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text 2019-01-12 21:14
Finished it!
Kill the Angel: A Novel (Caselli and Torre Series) - Sandrone Dazieri

I think this was better than the first book, but there were definitely some rambly moments that could have been dispensed with without losing anything. And there was still quite a bit of telling rather than showing, though this could be down to the translation from the Italian rather than lazy writing.


But I enjoyed it, and thanks to the enormous cliffhanger ending, I will definitely pick up the third book when it's published.



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text 2019-01-10 19:44
Reading Update: 20%
The Way You Love Me: Includes a bonus novella (Angel Falls Book 2) - Miranda Liasson

Once they were outside the door, Cade walked over to where he’d parked Gabby’s bike. “I hope you don’t mind but I went over it a little. Put some air in your tires, tightened your seat, greased the chain.” 

Gabby felt another rush of heat blaze into her cheeks. He was being perfectly nice but why did it all sound so… dirty?

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text 2019-01-08 22:59
Tuesday's BoB24 Challenge Post
Nobody's Angel - Karen Robards
Rebellion - Nora Roberts
With Every Letter - Sarah Sundin
The Dragon and the Pearl - Jeannie Lin
Falling for the Enemy - Naomi Rawlings


Character dinner party
You are hosting an intimate dinner party for five of your favorite characters. Who do you invite and what food do you serve?
I am of two minds in how I want to answer this challenge: do I go with the romance genre and break the rules a bit and invite 5 couples or do I go with another genre and just pick 5 characters. I decided to go with the romance genre and bend the challenge perimeters a bit.
First, the invitees: Susannah and Ian (from Nobody's Angel by Karen Robards), Serena and Brigham (from Rebellion by Nora Roberts), Mel and Tom (from With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin), Li Tao and Ling (from The Dragon and the Pearl by Jeannie Lin), and finally, Gregory and Danielle (from Falling for the Enemy by Naomi Rawlings). 
Second, the food: Honestly hosting this many people in my small British kitchen is the least appealing thing I can think of, so I would just book a table at a nearby restaurant or order take-away. I would serve whatever is ordered in an orderly take a plate and help yourself buffet style while the hubby plays bartender and I make lots of tea. Just very casual and mingling with each other. I would bake a Victorian sponge cake and put out some small chocolates for after dinner.
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text 2019-01-04 14:41
Reading progress update: I've read 253 out of 464 pages.
Kill the Angel: A Novel (Caselli and Torre Series) - Sandrone Dazieri

There was enough to like about Kill the Father for me to pick up the second book in what Dazieri has stated will be a series.


And I think this one is better than the first. Mainly because it is more tightly edited. Kill the Father had a tendency to wander off with long descriptions that didn't really add to the plot, but Kill the Angel starts with a bang and so far it hasn't let up.


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text 2019-01-03 14:21
Kill the Angel: A Novel (Caselli and Torre Series) - Sandrone Dazieri

In Rome, a high-speed train hurtles into the city’s main station with a carriage full of dead bodies, the macabre discovery of which falls to Deputy Police Commissioner Colomba Caselli. Subsequently, the police receive a claim of responsibility and the threat of more murders to come. But neither Caselli nor her eccentrically brilliant ally, Dante Torre, are yet ready to buy the terrorist link. As the two maverick investigators puncture the façade of what the perpetrator wants everyone to believe, they come close to dying several times. Not for the first time, Dante’s bizarre childhood, during which he was kept confined for years in a concrete silo, enables him to see what others miss, and in this case, to connect with a kindred spirit of sorts, a woman named Giltine who experienced an equally bizarre childhood from which she emerged damaged, lethal, and full of murderous intent. Adding to Giltine’s eerie fierceness is that, as the victim of a rare mental illness, she believes she’s already dead. She’s unacquainted with fear. And that makes her the most formidable foe Colomba and Dante have faced yet. As the story climaxes, the duo finds themselves utterly on their own, on the outs with law enforcement and the only ones with a chance to make sure the waters of Venice don’t turn red with blood.


Diving straight into book 2.


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