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review 2018-09-09 05:32
Mini-Review of "Wearing the Cape: A Superhero Novel" by Marion G. Harmon
Wearing the Cape: A Superhero Novel - Marion G. Harmon

I just had to buy thus one after the downloaded free sample hooked me.


Fooled me.  I kept wavering on whether or not to DNF.  There kept being pieces where it would start to get good, the world start to be interesting ... so uneven.  Nothing really wrong with the editing like the books I can really rant about.  It just seemed like couldn't make up its mind what story it wanted to tell.


I should have DNF'ed and won't be continuing the series.  It wouldn't surprise me to find out the book was a collaboration with authors far apart in age.  Equally the inconsistency could be just a newbie author not quite pulling it together.  "Done with the series" doesn't mean I'd never give this author another chance. 


One thing I really disliked in main character was how there was an implied judgment tIhat only she was a good, moral person -- sometimes her attitudes and decisions read like author was a mom creating perfect Stepford daughter.  Then again, I'm getting to where I loathe stories where the moral choice is whatever main character does but same choice made by other character is immoral.


I sampled a lot of superhero books after really liking Velveteen vs. The Multiverse - Seanan McGuire  and Heroine Complex - Sarah Kuhn.  This was hardly  the worst one out there based on my sampling.

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review 2018-08-06 16:21
Poppy Harmon Investigates - Lee Hollis



Not only is Poppy Harmon grieving the death of her husband, she learns he has gambled all of their money and left her penniless.


Poppy, a former 80's television actress on a detective show is now in her early sixties and doesn't have a clue where to start looking for a job to support herself.  After throwing herself a pity party her sexagenarian best friends, Iris and Violet suggests she open a detective agency because she loves to solve mysteries on screen and in books.  At first she thinks the idea is ridiculous, however seeing a picture in your mind of being homeless and hungry will change a thought process.  Just because she had a role on a tv detective show will she have the skills to be a detective in real life?


I enjoyed the idea of the author writing this cozy mystery with a "seasoned" protagonist however, that's where my enjoyment stops.  The mystery happened fifty percent into the story.  I felt Poppy should have let her voice be heard more and not be so laid back.  I didn't feel any connections with the remaining characters and didn't agree with the role of one of the characters.  


Once the story's pace gets moving, all the suspicions and suspects come into play.  Although there were multiple story lines which added more twists and turns they did connect and were easy to follow. The ending was a total surprise.


Poppy Harmon Investigates by Lee Hollis is the first in the Desert Flowers Mystery.  I hope to see the future releases in this series to have stronger character development and a less lingering of the plot.


Thank you Netgalley and Kensington for the advanced reader's copy in exchange for my honest review.

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review 2018-07-30 02:51
It's going to take hail mary pass for this one to work out...
The Blueprint - S.E. Harmon,Sean Crisden,Alexander Cendese

Britton 'Blue' Montgomery is living the dream. He's the star tight end of an NFL football team and he's got his best friend Kelly Cannon...except lately it seems like Kelly's avoiding him. He doesn't return his calls and just doesn't seem to be himself...Blue's not sure what's wrong but Kelly's been his friend for most of his life and he's not putting up with this. Kelly's damned well going to tell him what wrong whether he wants to or not.


Kelly's life is good. He's got his dream job as a teacher and he's got a nice little place of his own with an awesome family and a great group of friends...especially his best friend...whom he's fallen in love with...his straight best friend.


'The Blueprint' is an enjoyable and entertaining story of coming out/GFY and friends to lovers and I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between these two men. The banter between Blue and Kelly frequently had me laughing out loud, While the friendship between Kelly and Blue had a very organic feel to it and I found that it really wasn't very challenging for me to imagine that somewhere in this world there's a Kelly and his best friend Britton 'Blue' somewhere trading friendly insults and banter.


I also really liked how these two were there for each other...when Blue was sidelined because of an injury Kelly visited him at the hospital and took him home so that he could convalesce at his house and have someone with him for at least part of the day and someone to be a barrier between him and the world that wanted him to return to the game before his body was ready...Kelly was there to ensure that Blue had the time and quiet that he needed to ensure his recovery was stress free. Something that while the average person may not need it someone who's a high profile personality like a star football player would not only appreciate but probably be in desperate need of.


When Blue finally confronts Kelly and Kelly is honest about how he feels things go from bad to worse for both of them. Blue wants Kelly but being a star NFL football player, he knows that whatever they have can't be out in the open and Kelly as much as he wants Blue, doesn't want to have anything in the closet besides his shoes and clothes.


While I enjoyed a lot of this story I was also a little frustrated with how oblivious to things Blue could be at times. He couldn't be out and with Kelly but damned if he wanted Kelly to be with anyone else. However, in spite of these issues there was no excessive angst and drama in regards to them and I'm good with a character giving me a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride which both Blue and Kelly did at times. Things went back and forth between these two and all things considered that seemed about right for the relationship dynamics. Their best friends who are trying to figure out how to redefine their relationship when they realize that while their feelings are changing neither man is willing to let go of a life long friendship as they try to maneuver through the potential landmines that await them in their efforts to keep their friendship and see what the future holds for them as a couple which leads me to the one issue that kept this from being a 5 star read for me and that was...the ending.


Without going into a lot of details there was one thing that totally kept this from being a 5 star read for me and that was the ending. I just didn't understand some of the choices that were made...especially by Kelly and while I would have at least liked a Happy For Now with a strong promise of a happily ever after what I feel like I got was more like a 'this'll probably all be good'. It just felt like after every thing that Blue and Kelly went through and put each other through things should have been more solid.


'The Blueprint' was narrated by Sean Crisden and Alexander Cendese and while Mr. Cendese is a new to me narrator Sean Crisden is not and I have enjoyed many an audio book narrated by him and this one was no exception to this and happily Alexander Cendese held his own providing me with a totally enjoyable audio book experience that I'm looking forward to enjoying more of in the future when I re-play this audio book and hopefully discover other titles by one or both of these narrators.



An audio book of 'The Blueprint' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2018-07-24 20:47
Reading progress: 18%. And on the fence.
Wearing the Cape: A Superhero Novel - Marion G. Harmon

This was an impulse buy after the sample totally hooked me -- writing, characters and worldbuilding.


But I'm now on the fence about continuing.  Because main character is actually listening to the stranger that invaded her apartment, knocked her out, tied her up and is giving their possibly supervillain speech about their viewpoint of things.


Is she TSTL?  Is there more victim-abuse-me-but-I'll-take-your-side stuff down the pipe?


Putting aside for now.

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review 2018-05-03 17:26
A Different Blue - Amy Harmon

I read this book I think at least three times and every time it wakes something different inside my brain and my heart. 

This is a story of growth, a story about a girl that becomes a woman, a story about kindness, family and love. This is a story about life and how it is not always what we would like it to be but it shows us that we can make something amazing out of it nonetheless.

That's not an easy book to read, some parts are harder to go through than others but it is worth it, I promise;

at the end you will feel like you have been part of a journey and that you had the chance to grow together with the protagonists of this book. 

Blue, the main protagonist, is always a complete surprise to me, she makes brave and smart choices despite the first impression one can have of her.


My suggestion is do not let the hard parts of the book discourage you but keep reading this beautiful book, it will turn out to be one of the best stories you will read. 

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