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review 2018-02-23 04:51
Evil Under the Sun
Evil Under The Sun - Agatha Christie

I don’t have a ton to say about this one. It’s not my favorite of Christie’s but I enjoyed it all the same. I adore Hercule and aspire to be as fabulous as him one day.

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review 2018-02-06 04:36
Murder on the Links
Murder on the Links - John Moffatt,Agatha Christie
Murder on the Links - Agatha Christie

Meh.  But probably 'meh' because I listened to the BBC Audio full cast dramatisation and it wasn't as well scripted, or whatever it is they do, than the last one, Crooked House.  It was shorter, but somehow much more scattered, less cohesive.


What I can say that applies to any edition of this book is that:

1.  Dumb title; there's nothing here to do with golf, except the location of the body.  

2.  I really can't stand Poirot.  Sorry, but I just wanted to reach through the speakers and yank on his silly moustaches.  Hastings doesn't come through so well here either, although that might have been how he was played in the audio; hopeless romantic falling instantly in love?  Ugh.


I'm going to have to read the print book to have anything more to say, i.e. plot and characterisation.  The murderer in this one totally blindsided me, but how much of that is to Christie's credit and how much because I never knew quite what was going on, I can't say.

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review 2018-02-04 20:54
Satisfying narration by Joan Hickson
4:50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie

This is narrated by Joan Hickson, who previously starred in the older Marple adaptations. Her voice is almost masculine, in the way that the voices of strong-willed elderly ladies can become masculine in later life.


Miss Marple is deceiving - she is most emphatically not a fluttering, twittering old lady, no matter how much she pretends to be one in order to Find Out Things. I like her better when I remember that her fragility is all an act, and that underneath that fluffy hand-knitted sweater lurks a spirit of razor wire and ground glass. She will cut you.


I actually found this one to be quite an enjoyable mystery. The solution is startling and Christie does her best with redirection, sending me one way and then another. I had read it before, but it was years ago, so I couldn't remember the murderer. I was surprised, although not shocked, and she had me haring off in an entirely different direction right before the reveal.


I also loved Lucy Islesbarrow (or however her name is spelled). As I'm rereading, I'm taking note of Christie's young women, and finding them to be great fun. Lucy is a terrifyingly capable young woman who makes quite an admirable living doing the tasks that are apparently quite beyond the average British gentlewoman, like scrubbing sculleries and whatnot. They couldn't get good help in those annoying post-war years when the domestic staff got jobs making real money in the factories and the government imposed income taxes over the objection of the hereditary aristocracy. We all need a Lucy Islesbarrow in our lives. Sadly, most of us must be the Lucy Islesbarrow you'd like to see in the world.


Thoroughly enjoyable.

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review 2018-02-04 13:34
Crooked House
Crooked House - Agatha Christie

After having been abroad Charles Hayward only wants to meet his fiancé Sophia Leonides again. The Leonides family seems to be a happy family, living under the same roof. But suspicions within the family arise, when Aristide, Sophia´s grandfather and head of the family, passes away by unnatural means. Charles sets out to solve the mystery behind this mysterious death.


After having read this mystery I feel myself slightly crooked. This family, these characters, the reveal of the murderer … Agatha Christie did it again. She completely fooled me. I did suspect someone, but of course, my guess has been wrong. I love when this happens.


Crookes House is a great mystery and I want to reread this book in the future. I can´t shake the feeling that Agatha Christie hints numerous times at the identity of the murderer and that I simply have been too oblivious to notice these hints. She is magnificient at creating shady characters and throw suspicions on every single one of them, so I guess I had to much on my mind to see what´s been going on right before my eyes.


I have to say, though, that the character of Charles Hayward was a bit to gullible for my taste and his sleuthing talents lack considerably. But oher than that, this has been an excellent read.

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review 2018-02-03 19:56
And Then There Were None - audio
And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie
I listened to this novel and I was surprised how fast it went. This is the first Agatha Christie novel that I have read in a long time and I was surprised how much I liked it. I thought it might be slow or wordy but this novel was non-stop action and there were times that I relistened to parts of it as events were occurring faster than I had anticipated and/or was prepared for. I really enjoyed the ending where everything was revisited and the story was revealed piece-by-piece.
There were ten of them to start, ten individuals invited to the island to enjoy their holiday. These individuals had been chosen because they all had something in common, but what was this common link? As they gathered in the dining room, they notice the glass figures positioned on the mantle, ten little Indian boys all standing in a row. Above this small display is a poetic phrase that describes these glass figurines. This lyrical edition and the matching figures were reproduced in each of the guest’s bedrooms with an additional set of figurines on the dining room table. I enjoyed how important they become to the novel and to the guests as their holiday was far from their original expectations.
The number of guests begins to dwindle as the number of deaths on the island increases. They were dying at an alarming rate and no one could figure out who the murderer was. Their chances of returning to the main land was slim as they didn’t have anything to carry them across. The guests were trying to stick together yet, death still found them.
I found this audio very enjoyable and I am looking forward to reading or listening to more of Christie in the near future.


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