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review 2018-06-07 00:00
Playing Fastball
Playing Fastball - Rachelle Ayala Playing Fastball is like a tidal wave. The emotions keep getting bigger until they threaten to swallow you whole. Tina is the poster child for heartbreak. Neglected, abandoned, abused and lonely. She longs to be loved, but doesn't really know what that means. Timmy is willing to show her, if she let's him into her heart. He's an open book. She's a bundle of secrets. Underneath their outer differences, they want the same thing. LOVE. Ayala makes magic out of tragedy. Timmy and Tina are a sweet inspiration of the healing power of love.
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review 2018-05-22 00:00
Jade: Perfect Match
Jade: Perfect Match - Rachelle Ayala Ayala believes in the direct approach. The best romances are the least complicated ones, yet it's the emotions that bring on the complications. Jade is at it's best a relaxing tale of angst, heart and humor. As a romance writer Jade wants to believe in the fantasy, but reality keeps bringing her down. Aiden needs a little down time away from his dangerous career and matchmaking mom. A little fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. Or is it just what their hearts crave? Perfect Match has all the ingredients to have readers believing in love.
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review 2018-04-08 00:00
Blue Chow Christmas
Blue Chow Christmas - Rachelle Ayala My heart broke for two lonely little boys trying to exist in a world not always kind. Blue Chow Christmas is a tearful look into the love of a father for a child he has never met. A woman's hope for a love that never was and a young man's struggle to understand the world around him. My anger bristled for the people who preyed on the vulnerable. It's hard to understand the actions of anyone who will abuse a child. So many broken people, so many destroyed lives. Ms. Ayala proves just how in touch with emotions she can be. She tackles the ugly that is hard to see with a beauty that is both inspirational and heartbreaking. Jennifer Groberg has that tear in her voice that digs way down deep. Love is never simple, but despite the pain we're all better for it.
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review 2018-04-05 00:00
Hide My Heart
Hide My Heart - Rachelle Ayala Her heart lead her into danger, will his love rescue her from the fall out? Ms. Ayala has conquered the world of romance with her inspiring tales of heartwarming happily ever afters. Hide my Heart detours in a new direction. A chilling one, but no less emotional. Amber wanted her independence. What she got was a life on the run with a mad man hot on her trail. Nate wanted someone to love. A life of his own. What he got was family responsibility. When a single mother with a ton of baggage catches his eye, will his love be enough to rescue them both? The thrill is in the chase, but the hope is still there to stir up the heart.
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review 2018-03-20 00:00
Christmas Flirt (Jingle Belles Book 1)
Christmas Flirt (Jingle Belles Book 1) - Rachelle Ayala Ayala takes a walk on the wild side with Christmas Flirt. The characters felt like an extension of the narrators. They blended well together. As for Rachelle Ayala - it's like the characters walk out of her head and march straight to our hearts. Lacey and Brandon give us a bit of spice without stepping over the boundaries of nice. Thom and Ongel help her bring the naughty to life without losing the heart we all know and love. The essence of an Ayala romance.
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