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review 2019-01-13 16:53
Shock Totem 1
Shock Totem 1: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted - K. Allen Wood,Jennifer Pelland,Brian Rosenberger,John Skipp

Collection of short stories, poems, interviews and reviews. Quite a good start to the series which had a couple of stand outs, most of the stories were good but I had no interest in the interviews with John Skipp, Alan Robert and William Ollie.

My favourite stories:


The Dead March - Brian Rappatta - Young Aaron has a strange gift which he decides to use on his abusive father.


Thirty-Two Scenes From A Dead Hookers Mouth - Kurt Newton - Horror version of Memento that stays with you.



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review 2019-01-09 17:39
Fun Christmas romances
Convenient Christmas Brides - Carla Kelly,Louise Allen,Laurie Benson

This set of Novellas starts out well with The Captain's Christmas Journey where Captain Everard is escorting Verity to her job as governess only to discover that her prospective employers are terrible people that he wouldn't let mind his coat never mind a human.

Eleanor advertises for a suitable gentleman to pose as her bethrothed over Christmas, Captain Andrew Padgett Stanton is waiting for the paperwork to declare him Lord Ravenscroft and meanwhile he's at a loose end. On half pay from the Armed Forces he's getting tired of relying on friends to help. Sparks fly and it's a fun read.

Lord Montague Pearse and Lady Juliet Sommersby are caught in a compromising position and have to find out if they compatable. An opportunity to know each other happens when they're retrieving mistletoe in the estate.

All the stories are well done and enjoyable but I really enjoyed the first story by Carla Kelly and wanted more.

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review 2018-12-11 19:29
Invitation to the Dance
Invitation to the Dance - Tamara Allen

This is another great novel from Ms. Allen. She's got a special knack for capturing NYC of the late 1800s and early 1900s. In this case we've got earnest newspaper reporter Charlie Kohlbeck and a recent hire editor Will Nesmith. They start off as adversaries but become grudging allies after their boss assigns them to work together on a society piece trying to track down the elusive Lord Belcourt. Charlie's inventive work ethics gets them into a bit of subterfuge against Will's better sense, but he proves just as curious as Charlie and their truce soon grows into friendship and more.


There's a bit of a mystery here

though I figured it out after that encounter Charlie spied between Belcourt and Knox, and then had to wait for the majority of the book for Charlie and Will to figure it out. And so I also figured how that would benefit Charlie and Will once their ruse was out.

(spoiler show)

Rose and Archie, and Caroline and Hilda were great supporting characters and even Violet had her moments. Watching Charlie and Will becoming friends and more in Ms. Allen's typical quiet romance was a treat. They're well-suited to each other and even their bickering is endearing. I could shake my head at their less-than-honest antics, but they're both so lovable and sincere in their own ways that I couldn't bring myself to do it. :D

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review 2018-11-22 18:28
Idea Man
Idea Man - Paul Allen



















Not everyone is that lucky to be the co-creator and co-founder of the world's richest and the world's most successful tech company in the world. Some of us are born far away from the luckiest star, and far away from nepotism and have got to work immensely hard to make our dreams come true and eventually live life of wealth, luxury, and abundance. Paul Allen is unfortunately no longer with us, but he was indeed an idea man, a seemingly very smart man who has conquired the world along with another man who's still alive and kicking, and a lot more famous than he ever was. But that doesn't really matter, does it? He was one of the few minds behind the creation of Microsoft, and his name will live forward for as long as Microsoft shall live, and that is one of this man's greatest accomplishments that he shall be remembered by many people for many computer tech generations to come. 

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review 2018-11-21 08:45
NYC Schtick: "Woody Allen on Woody Allen" by Woody Allen, Stig Björkman
Woody Allen on Woody Allen - Woody Allen,Stig Björkman

(Original Review, 2002-05-28)

Haven't seen “Annie Hall” in years (I’m going to rectify it today), but I thought the best lines were when Allen's and Keaton's characters are asked by their analysts the same question, in split-screen: 

"How often do you have sex?
Keaton: 'Almost constantly-- twice a week.'
Allen: 'Almost never-- twice a week.' "

Personally I'd also put “Sleeper” and “Play it Again Sam” in the same level as “Annie Hall”, both of which are also laugh out loud funny. But I don’t love Woody Allen’s films because they’re funny (and some of them like “Manhattan” are not that funny.)




If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

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