blockers
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photo 2016-01-27 14:33
Do You Know Any Authors? Spread The Word, Books By A Queen Is Offering $1 Advertising!

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Finally, an ad service for an author on a budget! If you know any authors, do us a favor and spread the word!

Source: www.booksbyaqueen.com/network-with-us.html
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