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review 2018-03-12 01:55
Substantial cast, good historical fiction mystery
The Ninth Daughter - Barbara Hamilton

I didn’t expect to enjoy this book as much as I would! It was a great mystery with a hefty set of characters (historical and otherwise) with an underlying theme of political tension playing throughout the plot.


I think that’s what made the book enjoyable, was despite the mystery being the main hook, the political tension and bickering between the patriots and the British was always in the forefront and mentioned when need be as it was central to the story. Every so often you had mention of Abigail’s refusal to drink tea for example, or minor scuffles happening between citizens and the Redcoats.


Despite the tensions however, Abigail puts her ideas and beliefs aside and works alongside the British to solve this mystery. I enjoyed reading her character. She’s strong willed and has a good retort every so often when she needs to speak out, which shocks other characters as it wasn’t considered “proper”. I enjoy Abigail’s unorthodox behavior and it may seem as if she gives an air of an annoying stubborn woman, but it’s because of her personality that things get done no matter whose side you’re on or who you support.


John and Abigail’s relationship was also nice to read. They’re both equals and you can see a subtle quiet strength between them and they compliment each other perfectly. There’s a mutual respect between the two and if they were alive now, they would probably be a political supercouple ;)


The mystery aspect of the book was good and the intrigue is definitely noted. The setting is superbly done and very descriptive. The list of suspects was substantial and revelation of the culprit isn’t much of a surprise but the execution of obtaining the criminal and his background story was excellent to read , and was very satisfying to see the bad guys get their dues. The supporting characters are also well done - although I have to admit, there are just a little too many for me. Even minor characters have their personality and details and although it’s good and makes the world building more detailed and rich, sometimes it’s a bit hard to follow as to who’s who. (Perhaps a section of cast of characters would help in this case - especially when some characters share the same last name)


I’ll be picking up the next book to read. It’s definitely worth looking into for those that love historical fiction mysteries. The tea has been dumped!!! So you have to figure out what sort of chaos is going to happen and what mystery Abigail will solve next.

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review 2014-01-18 00:00
The Ninth Daughter
The Ninth Daughter - Barbara Hamilton Great fun. I really enjoyed following Neb Adams around while she did her housework, raised kids, offered opinions of the brewing revolution and solved crime. I probably would have enjoyed it almost as much were she not solving crime, but the crime did give her an excuse to get out of the house and talk to all kinds of people. I like that the book, though clearly pro-revolution, showed ambiguity within the Sons of Liberty and the Regulars. We get a sympathetic John Adams and Paul Revere and screaming arguments with Sam Adams and others.

The mystery itself was a bit convoluted and happenstance, and I could have lived without the sexual element. However, setting the whole thing in the month leading up to the Boston Tea Party meant that there was enough going on to carry things along.

I will definitely look for the other two in this series.
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review 2013-05-19 00:00
The Ninth Daughter - Barbara Hamilton I slogged through this book. And the really frustrating thing is I cannot even explain why. There was nothing that would have made it bad book, or even a slow read for me, but for some reason I just slogged through it. It was really a chore to finish. I had such high hopes when I began it, but they were all soon dashed. I was considering trying again with the remaining books in the series, but I think I will give them a go unless they come up as Kindle Freebies.
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review 2012-02-24 00:00
The Ninth Daughter (Abigail Adams Mystery #1)
The Ninth Daughter - Barbara Hamilton

The Ninth Daughter was a very well written historical mystery. The plot was very well thought out and well executed.


For me, however, it lost a star due to the violence against animals, something I never want to read about, no matter how much it adds to a story. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes true and accurate historical novels.

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