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review 2018-03-11 04:19
Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) by Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare

Since I've read the first three novels in the Mortal Instruments series, and I had no idea what to think going into this series. After reading this book, I think its a high possibility that I like the Infernal Devices better. It might be too soon to say but time will tell. 

In search of her brother, Tessa Gray travels to London. There she is saved by a shadowhunter, Will Herondale, who is investigating a series of mysterious mundane deaths. Tessa teams up with the shadowhunters to find her brother and the cause of the deaths. 

I love Tessa. As the main female protagonist, I thought she was strong and despite going through a frightening ordeal, she was able to use her ability to outwit her adversaries. When I first started reading, I thought her ability was cool but useless in a fight. She reminds me of Clary a lot, I don't want to compare the two but I can't help it. They both have no idea who they are in the beginning and find out they are something they have no one else to compare themselves to. How complicated. lol

Will. He kinda reminds me of Jace, and I really like him. The Epilogue and the story of him as a child makes me really curious as to why he's the way he is. Since, he's not an orphan, why does he seem so negative and life-hating. He fights the fact that he's in love with Tessa and even though it's extremely annoying, I must know why soon. 

Jem, first off, I love his name. (Probably because I love the name Gemma) At first I thought he had cancer. Because you know, back then there wasn't the technology to treat such an illness. In some ways, I think this is worse. When first told of Jem's backstory, I felt incredibly sorry, and what must it had felt like for a young boy to go through that type of torture and torment. For Jem to be such a kind person, I love him. <3 However, it was too late, I already shipped Tessa and Will. And I really like them together, if Will stopped being difficult. 

Another love triangle... *eye roll*.
I thought that Will might be the favorite here, but after the ending, now I have no idea. I like Jem, he's an all-around nice guy, and I have nothing against his condition. I just like the chemistry Tessa and Will has with each other. However, Will keeps acting well... like Will and I won't be surprised if Tessa's affections turn towards Jem. 

I like the overall story of Clockwork Angel. Shadow Hunters during the Victorian Era. It's interesting! Things are still kept mysterious with Will and Tessa's ability by the end of the book. I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel. 

However, I must say that there was one thing that fell short. I don't think this could be read before the Mortal Instruments or without the knowledge of the Shadow Hunter world. I felt that things weren't really explained, and I'm glad I decided to read them in publication order or else I would be lost in the dust somewhere.

Overall I'd rate this a 4.5.

Source: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare My rating: 5 of 5 stars Since I\'ve read the first three novels in the Mortal Instruments series, and I had no idea what to think going into this series. After reading this book, I think its a high possibility that
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text 2018-03-07 19:54
This is the book that alerted me to just how severe the problems are
Wanton Angel - Linda Lael Miller

As I was going through my 5,000+ BookLikes entries yesterday in search of titles to add to the "gothics" shelf, I came across this particular title.  My listings were sorted in alphabetical order by author, and here was one single title by Linda Lael Miller in with all the "L" authors.  I have eight or ten books by this author, and this was the only title of hers in my list, so I knew something was wrong.


I checked the book page and sure enough, the author was listed as (first name) Linda (last name) Lael Miller.  I edited the entry to the correct name (first name) Linda Lael last name (Miller), cited the source as "owned copy," and left it to the librarians to verify.


It has been made very clear many times that BookLikes adds information from a variety of sources and thus a lot of the data is messed up.  Third-party sellers' ASIN numbers show up when they shouldn't, and various contributors like editors and illustrators suddenly become authors.  Many of Josephine Tey's books used to show up under the authorship of "Robert Barnard"; this one still does:



For those of us who want, or would like, or try to use our shelves to organize our reading for something other than interior decor, this kind of error presents problems.  We can't just sort alphabetically by author name and expect to find what we're looking for.  We have to search our own shelves by the specific author name and hope it comes up.  Thus, if we wanted to make sure we had a copy of this particular book, we'd have to search by "Josephine Tey" and hope there's a cross reference that brings that book up on our shelves.


As you can see from this screen shot, a general search for "Josephine Tey" brings up another "Josephine" first:




Showing more on that same search results in this:


which indicates the results are not based on an alphabetical listing of authors with the first name Josephine.  Popularity?  Relevance?  I don't know.


But last names are somehow or other accessible via the BookLikes database, because shelves can be sorted, sort of, by author last name.



That's how my owned copy of The Singing Sands got sorted into the "B" authors, even though Tey is listed first.


BookLikes apparently has some kind of hierarchy by which they sort items in the database, even if that hierarchy doesn't make obvious and apparent sense.  Authors' names are apparently, even if not obviously, entered as first and/or middle and/or last.  (See also L. Sprague de Camp, whose books are variously sorted by "S" for "Sprague de Camp," "D" for "de Camp," and "C" for "Camp.")


I have 5716 books on my shelves.  I would like very much to be able to sort them by author name so that all the books by L. Sprague de Camp are listed together, all the books by Candace Camp are listed together, and all the books by Deborah Camp are listed together.  Right now they're all mixed together.







I currently have 5409 titles on my Kindle.  I have no easy way of checking to see which ones are listed in the BookLikes database.  Can I check each title, each author by doing a separate search on BookLikes?  Yes, I can, but given how slow BL operates at times, that becomes a royal pain in the butt.  And if the author isn't listed correctly, well, you can see how this goes.


I'm not a librarian, so I don't have any idea how the sort function operates. I don't know what algorithms might be involved, if any.  All I know is that the sort and search functions are awkward, clumsy, and very frustrating. . . . and that I have hundreds, if not thousands, of books I could be adding to the database.  I just added about 20 titles the other day from my newfound hoard of gothics.  I peeked inside the other box of old historical romances yesterday and at least two of those titles aren't in the BookLikes database.  I can't even make a guess as to how many Kindle books I have that aren't listed.


I've added dozens, maybe hundreds of covers.  I have more books ready to scan to remove more of the green bricks in the database.  But I could do a lot more, and so could a lot of other people, if the BookLikes system were more user-friendly.

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review 2018-03-07 18:38
Review: "Gagged" (The Clipped Saga, #3) by Devon McCormack
Gagged - Devon McCormack


~ 2.5 stars ~


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review 2018-03-03 07:33
Rezension | Clockwork Angel von Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel: Chroniken der Schattenjäger - Cassandra Clare,Heinrich Koop,Franca Fritz



London im Jahre 1878. Nach dem Tod von Tessas Tante reist sie zu ihrem Bruder nach London. Gleich nach ihrer Ankunft wird sie von zwei mysteriösen Frauen entführt und gefangen gehalten. Zum ersten Mal in ihrem Leben erfährt Tessa nun etwas über ihre Gabe und muss erkennen, dass sie kein gewöhnlicher Mensch ist, sondern ein Teil der Schattenweltlergemeinschaft. Tessas Situation scheint zuerst auswegslos, doch dann wird sie durch Zufall von einem Schattenjäger gefunden und gerettet. Gemeinsam mit ihren neuen Freunden möchte Tessa nun endlich ihren Bruder James finden. Als Schattenweltlerin gerät sie dabei zwischen die Fronten der Spezies und muss sich entscheiden wem sie ihr Vertrauen schenkt.


Meine Meinung


“Clockwork Angel” von Cassandra Clare ist der erste Teil einer Spin-Off Trilogie zu den Chroniken der Unterwelt, die Handlung spielt sich gegen Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts ab und bildet somit die Vorgeschichte zu den Chroniken der Unterwelt.


"Wenn sich auf der ganzen Welt niemand für einen interessierte, existierte man dann überhaupt noch?"  (Clockwork Angel, Seite 25)


Die Hardcoverausgabe gab es in der ersten Zeit mit einem perfekt zur Handlung passenden Steampunk Coverumschlag, das Cover der neuen Ausgabe welches das Profil eines jungen Mannes zeigt sagt mir nicht sonderlich zu. Natürlich ist das Geschmackssache, deshalb möchte ich gleich auf den Inhalt zu sprechen kommen.

Die Geschichte spielt sich wie bereits erwähnt in der Vergangenheit ab und somit bekommt man es mit gänzlich neuen Charakteren zu tun. In meinen Augen eignet sich die Clockwork Trilogie daher auch sehr gut für alle Leserinnen und Leser die die Chroniken der Unterwelt nicht gelesen haben. Mich haben bereits die Bücher der Chroniken der Unterwelt sehr gut unterhalten, daher bin ich an die Prequel-Reihe mit gemischen Gefühlen herangegangen (die Angst enttäuscht zu werden war auf jeden Fall da).


Cassandra Clare hat mit “Clockwork Angel” wieder einmal ein Händchen für interessante Charaktere und einen guten Spürsinn für eine mitreisende Plotentwicklung bewiesen. Die agierenden Figuren haben ihre Ecken und Kanten und bringen im Zusammenspiel miteinander eine wunderbare Dynamik mit. Die Kulisse des späten 19. Jahrhunderts dient als Hintergrund der Ereignisse, welche mit einer passenden Sprache untermalt werden und zu einer gelungenen Atmosphäre beitragen. Dazu werden fantasievolle Steampunkelemente in Form diverser Maschinen eingewoben.


"»Ich bin eine Dame, Sophie. Und es wird allgemein erwartet, dass ein Mann sich für die Sicherheit einer Dame aufopfert.«" (Clockwork Angel, Seite 510)


Nachdem mich der Auftakt zur Clockwork Trilogie angesprochen hat, freue ich mich schon sehr darauf bald den Folgeband “Clockwork Prince” zu lesen.

Information zur Reihe


1. 2011 Clockwork Angel 2010 Clockwork Angel

2. 2012 Clockwork Prince 2011 Clockwork Prince

3. 2013 Clockwork Princess 2013 Clockwork Princess




Bei diesem Fantasyabenteuer stimmt alles vom Setting über die Figuren bis hin zur Sprache. Diese Prequel-Trilogie zu den Chroniken der Unterwelt lohnt sich definitiv nicht nur für eingefleischte Fans!

Source: www.bellaswonderworld.de/rezensionen/rezension-clockwork-angel-von-cassandra-clare
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review 2018-02-21 23:11
After 60 Life
I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks: Irreverent Advice on Living Well After 60…. Because Wine is Always Age-Appropriate - Vikki Jensen Claflin

I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks by Vikki Jensen Claflin is a humorous take on senior life and living.  The tips may come in handy, if not they'll at least make you laugh.  The quick stories are entertaining and fun.  You're not even close to 60?  It'll still give you a laugh and a peek into what awaits you down the road of life.  I enjoyed reading I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.


I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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