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Piramal Vaikunth

Piramal Vaikunth is spread across 32* acres of premium mixed-use development in Thane. Designed to offer a fulfilling sense of community living, all the majestic towers are set in a lush green habitat with the widest range of state-of-the-art amenities. Piramal Vaikunth houses residences that have been beautifully designed, setting the highest standards of luxury living in the neighborhood.

A-Class Homes are not just another set of homes. They're an idea. A vision. To find the perfect balance. To do away with the word compromise. To raise the bar for value and quality so that you never have to settle for your dream home, but get the home truly deserve.

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Hire Optima Travels to Know Things to Do & Places to Visit in Agra


Agra is home to several Mughal era monuments, particularly Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. These three monuments are UNESCO World Heritage sites and are major tourist attractions. Though tourism in Agra revolves around world famous Taj Mahal but there are several places to visit in Agra. Major highlights of Agra can be explored on a One Day Agra Tour Packages .     


If a tourist has ample time and keen interest in exploring various facets of an erstwhile Mughal capital city, there are several things to do in Agra. Perhaps, you want to try out one of the famed Golden Triangle Tour Packages on your holiday this time? If you don’t have much time to spare, but would still like to breathe a different air, it might be a good idea to take a Delhi-Agra-Jaipur Tour? Not only is it full of historic sites, but there’re also other things you can see and do here.


If you’ve already visited Delhi, you could confine your trip to just Agra and Jaipur and do both places extensively. In that case, an agra-jaipur tour would be just fine for a few days. If this sounds like your holiday, may we suggest a few must spots for you in Agra?


Apart from the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, there are other lesser-known historic sites that will blow your mind. For instance, how about visiting these sites?



Tomb of Mariam


Mariam-uz-Zamani was the Queen consort of Emperor Akbar and the mother of Emperor Jahangir. Her mausoleum, built by Emperor Jahangir in memory of his mother can be seen in a suburb of Agra called Sikandara.


Chini Ka Rauza


Chini Ka Rauza is the tomb of Emperor Shah Jahan’s prime minister, Allama Afzal Khan. This monument contains all the items related to a funeral and is situated on River Yamuna’s eastern bank.  The word ‘Chini’ refers to Chinese and ‘Rauza’ stands for ‘tomb’. It was built between 1628 and 1639, using Indo-Persian architectural styles. It is known for its superb use of glazed tiles.


Dayal Bagh


Dayal Bagh or "Garden of the Merciful" is a self-contained colony in Agra. Here, the inhabitants lead an extremely disciplined, active and cooperative life, adhering to spiritual tenets of their faith. The Radhasoami faith has its headquarters here where the Dayal Bagh sect also lives.

Adjacent to the Soami Bagh is the tomb of Swamiji Maharaj, the founder of the Radhasoami faith. It is built entirely in white marble and has elegant pietra dura inlaid on its interior walls.


Mehtab Bagh


North of the famed Taj Mahal and facing the Agra Fort and River Yamuna, the Mehtab Bagh is an extremely scenic spot Agra boasts of. It is also called the Moonlight Garden. It was the last of the 11 Mughal gardens built on similar lines on the banks of the Yamuna.



If you love the idea of visiting these spots in Agra, besides the Taj Mahal, why not make arrangements for a trip here as soon as possible? Winter is a great time to be here, so pack your bags and visit this city with several little-known historical spots you’ll love to explore.


One good way of seeing everything that Agra has to offer is to book yourselves on one of the better Agra Tour Packages which will take care of your sightseeing and travel to the historical sites. If you put yourself in the hands of a reputed travel agency, they will use their experience and foresight to give you the best package and the most economical one that will give you a memorable holiday to Agra.


In this connection, why not check out Optima Travels? They are renowned in their field for not just planning a superb tour, but also going the extra mile to give you a lot of freebies you’ll love to use. Over the years, they have built up a good reputation with their clients, so it’s not surprising that their clientele now boasts highly satisfied families. Now, you too can join this loyal band of customers.


Apart from their expertise, you also get to enjoy a good discount if you book early with them. So, quickly make an appointment with them to discuss the finer details of your upcoming Agra India Tour. To connect, reach us today.

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Optima Travels Offers Best Agra Tour Packages

Agra Tour Packages are among most popular India tour packages . Agra is one ‘not to miss’ kind of a city in India when it comes to travelling and exploring. Well, some thanks could definitely be given to the Mughal for this because they left some of their impeccable remarks in the city in the form of gorgeous monuments they built in their times. They spent their considerable amount of time in the city establishing a Mughal empire over there. This makes Agra one of the heritage cities as the monuments are also ranked by UNESCO as the World Heritage Sites. To know more about India, the Mughal invaders, India in the past times, about some history, and to see some blend of modernisation with the tradition, one must definitely visit Agra. It is one of those cities in the North of India that keeps one back and forth in different eras. The presence of the epic Taj Mahal , one of the seven wonders of world, makes Agra a bucket list destination for the people across the globe. Also, Agra is one of the popular weekend getaway destination and a holiday destination in India. A lot of people visit the city during the weekends from the nearby cities to have a good time. This makes Agra a popular tourist destination and, hence, lot of Agra tour packages is designed, depending upon the different needs of the people. A cherry on the cake is the street food of the Agra city which is splendid to make the travellers drool for it. This also adds on the experience list of Agra for the tourists. 


Places to Visit in Agra


Agra could be safely said as the heaven for the tourists, history lovers, photographers, Instagrammers, travellers, and architectural professionals. And the credit for it goes to the glorious Mughal monuments of the city. The first place on everyone’s check list for Agra has to be the Taj Mahal which was built by Shah Jahan as a symbol of love for his dead wife, Mumtaj. It took years and a lot of people’s thumb to be made. Shah Jahan had apparently cut the thumb of all the labours who constructed this monument so that a replica of the same could never be made. The beauty of the Taj is different during the different hours of the day and one can get a different experience at the Taj during sunrise, sunset, and different hours. There are so many things to try out here like the sunrise view of the Taj, view from the Mehtab Bagh, view from the boat ride, etc. Just similar to the Taj is the Baby Taj which is another monument called as Itmad-Ud-Daulah made by Noor Jahan for her father. It again is splendid enough to spend some time there and check out the similarities in both the monuments. Agra fort or the Red fort is another insanely beautiful human created monument by red sandstones. This was made by Akbar and houses Moti Masjid, Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Jahangir Palace, and Sheesh Mahal. So, a lot can be explored here in this class apart beauty. Akbar constructed one more fantastic monument which is called as the Akbar’s tomb which is in Sikandra. The tomb is also special because the walls of the tomb have 99 names of Allah inscribed on it. Talking about Akbar’s constructions, Fatehpur Sikri cann0ot be missed at any chance. This was constructed as a tribute to the Sufi Saint. The city is just few kilometres from Agra which was also the capital city of the Mughal empire for a lot of years. Birbal’s house, Buland Darwaza, Panch Mahal, and Jama Masjid are the buildings inside the city to explore and know more about the Mughal era. Other places of interest could be the nature walk of the Taj, Wildlife SOS, and the bazaar of the old Agra city.


Hallmarks of Agra Tour Packages


Agra is merely 200 km from Delhi. Taj Mahal attracts all and sundry to visit Agra once in lifetime. Factually, Taj Mahal is the most visited monument of India. Location of Agra is on all major north India tour circuits. Hence, the historical and erstwhile Mughal capital is visited on same day / one day Agra tour, Weekend Agra Tours from Delhi, Private single tours from Delhi by trains and cars, Golden Triangle Tour etc



Planning a trip to Agra city through these tour packages could be the best and also the most convenient. Agra has a lot of places to explore and cover. There are so many experiences to absorb from the city and that is where the necessity of the tour packages comes in. Optima Travels , a reputed travel agency based in New Delhi, conducts all kinds of Agra Tour Packages those involve a private cab with a driver and a guide who take the tourists to different places. It ensures thorough leisurely exploration. The guide always helps in knowing the place better. The tour packages involve pick and drop from the hotel, taking the tourists to best places for eating and shopping.

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Top Most Visited Holiday Destinations of India



Are you excited enough to explore the famous destinations in India? It's so hard to choose the best one destination in India as India is a vast nation with a unique culture and tradition. India is known to be the home of every religion whether Hinduism, Sikhs, Christian, Muslim. Here you will find the ultimate combination of togetherness of all religions. And it is possible only in India. India is rich not only in culture but also blessed with fantastic choices of destinations.

There is no need to explore other countries as India is very wide to explore and have an unforgettable experience. Visit from North to South and East to West India. Here every place has its own beauty and importance.

Here are the top most visited holiday destinations of India to refine your life with having an amazing experience.






One of the most famous hill station of India located in Himachal Pradesh. Everybody wants to visit this place once in his life. When you visit this awful place you will definitely fall in love with the picturesque view, chilled air, lakes, snowcapped mountains which allow many tourist attractions like Mall road, Van Vihar, Gulaba, Hidimba Devi temple, Museum of Himachal Culture.






Hampi is considered to the UNESCO world heritage site since the past 30 years. It has a wide range of collection of historical monuments located in the state of Karnataka od southern India. It is like a hub for rock climbers. So, plan your next trip to Hampi and explore such prestigious temples and some historical monuments as well.






How can we image top destinations of India without including Delhi? It's true that Delhi is an honor of India. It defines the nation in many ways. Delhi is located in the northern region of India. Delhi tour packages have everything which you think of. Delhi is famous not only for its epic history and historical monuments like Qutub Minar, India Gate, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Bangla Sahib - Gurudwara, Lotus temple, Iskcon Temple but it has much more than this. Delhi is an ideal destination for everyone like Shopping destination, party places, Restaurants, Asia's number It markets and also famous for so many reasons.






Goa is one of the favorite destinations of everyone in India. Goa is widely famous for first-class beaches. basically, Goa is all about amazing beaches, family spots, adventurous water spots, party all night. Goa is one of the most popular in India. The wildlife in Goa is also more popular than party life. Goa tour is completely a fun trip. So, what you are waiting for? explore this must-visit destination with anyone you want to visit.






Jaipur is one of the largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Well, Rajasthan is incredible with having different culture and tradition. Jaipur is also known as Pink city due to the pink interior of the whole city. There are forts, lakes which reflect the amazing picture of the city in the evening light. There are also so many historical places to visit like Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar and much more.





If you have explored all the destination of India but you have not visited this ultimate paradise on earth then you miss the experience for a lifetime. Kashmir is extremely incredible and beautiful with snowcapped mountains, picturesque view, lush greenery and much more. And we all know about the epic history of Kashmir. Just take a trip to Kashmir and make your life meaningful.

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3 Forts That You Can't Afford to Miss on Your Delhi Trip

Your Delhi Agra Jaipur tour by car package, or the golden triangle tour, might already be having all the wonders of Delhi. But neither any man nor any plan is always perfect. So before you hop into your ride for Jaipur to outstation by car, here are 3 historical forts of Delhi that “must” visit to make your Delhi experience unforgettable.

Red Fort:

Red Fort was built in the year 1648 by the fifth Mughal emperor, Shahab-Ud-Din Muhammad Khurram, as the palace for his capital “Old Delhi”; called “Shahjahanabad” in those times.

Hailed as the zenith of Mughal Architecture, the many pavilions of the fort contain architectural elements that represent a fusion of Mughal, Persian, Timurid, and Hindu traditions. UNESCO identified this 17th-century marvel as a world heritage site in 2007, with its official name Red Fort Complex.

Purana Qila (Old Fort):

Renovated and renamed to “Shergarh” in 1533 by emperor Sher Shah Suri of Suri dynasty, the Archeological survey of India concluded the fort to be the capital of Pandava kingdom Indraprastha. Edward Lutyens, the chief architect of New Delhi, aligned the Rajpath with Purana Qila.

Old Fort has three arched gateways, which are still in use. First is “Bara Darwaza”, or Big Gate, which faces west. The second gate is called Humayun gate, or more popularly known as South gate by the locals. Finally, the third one, Forbidden Gate, popularly known as 'Talaqi Gate'.


The fort has been witness to many great events of historical significance. Like the coronation of the great Hindu king Hem Chandra Vikramaditya; or Hemu. The event took place at the premise of Purana Qila after Hemu defeated Akbar’s forces in the Battle of Delhi in 1556. You simply can’t afford to miss a visit to the ancient and historical Purana Qila when planning your Delhi Agra Jaipur tour by car package.


Salimgarh Fort:

Built in 1546 in a former Yamuna(river) island by Salim Shah Suri, Salimgarh Fort is a witness to the 15-year pause in Mughal reign over India. The pause happened because of the defeat of Mughal ruler Humayun by the hands of Sher Shah Suri, founder of the Suri dynasty in India. Aurangzeb later turned Slaimgarh fort into a prison, a practice which was continued by British rulers of India to push back the revolt of 1857. After the revolt was put down, Britishers started using the fort for an army base camp but soon resumed its usage as a prison during the Subhash Chandra Bose led Indian National Army(INA) revolt.

After understanding the historical and archeological importance of the site, UNESCO declared the fort complex as a World Heritage site in 2007.


If you are planning to go Jaipur to outstation by car to visit the many monuments of old and New Delhi, then we, at ICT, could help you get the best out of your tour plan.


Also Read: 3 “Must-Visit” Historical Places in Jaipur


For more info, Visit: Indiacarntours

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