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text 2020-03-18 23:40
Good Architecture Does Much To Improve Your Business

Companies often overlook architecture when you are constructing a new office building. Architecture is very important for many things. Architecture doesn't just mean the design of the building. It involves a lot more than that. When a building is being constructed a lot of things need to be looked at it including its position and relationship with the environment. A good architecture will ensure that the building mingles with the surrounding environment and helps the inhabitants make use of all the natural resources in the best manner. An award winning architect in Singapore will help you construct a building that is best in every way.


Exhibiting Your Company Culture

When you hear various cultures being talked about, you hear that the architecture of that period is also mentioned. This means that culture and architecture have a close relationship. In the same way, when you construct your office building, it must reflect the culture of your company. Not every organization has the same culture and tradition. So, the building must reflect both in its architecture. Anyone who sees the company names or its logo must immediately associate it with your building. This is possible when you let an award winning architecture firm to design your building.


Building For The People Inside

An architect helps to create a building for the people who will be using it. If your company employees are used to a certain style of working, the building must help them in that. The top architecture firm in Singapore will understand this. They will study the company’s style of working and make sure that the building will facilitate this and make your employees improve their productivity.


Making A Building For The Future

A building must last long. Constructing a new building is a huge investment. The building must stay strong for a lot of years. This means that the builder must know to use the right materials that are most suited for the place where the building is being constructed. A building near the sea and a building on the hills will have to be designed differently. A good company for architecture design in Singapore will consider all these when constructing the building. They will know what materials will be most suitable for the building in a particular location and terrain.


Including All The Functions Of The Building

Companies that do architecture design jobs in Singapore know that all the components must be brought together if a building must serve its purpose. There are different areas in a building that serve different purposes. All these must be incorporated in a way that all the requirements are fulfilled while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal. A good architecture design will also ensure that areas that serve different purposes are placed in such a way that it is easy for the people in the building to access them for the purpose.


Good Architecture Helps Economize

This is another thing that companies doing Singapore interior design firm will help you do. A building incurs a lot of recurring expenses. The building will need to be maintained at a temperature that is comfortable for the people inside. It must also get enough light for the inhabitants to carry on their work. A good architect will make sure that the building is constructed in such a way that natural resources can be exploited to the maximum for these two purposes so that expense on power can be reduced.

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url 2020-02-26 07:07
Award winning wedding planner Malaysia

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text 2019-06-03 14:12
Destiny has a plan for these two lovers.




Excerpt from the award-winning series, Destiny by Victoria Saccenti 
Book one Destiny's Plan

Matthew glanced out the window and smiled. Night had fallen upon them. He’d lost track of time and forgotten his troubled thoughts thanks to the young woman sitting next to him. Her mirth and exuberance were infectious. She used her hands to speak, creating curious shapes in the air, which he visualized with total enchantment. While the minutes and hours passed imperceptibly, they had covered all sorts of topics, from the weather on the road to his assignment at Fort Benning’s Airborne School. Even the odd color of the lady’s wig two rows ahead didn’t escape their happy commentary. Raquelita was a delicious combination of naïveté and awareness and was delightfully engaged in every word he said. This genuine attention was much needed sustenance for his soul.

“Let’s forget about everyone on the bus,” he said. “Tell me more about you. Where were you born?”
“San Antonio. My parents are from Spain, born on the outskirts of Jerez de la Frontera.”
“The land of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza,” he said. “A legendary country full of history and romance. I’ve seen pictures and read a ton of books. I hope to visit one day.”
“Gracious, you’ve heard of El Ingenioso?”
“You bet. Don Quixote was a reading elective in school. Darned difficult, but I managed.” Matthew paused for a moment. “Jerez isn’t close to La Mancha, is it?”
“Not at all. Jerez is near the coast in the province of Andalucía, south and west of La Mancha,” she explained, adopting a cute tutorial attitude. “The region is known for its music, historical monuments, its prized sherry wine, and majestic horses.”
“Mysterious Andalucía. The Moors fought so hard to hold it.” His eyebrows gathered as he spoke. “Lorca was from Granada. His poetry was musical and raw in one breath, like The Sleepwalking Ballad, or La Guitarra. It’s a pity he died so young.”
“Yes, a tragic casualty of the Spanish Civil War.” Speaking to Matthew was like sifting through a treasure chest full of surprises, one more enticing than the last. She had the oddest desire to touch him, ensure he was real. “So you know La Guitarra?”
“Oh no. I’m not going to embarrass myself by reciting Spanish.” A faint flush rose on his face. “It’s bad enough I mix up my locations.”
“My father and I used to recite it together.” In her softest voice, she spoke:

Empieza el llanto de la guitarra.
Se rompen las copas de la madrugada.
Empieza el llanto de la guitarra.
Es inútil callarla
Es imposible callarla.

Words flowed out of her lips, her fingertips flitted like butterflies, and notes filled Matthew’s ears, full, vibrant, and warm. “You have it, el duende comes to you,” he said.
“Me? No.”
“Yes. You. I know Lorca’s poems, but I’ve never heard them in Spanish. The genie glimmers on your face and moves through your hands. The music comes to you. He comes to you.”
“How do you know so much? Very few people outside Spain know about the genie, much less feel or hear it.”
“The teacher who helped me survive Don Quixote knew my appreciation of Lorca’s works and lent me several books. One had a lecture Lorca gave in Buenos Aires. It was outstanding. The images Lorca presented inspired the reader’s imagination. He spoke of dark sounds. According to him, el duende is the hidden spirit of a doleful Spain. Please, please say more.” 

http://bit.ly/VSaccDP - Amazon Destiny's Plan Kindle
http://bit.ly/DPPPCOM -Amazon DP Paperback COM


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photo 2018-05-31 15:45
The Authors' Words: An Interview with Author Jill Hand

The Authors' Words: An Interview with Author Jill Hand


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text 2018-05-27 18:13
The Authors' Words: Award Winning Author, Marilyn Meredith

The Authors' Words: Award Winning Author, Marilyn Meredith

Source: jdswritersblog.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-authors-words-award-winning-author.html
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