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review 2018-05-25 00:00
One Night Wife
One Night Wife - Ainslie Paton One Night Wife - Ainslie Paton This book started really well. I was quite interested in the story but it progressed it became boring to me. I couldn't connect with either character, I think there were a lot of emotional repetitions. Overall the book was focused way too much on the professional side than on the romantic side. However, the ending was interesting. So it has a good start and a good ending, with some boring parts in the middle.
Finley is desperately trying to find donors for her charity. That's how she meets Cal. He offers to help her in finding said donors. In return she has to help him in his business dealings. It all sounded pretty simple and straightforward to her. They pretend to be dating in front of bunch of rich people and talk them into giving them money. And well, it works too. Soon she has enough donations to start her charity work. Would could possibly go wrong?
Cal is a workaholic. His job is his life and Finley is a complication he doesn't need. It becomes more and more difficult for him to stay away from her. In the end he decides to go for it. After all they both love each other so they will make it work. Or so he thinks, but he is in for a surprise...
A good read, I'd recommend it to those who enjoy contemporary romance and don't mind workaholics. It has some really good moments and some cringe worthy scenes, all in all, it's an little above average read.
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review 2018-04-15 15:08
good book and characters
The Love Coupon - Ainslie Paton

Felicity/Flick knows Tom and gets him to agree to rent her his spare room until Flick’s new job in Washington starts flick had already gave up her apartment and needed a place to stay for three months. Tom’s roommate just got a job promotion and left for China. . Flick’s new job is her dream job.  Flick and Tom are total opposites. Flick is chaotic, spontaneous, lod, wild and can be messy. Tom is calm, organized neat,and serious. The common thing Flick and tom share is their ambition. But Flick does seem to be able to loosen Tom up. Eventually Flick gives Tom thirty coupons covering different things like  morning sex, bubble baths and bowling but also a lot more. Tom and Flick were attracted to each other right away but let things build between them. Then Flick gave Tom the love coupons.

I enjoyed this book. I’m however not sure I liked the writing style of the author I will have to read at least another book written by this author and then decide for sure. Anyway I did like the plot but this did drag for me at times . But I did laugh out loud while reading this and that doesn't happen that often.i liked how Tom and Flick interacted with each other.  I also liked how things slowly built for Tom and Lily. I was a little disappointed it took so long for the coupons to show up in the book. I really did like Tom and Flick together. I like the back story on Flick also. So for the most part I did enjoy this book and I do recommend.

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review 2017-12-17 00:00
The Love Experiment (Stubborn Hearts)
The Love Experiment (Stubborn Hearts) - Ainslie Paton I could break this up into thirds, I think: the first third was rough and choppy, and didn't build the enemies-to-lovers effectively for me. It's not that I couldn't sense the chemistry, I wasn't sure I cared at that point
Then, the 2nd third came.
We're a crash course in chemical attraction. we're lab rats let loose and juiced up on conversation. We're as ill-advised as we're inevitable. And I thought YES.

There is wonderful banter throughout, and Derelie may not appear tough, but she is tough- and love develops quickly thanks to the intimacy of the 36 questions/idea they need to work together when Jack would unexpectedly answer or Derelie would begin to piece his puzzle together despite his answers. But the 2nd third - the falling in love part was quite lovely.
She was curled on her side, with one hand under the pillow. He could see a bare shoulder. He could see a different kind of future in the shape of her, one where neither of them were alone...
At this stage they were open and honest, fumbling through the relationship together.

And (roughly) the final third, while it was still incredibly readable, somehow fizzled for me. A little tension from how to handle their relationship in public (at work), a little tension from Jack needing to get his story, a little tension from the slow death of journalism, a teensy bit of relationship tension. Though it meant to, this part just didn't end on a high note for me. I had my big buzz from the middle third, and it's not that I didn't care about the other stuff, I did, it's just that the source of the tension felt a little out of place.

3.5 overall.
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review 2017-11-18 07:07
Not Interesting South Africa
The Wingman - Natasha Anders
Floored - Ainslie Paton

The Wingman is an eminently forgettable contemporary romance I picked up mostly because of its South African setting. I had this foreign language teacher who always said the best way to learn conversational chatter was to watch soaps: they tend to be real familial, familiar, and local. So I've enjoyed contemporary romances from other countries on this level: they give me a real interesting view of a country. I mean, of course it's stylized and perfected, but it can be unvarnished in a way you don't get in capital L Literature. I read like a half dozen novels by Ainslie Paton because she writes so winningly about Australia, and about the Pacific Rim more generally. Floored is a straight up road trip novel, and so much fun if you want to drive through a dozen shitty Australian towns. Which I do! 


Anyway, The Wingman is not that, not by half. There's a little chatter about how no one speaks Afrikaans, but then no one speaks Afrikaans. The main girl runs a clinic is the bad part of town (i.e. the black part of town) but pretty much the community exists to menace her with gangsters or rescue her from said gangsters. Everything is paint by numbers small town romance with requisite slut shaming and label dropping, but that kind of label dropping that pretends it isn't interested in status objects like those bitches over there. Sure, Becky. 

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review 2016-05-22 00:43
White Balance by Anslie Paton
White Balance - Ainslie Paton

There were lots of errors in this book like odd sentences and repeated words and comma instead of apostrophe, etc. Those kind of things. Threw me out a bit. Story was pretty good though.


Just disappointed in the lack of editing.

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