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text 2018-01-06 01:52
Reading progress update: I've read 52 out of 193 pages.
Ice: 50th Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics) - Kate Zambreno,Anna Kavan,Jonathan Lethem

the Forward by Jonathan Lethem warned me: it's weird; the narrative indulges in "causal slippages"; it can feel like Beckett or Kafka; it's hard to define, but call it SF/dystopian if that works for you; and, worst of all, because I don't like the film, its effect resembles that of the film Last Year at Marienbad (continuously recursive).


I therefore started this book a wee bit nervous...and yet, and yet...so far I love it!! I guess I'm in the mood for something like this, something like a weird dream. not sure how it will ultimately rank with me, but set against the fact that books written like this usually wear out their welcome with me very fast--eccentricities begin to grate, etc.--is the fact that Ice is rather short, and likely will be wrapping up just when i need logic and linearity in my picks. I repeat: so far, I'm impressed!

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text 2018-01-05 15:00
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 193 pages.
Ice: 50th Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics) - Kate Zambreno,Anna Kavan,Jonathan Lethem

I had never heard of this SF novel from 1967, until I spotted this Penguin Classics/50th Anniversary Edition for sale. that seems odd--big-deal novel celebrating its 50th (hey! cool!), and yet, not on my radar until a month or so ago. must investigate! love the cover.

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text 2018-01-04 11:54
Anniversary Flowers for the beautiful woman in your life

Women love flowers women and flowers go hand in hand. Be it fresh ones or the artificial ones. They simply love it and they love it more when their special ones express their feelings by gifting them flowers. Be it any occasion, a red rose or a blue orchid or even a white lilly can make feel awesome. Sothe best surprise that you can give your woman on your anniversary is a bunch of flowers. These days gifting anniversary flowers are much easier because most of the online shops sell fresh and different types of flowers. So you can easily place an order and make your woman feel loved on your special day. 


Flowers in a vase

Online shops have a wide range of flowers which their florists can decorate well in a vase. You can add roses and white lilies in a glass vase and gift it to your partner on your anniversary. If she loves red roses then add more roses to 2-3 white lilies in the vase. You can also add bud stage lilies with purple orchids and carnations and arrange them beautifully in a glass vase. Blue orchids along with white roses in a round glass vase will also make your loved one surprised. You can also add few chocolates and cute teddies and then add a personalised anniversary message on the vase and express your emotions to your loved ones by gifting them this beautiful anniversary flower vase.


Floral jewellery

One of the unique gifts to give your wife on your anniversary is a floral jewellery. Many online shops sell floral jewelry that include earring, neckpieces, bangles and bracelets.  You can order a red rose and white lily flower bracelet for her and a matching earring that will go best with the bracelet.  Floral jewelry sets are also available online. It includes a mang tikka, a neckpiece, and pair of earrings and a pair of bangles. Roses, orchids, daisies and white pearl floral jewellery set is the perfect anniversary gift that your wife will love the most. You can also order a blue orchid and mogra neckpiece and earring set that can be accessorized beautifully with any Indian outfit.


Flower in a hamper

Add 4 roses, few carnations as well as orchids to a hamper along with a card and a cake as it will add an extra smile to your wife’s face. If your wife is a chocolate lover then you can also add few chocolates and a soft chocolate cake to the bouquet. To pamper her a little more on your special day you can also gift her teddy in the flower hamper. Another beautiful anniversary flower that you can order for your wife is a bouquet of yellow and orange half bloomed lilies. Most of the people are seen ordering a flower and cake hamper that include pink and yellow roses and a small red velvet cake.

So, order for flower delivery from the online shops and send it to her to make your special day remembered forever.

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text 2017-11-05 15:18
3rd Blogiversary is here!




Just wanted to note that I am so very grateful for the opportunity to bring you Book Blitzes, Cover Reveals, Blog Tours, Reviews, Release Day Blasts, Author Interviews, and so much more.


A very special thank you to all who make that possible.  Thanks to the authors, publicity specialist's, personal assistant's, publisher's, social media resources and absolutely you the reader!!


Thank you for three fabulous years, and I sure hope so many more!!!





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text 2017-09-14 21:09
I didnĀ“t watch Alien...
Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics Series - Mark Verheiden,Mark A. Nelson

... but I should have. Instead I have watched the movie Life. If you don´t know that movie, it´s the one were Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhall and others are acting like complete morons, even though they are supposed to be scientist. These idiots picked up an ancient life form from Mars, whose main objective is to kill them all (and to get to earth). Due to the stupidity of the astronauts / scientist and the survival instict of the alien, all hell breaks loose on the ISS.

Honestly, I cheered for the alien, which is so wrong because it was so boring and non-threatening. The people in this movie were just so dumb, I was on the verge of throwing stuff at my tv and don´t get me started on the ending. I hated the ending.


Coming back to the one and only Alien, the real deal, threatening in all it´s glory. I´m reading the graphic novel for the halloween bingo. The story takes place after the event of the James Cameron movie Aliens, Newt and Hicks have survived and are forced to go after the Alien again. I´m about halfway through and I´m enjoying the story and the artwork with its drawings in black and white.



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