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review 2017-11-12 16:27
My First Agatha Christie's Read
Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10) - Agatha Christie

 I have a confession to make - this is actually my first Agatha Christie's book. I have never read any of her books and even though I have heard of her, I never once touched her books. So what compels me to read Murder on the Orient Express? Hype perhaps of the upcoming movie? A few months back my favorite bookstore was promoting her works? I can't be sure of which but in the end, I picked it up last August and finally read it this month. It took me a while but eventually, I finished it.


While I never realize this is part of a Hercule Poirot series, it had a setting and a premise that is intriguing. A man dies one night on a train and M. Poirot were entrusted to investigate to find out who is the real murderer. Divided into three parts, the flow of the story for me is well-thought of. There was the introduction of characters, then the depth of the investigation of getting to know each character that were in the train and the deduction through guessing came to the conclusion that is so impossible, it feels real in the end. Every thing else falls into place.


Was I impress? Not really. It started off as a simple murder-mystery where everyone can be a suspect and through interrogation and investigation on the train, a detective (as the greatest of all) make a guess deductions through human emotions and body language to be able to discover truth and lies. I don't know that on this day and age it would work but since it was first published in 1934, its acceptable. Still, I love how its written and there are words I never thought of I can learn from. It's a good book but not really that great to a point that makes it the greatest detective book ever written, even though I heard so much about it. I would recommend to anyone to read this first if anyone wants to read Agatha Christie's stories but I am unsure whether I would continue to read any Hercule Poirot's crime-solving series in the near future.

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review 2017-10-31 19:09
And Then There Were None ★★★★★
And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie,Hugh Fraser

That was a fun ride! And I almost had it figured out. Well, not really. I mean, I was right in my guess for whodunnit, but couldn't figure out howdunnit. 


Anyway, it was perfectly plotted, wonderfully drawn characters, and Dan Stevens did a fantastic job bringing it to life with his reading. 


Audiobook, borrowed from my public library.


Previous Updates: 

10/30/17 25%

10/31/16 62%

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review 2017-10-31 13:17
Rzemieślniczka alfabetu
A.B.C. - Agatha Christie

Te wszystkie kryminały Agaty Christie mają jedną zaletę, która jednocześnie jest wadą: są zwięzłe. Wszystko tu kręci się wokół zagadki kryminalnej. Nawet tło obyczajowe, niezbędne by wprowadzić w historię i zarysować charakter postaci, jest tu tylko – no właśnie, tłem. Gdy tylko zagadka zostaje rozwiązana, powieść jest wręcz ucinana gilotyną. Ma to swoje zalety i wady, niemniej jednak podchodząc do jednej z tych powieści, przynajmniej dokładnie wiem, czego się spodziewać.


Jest jednak jeden minus – jeśli próbuję (tak jak teraz właśnie) coś napisać o książce Agaty Christie, którą przeczytałem kilka miesięcy temu, niewiele mogę sobie z niej przypomnieć poza jakimiś mglistymi wrażeniami. Owe wrażenia jednak wystarczają, by uplasować tę pozycję w kategorii "solidny średniak". Coś, co daje przyjemność podczas czytania, ale wyparowuje z głowy niedługo po skończeniu. Aż tyle i tylko tyle.

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review 2017-10-28 06:13
The Murder at the Vicarage
The Murder at the Vicarage - Agatha Christie

I enjoyed this a lot! And my success at sussing out the murderer while reading Crooked House apparently was just dumb luck, because once again I was completely fooled as to who the murderer was.

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review 2017-10-23 18:56
A Murder is Announced
A Murder Is Announced - Agatha Christie

What a great look at the Miss Marple series. This one has an interesting cast of characters, Miss Marple showing everyone up, and references to characters that many in the series should know by now, such as Sir Henry Clithering. Due to Miss Marple's connection to Sir Henry and just being around the area, she gets pulled in to investigate when a supposed murder party goes wrong and then two more people die afterwards. 


The book begins when residents of Chipping Cleghorn read about an announcement for murder in their local newspaper. It gives the time (6:30) and place (Little Paddocks) on October 29. The owner of Little Paddocks (Letitia Blacklock) knows nothing of this until relatives of her that are staying on at her home bring it up. With Ms. Blacklock realizing that the announcement means the whole village (or there about) are going to descend on her home, she decides to make preparations. 

I have to say that due to the characters that Agatha Christie has in this one you have no idea who could be behind things until the end. Once that happens, you will do what I did the first time I read this book, you will go back to certain places in the book and you will realize how Christie pointed out several things to you that you may have not realized the first time through. I will say that I hate that the e-book version shows the most frequently highlighted passages. That can give you a clue as a new reader but it also can spoil things for you. Turn that off if you can and just read the book fresh.


Miss Marple was on top of her game for this one (IMHO) and I loved how she was welcomed by the local police and used her great powers of deduction to figure this one out. It was great to read about how Sir Henry called her one of the best detectives he ever met. 


I also really enjoyed the character of Bunch (she reminds me of a scattier version of Dolly Bantry. Also the character of Inspector Craddock was great. He could have been a naysayer to Miss Marple. But he quickly takes her on board as a colleague of sorts and I would love to see this one re-done with the younger Inspector learning the ropes fro Miss Marple. Heck, I can see a kick butt spin-off as a BBC adaption. 


The setting of Little Paddocks as well as the whole village feels a bit like a village that time forgot. This was written in the 1950s, but I think the book is supposed to take place after World War II, but for some weird reason, it reads as if it was during the war due to people making a note of bartering, only being allowed to have so much coal, etc. I didn't know that England was still under rules such as that in the 1950s. I am sure one of you will let me know about that in the comments.


What I get a kick out of in this one is that Christie explores the same themes in this one (no telling) in several of her other works. I just think she did a much better job of them in this story.  


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