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review 2019-03-09 06:37
A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe by Alex White - My Thoughts
A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe (The Salvagers #1) - Alex White

I hemmed and hawed about rating this book between 3.5 and 4 stars, but I went for 4 stars because it was a lot of fun.  I saw it described somewhere as a Firefly-esque story mixed in with some Fast and Furious and that works for me. We have a rag-tag group of characters hieing their way across the galaxy in search of a rather mythical warship that would be one helluva salvage score.  It's mostly space opera with a hefty side order of magic and while the magic was never really explained, I found it didn't matter much to me.

There are some fun characters here and I became fond of most, if not all of them.  I loved the banter between them all and even if one of the main characters, the youthful race car driver, Nilah, made me want to shake her at times, it was an amused shake. 

Only a couple of things bothered me, and they were probably small, but whenever I came across them in the book, it threw me right out of the story for a moment or two.  Firstly, the author decided that ships aren't "she" in this far future universe, they are "he". Don't know why, there's never an explanation or anything, but every time the ship was designated this way, it gave me pause.  The other thing was that the Captain called his crew Miss Thing, Missus Thing, Mister Thing (whatever their family names were) and it felt so out of place in this futuristic universe that I was pulled right out of the story.  I found it peculiar. 

Anyway, all in all, it was a super fun read and if you enjoy KB Wagers Idranan Trilogy or James Corey's Expanse series, you'll probably enjoy this one. I'm looking forward to the next book - it's on my list. 

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review 2019-02-22 03:07
Alien: Cold Forge - audiobook
Alien: The Cold Forge - Alex White,Michael Braun

Audience: Adult

Format: Audiobook/Owned



Dorian Sudler knows he shouldn't smoke.

- first sentence



This is a dark story, but that isn't different from the other alien stories. It focuses on corporate and human greed and the evil greed creates. Weyland-Yutani had a backup plan if Hadley's Hope (Aliens) didn't give them the specimen they craved. They created an isolated scientific research station called The Cold Forge and transported eggs there to be stored for future research. Blue is a scientist who suffers from a debilitating genetic disease but she is also a genetic researcher. Her condition has declined to the point where she is bedridden, but she is able to function by transferring her consciousness into an android body (Marcus). Blue and the other researchers are using chimps to gestate the aliens from the eggs and produce xenomorphs. Dorian is a Weyland-Yutani hatchet man whose job is to find ways to save the company money. He is at the Cold Forge to figure out why the scientists haven't produced results yet.


Dorian is a despicable character that you will enjoy hating. I spent most of the book hoping he would die, and die painfully. Marcus is an interesting character who manages to generate sympathy despite being an android. I understand Blue's need to find a cure, but she doesn't care who or what she hurts to do it. She isn't exactly likable, and I often questioned her decisions.


The book is well-written and the characters are fully developed though not all are likable. The threat of the aliens is constantly there, but the characters (as usual) don't see it. The reader, on the other hand, is waiting for them to escape and kill everyone. The book brings up the question of animal suffering for the sake of research, and even questions whether it's ok to cage the aliens and cause their suffering.


I enjoyed this book and recommend it to fans of the Alien universe.

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review 2012-07-17 00:00
The Gearheart: Maiden Flight Of The Avenger
The Gearheart: Maiden Flight Of The Aven... The Gearheart: Maiden Flight Of The Avenger - Alex White Ooooh, I do need more of this world after this one. Love the magic, and the ending!

*****Full Review*****
Augustus is in Charles Patrick's casino, when the mobster calls on Augustus by setting Augustus up - saying he's cheating. Augustus' cover is blown thanks to his not-up-to-standard clothes and the Seeker ring he wears. Chuck wants the Seekers money and makes a deal with Augustus for what he was to steal, the stone sprite. Chuck is surprised when Augustus says he can afford the unreal amount, but there's one job to get the money first...Entering the Cliffside Aeroprix in Mirreau, the aerial race which Chuck has won (one way or another) for the last five years. This year the deadly race will run through eighty percent caves. And Augustus has yet to build the plane he has in mind, to beat everyone.

If you are looking for magic and action. Pick this one up! It's a quick novella to read, and full of poetic metaphors. I'm amazed at Alex's metaphors, ones that are so visual and usage of everyday things I couldn't have ever thought of putting together to describe with a poetic nature. I just can't get over these descriptions!

"Light flowed over Headmistress Richardson's fingers like a fog crawling down the mountainside. It sprayed from her fingertips where she had finished her glyph and slithered out, leaving little sparks in its wake." ...19pg

This is a Novella in The Gearheart world, with characters I've seen in Artifice. However, this is a prequel so you DO NOT have to listen to Artifice to read this, but it is a great compliment to each other. You could very well read this before listening to Artifice and not spoil Artifice, and not spoil Maiden Flight in reverse order. But you might want to listen to it after you learn about the magics in this action packed world.

We learn of magic and alchemy in this world. What they are and the differences between them, even use of them with the views of the people. Augustus is young and it's great to see him more in his element with his powers...mechanics, and no not just with working and building with his hands. We see Isabelle partnered with Augustus, both from Fumoston Chapter of the Seekers helping in another area. We also get to see Isabelle front and center work her fire-y magic. Keegan, Jonathon, and Cog make an appearance as well. We have a few new people we meet: Bettie Misko, one tough grease monkey chick that taught Augustus what he knows. The gangster Charles Patrick.

Augustus and Bettie have a long history and make me smile with their banter. Augustus has a plan for a flyer that will win him the race, but needs help building it quick enough to enter the Aeroprix race in a months time. That's where Bettie comes in, but I also feel for Augustus when he learns a secret of Bettie's which will drag him in deeper than he expected. The core to power the first and one-of-a-kind flyer is something new to them and one Augustus has to figure out, and will at a cost.

I'll be looking for more magic with the Seekers in the future. So keep your eyes peeled!
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review 2012-07-15 00:00
The Gearheart - Alex White I have posted my summaries of each episode on my blog as I went with this one ( http://melissa-melsworld.blogspot.com/search/label/Gearheart ) , so I'm only going to share my over all thoughts....which is AMAZING!

I found this through a great author I've been following with great books and podcasts. Tee Morris had mentioned the music by Alex White on Twitter one day, so thought I would go check it out. When I went to the site, I was stunned and MESMERIZED by the character pictures. The pictures obviously had visible magic in each one! That caught my eye right away. (The pictures I have used in my summaries of each episode, to show them to you.) They were stunning, and beautiful to me. I have to mention I just love the looks of these. (and normal people like you and I modeled them!)

I listened to the first episode, for fun while cleaning. I found myself sitting down to listen closer and note a few things. Before I knew it, I was three episodes in and craving more. So I started sharing each episode here. I liked the action, and magic included with these characters. I had found a character I loved in the very first episode, Cog. And I was mesmerized by the different voices and music.

I love Alex and Renee's voices and those they create for the characters. It's just the two of them, and technology. The authors wife did the female voices (COOL!!!). Each character has a different sound to their voice, and the inflictions really add to the feel and growing excitement, or heartache. I can't go without mentioning the music in the background. The music sets the stage with your thoughts and pulse.

I kept listening to get more of Cog, which I did, but got curious of other characters and the bad guys! I wanted to know what was so special of Isabelle and what of the prophecies from the Seeress. And above all to see the magic again and again. This series is action packed through out the story, and magic is ever present too.

I am not one to like audio books. For some reason I have a hard time getting into the stories. But, podcasts are different, and draw me in more than ever. Alex White has done an amazing job of that in this story and world he has created. I will say, if you listen to books do give this series of podcasts a try. Really!

I will be listening to more of Alex Whites works very soon. He has Maiden Flight up and completely ready, and I will be looking for great things from him in the future as well.
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review 2011-04-06 00:00
The Gearheart
The Gearheart - Alex White Two thumbs up, five stars, and ten of Aunt Morbid's Zombie Cakes. Lots of action and steampunk goodness.
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