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review 2020-06-09 06:32
Boyfriend Material - Alexis Hall

Luc is working for a charity who does not appreciate seeing his mistakes in the gossip rags.  While he does try his best, his semi-famous father is trying to make a comeback that is putting him in the sort of spotlight.  His friends and co-workers think he should try to date someone respectable and fix his good name.


Oliver has always been interested in Luc.  This chance to get to know him, and play his significant other is not one he could pass up.  Knowing it won't be easy they agree and get on with their lives.  Then the hard part happens......


I liked that this story told the truth.  Each characters felt real, open, dark, and rich at the same time.  I also loved the friendships, and I cringed at the families who made them hurt.  I also really liked the banter and sexy heat.  I give this read a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publisher, in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2019-12-04 19:37
mixed feelings
Shadows & Dreams - Alexis Hall

The Sorceress raised her hand to the sky. Kate raised her sword and put it through the Sorceress’s throat. Kate had been having these dreams since she swore fealty to Nimsue. But Nim had given her help when Kate needed it. There was a knock at her door “It’s eight oclock Miss Kane”. Elisa had been fostered on Kate by a crazy rat god for some vague information . She turned out to be an animated statue . She brews coffee and fixed Kate’s washing machine. They were just wrapping up a case than very little to do until after Christmas. Kate was looking forward to spending some time with her vampire girlfriend. Than Tash Than tash walked into Kate’s office. She’d pulled Tash at the Candy Bar about three months ago but never called her. Kate never expected to see Tash again. Tash said she needed Kates help. Kate was a P I that had a lot of paranormal cases. Tash’s brother Hugh had disappeared . he had broken his leg and went to the hospital and then disappeared. They had called the police and it’s been more than two days and Tash is worried Hugh isn’t answering his phone and no one has seen him. Tash doesn’t know what to do. Kate asked who saw Hugh last and Tash said she wasn’t sure probably someone at the hospital. H had no signs of depression or personal problems. After visiting the going to the hospital about Hugh, Kate was picked up by some vampires and locked in the cellar and was to stand trial for the murder of thier Prince Of Swords. 

I liked this book but didn’t like the F/F aspect as I don't like to read M/M or W/W love aspect or sexual aspects. Just not my thing. I do think this was well written and bypassed the sexual scenes as well as I could. This book had a lot to it: vampires, vampire princes - that aren’t necessarily male- a werewolf model, mystery, evil, rituals, action, a ninja nun, a vampire hunter, a psychopath, witches, and undead wizards and just so much more. I chuckled a couple times reading this. Kate can sure get her self in some situations. I advise you to read the books in this series in order for a better read. So you can see I do have mixed feelings about this book.

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review 2019-09-12 19:46
How to Belong with a Billionaire - Alexis Hall

This is book #3, in the Arden St Ives series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  To avoid spoilers, and to have a complete understanding of this series, I recommend reading this series in order.


Arden is trying hard to move on.  He knows he will always love Caspian, but he cannot be with someone who does not want him there.  He goes about his life as if this is how it will be from now on.


Caspian will always love Arden.  He just made up his mind to go another direction.  When the worst happens, can he walk away from someone he loves who is hurting?


I expected to hate this book.  I was so invested in these characters I hated to see them apart.  So how grateful was I as I read further and further along and was excited to see them show how they could be in each others lives in other ways.  What an amazing story and a terrific ending!  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers, in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2019-06-12 16:16
Waiting for Wednesday #2 - The Affair of the Mysterious Letter
The Affair of the Mysterious Letter - Alexis Hall

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted @BreakingtheSpine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Vassa in the Night

Upon returning to the city of Khelathra-Ven after five years fighting a war in another universe, Captain John Wyndham finds himself looking for somewhere to live, and expediency forces him to take lodgings at 221b Martyrs Walk. His new housemate is Ms. Shaharazad Haas, a consulting sorceress of mercurial temperament and dark reputation.

When Ms. Haas is enlisted to solve a case of blackmail against one of her former lovers, Miss Eirene Viola, Captain Wyndham finds himself drawn into a mystery that leads him from the salons of the literary set to the drowned back-alleys of Ven and even to a prison cell in lost Carcosa. Along the way he is beset by criminals, menaced by pirates, molested by vampires, almost devoured by mad gods, and called upon to punch a shark. 

But the further the companions go in pursuit of the elusive blackmailer, the more impossible the case appears. Then again, in Khelathra-Ven reality is flexible, and the impossible is Ms. Haas' stock-in-trade.

This week's pick is The Affair of the Mysterious Letter by Alexis Hall (Expected Publication: Jun 18th 2019).  I mean that synopsis is really promising! What do you think?


Which book is in the top of your to buy lists?

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text 2018-11-16 17:37
For Real By Alexis Hall 99 cents 5 Star Read!
For Real by Hall - Alexis Hall

Laurence Dalziel is worn down and washed up, and for him, the BDSM scene is all played out. Six years on from his last relationship, he’s pushing forty and tired of going through the motions of submission.

Then he meets Toby Finch. Nineteen years old. Fearless, fierce, and vulnerable. Everything Laurie can’t remember being.

Toby doesn’t know who he wants to be or what he wants to do. But he knows, with all the certainty of youth, that he wants Laurie. He wants him on his knees. He wants to make him hurt, he wants to make him beg, he wants to make him fall in love.

The problem is, while Laurie will surrender his body, he won’t surrender his heart. Because Toby is too young, too intense, too easy to hurt. And what they have—no matter how right it feels—can’t last. It can’t mean anything.

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