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review 2022-01-03 05:48
Review: A Very Fake Christmas: A Billionaire Romance, Surprise Pregnancy by: Scarlett Avery
A Very Fake Christmas: A Billionaire Romance, Surprise Pregnancy - Scarlett Avery





A Very Fake Christmas: A Billionaire Romance, Surprise Pregnancy by Scarlett Avery

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Prepare to be seduced. Scarlett Avery tempts hearts with romance but boy can she deliver the drama. A Very Fake Christmas eases you into the drama, but never let's go of the temptation. Zane and Shay takes the heart on a whirlwind journey of love, lust and secrets that threaten to deliver some serious heartache. From family upheaval to romance drama, A Very Fake Christmas is an explosive twist on holiday romance.

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review 2021-07-05 03:30
Her Enemy Protector - Avery Flynn

Ruby Macintosh, stepdaughter of Northern Europe's biggest crime lord, is blackmailed by Lucas Bendtsen, head of Elskov's CIA equivalent, the Silver Knights, to get him into her stepfather's island and organization to stop a gun deal from going down. Their pretend engagement is to save her brother who the Silver Knights have in custody. When they get to the island, her stepfather suggests they get married on the island. They agree but Ruby has one request of Lucas--that her brother be brought to the island for the ceremony. Now Lucas is up the creek. Truths come out and Ruby and Lucas try to keep from falling in love. But it may be too late.


I loved this book. I loved Ruby and Lucas. She is feisty and strong. She won't take anyone's garbage. Lucas is stubborn but against Ruby he has no safety net. I was surprised by both Ruby's mother and brother. The story is hot! Both Lucas and Ruby have a lot to lose if this fails. Both need to decide what is more important--the mission or each other. What an ending!


I'll be looking the the other books in the series.

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review 2020-04-27 07:06
Not So Fake by: Avery Edwards
Not So Fake - Avery Edwards




Avery Edwards goes all in when it comes to matters of the heart. Not So Fake is a sweet second chance story that proves it can hold it's own when it comes to steamy angst. Love gets a second chance to get it wrong or make it right. Max and Naomi are a reminder why I love reunited lovers so much.

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text 2020-03-28 20:48
Reading progress update: I've read 40%.
Parental Guidance - Avery Flynn

Things are starting to get a little domestic with a side of sexual tension. Zara and Caleb have gone on three of the five dates now and have gotten to the point where they're randomly calling each other up. Caleb's at Zara's apartment so they can watch Law & Order together. It's nice.

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text 2020-03-27 14:02
Reading progress update: I've read 13%.
Parental Guidance - Avery Flynn

Have I finished An Offer from a Gentleman or reviewed The Twisted Ones? No and no. I started reading this anyway. The premise: a professional hockey player who got himself into a little media hot water agrees to divert media attention by signing up for a dating service where you go on five dates, tell your parent(s) how it went, and, if I remember right, your parents decide whether it's a good match or not. The heroine is a miniatures artist who agrees to try that dating service - her friend has promised her that, if she does, she'll introduce her to a well-known miniatures collector. Also, her dad wants to use the dating service to boost his spur-of-the-moment acting "career." The hero has dyslexia but hides it because it makes him feel stupid, and the heroine has a chip on her shoulder due to her dad and jokes about her being short.


I'm iffy about the premise, but the banter's been relatively fun so far. This will probably be my lunchtime reading. I'm now working from home until next week Wednesday, unless "shelter in place" gets extended. The library is still open, though, and I'm trying not to feel guilty about being one of the people who gets to stay away.

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