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review 2017-07-20 18:16
#Audiobook Review: Besieged by Kevin Hearne
Besieged - Luke Daniels,Kevin Hearne

Besieged is a collection of tales all set in the Iron Druid world. All but the last few are not directly related to the current storyline. Many are fun recountings of events in the long lives of these characters. 


*Note: I could not find a listing of the story titles within the book, so I did my best trying to catch the names when listening to the audiobook.


"Eye of Horus"

This is a story Atticus shares with Granuaile and Oberon; told between Tricked and Two Ravens and One Crow, when Granuaile is still an apprentice. 


Atticus narrates a story from back in the third century when the Celtic god Ogma wants Atticus to steal some books from the library in Alexandra. We find out that the Egyptian and Celtic gods do not get along. It was an interesting side-story about a much younger Atticus and how he first meets the iron elementals. The story makes direct reference to another short story, “Grimoire of Lamb,” which I haven’t read so I may have missed a joke or two.


"Goddess at the Crossroads" 

Another story shared by Atticus during the same time period as the previous book, that is actually a recounting of a story from long ago.


This one takes place during time of Shakespeare, just after the death of Queen Elizabeth. Atticus links up with Shakespeare for an adventure during the time he was writing MacBeth. It doesn’t have any relevance on the current series, but was fun.


"The Demon Barker of Wheat Street" 

This one takes place two weeks after “Two Ravens and One Crow,” and was originally published in the Carney Punk anthology.


The tale is a bit of a non sequitur about a trip to a fair where demons and ghouls are feasting on humans. The story takes place in Granuaile’s hometown as she attempts to visit her mom. The story felt a wee bit gorier and darker than the usual stories, but was interesting.


"Gold Dust Fairy"

This one is another recounting of a story during Atticus’s history. He shares it shortly after the time of the previous “Demon” story. 


Atticus is called to California during the gold rush because Gaia sensed a dangerous demon is loose and causing problems. I liked this tale because it shared more of what it’s like to be a Druid protecting Gaia and Atticus’s life on the run from Angus Og. 


"The Boogie Man of Boora Bog" 

The book shifts gear and moves to a tale narrated by Owen. This story takes place after Staked but before Oberon's meaty mystery story. 


Owen tells Greta about how he came to be Atticus's arch Druid. Once again we have a story that is actually a retelling of past events. The story is about when Owen was younger and was sent to save Gaia from the clearcutting behaviors of some villages. He meets another Druid who is kidnapping and eating children. In the aftermath he meets a young Atticus. He tells Greta that the events at the bog changed him and therefore changed how he taught Atticus, which may be why he is the way he is. I like the insight it provides, and it also sets up Greta and Atticus being able to work together again (coming up).


"Cuddle Dungeon" 

This short is narrated by Perun and takes place after The Purloined Poodle.


The story follows Flidais and Perun as they explore new sexual fantasies at a dungeon in Scotland. However unbeknownst to Perun, Flidais uses him to trap a nymph. I really enjoyed this one because it directly related to parts of the overall storyline and is current in the series order. I loved learning more about Perun and his complex personality.


The next three stories are all current and take place between The Purloined Poodle and the upcoming Scourged.


“Blood Pudding”

Narrated by Granuaile, the tale picks up during her time in Poland. While working at her job in the local pub, Granuaile is visited by a vampire on the eve before all vampires are to leave Poland. We get to see Granuaile in action as a full Druid and taking care of business without the support of Atticus and Owen. I really like the story because it moves forward the overall series as it approaches the final story.


"Hunted Devil" 

Next, it’s Owen’s turn to share what he goes through as we approach the final book. He gets a call for help from Tasmania (same as Atticus, which was mentioned in “Blood Pudding”). Owen and Greta prepare his six apprentices to help heal cancer-stricken Tasmanian Devils. The story is great for we finally get to see Greta and Atticus working together again. It also foreshadows the upheaval awaiting as Loki starts Ragnarok.


"The End of Idols”

And finally, we get Atticus’s version of events as we lead up to the end of the series. He and Oberon are still in Tasmania, healing the Devils, when the Morrígan comes to Atticus in a dream. Atticus also shares with Oberon what happened to his first and only other long-term animal companion. 


The tale is not really a complete story, but rather it sets the stage for the final showdown between Atticus and Loki, and what could be the end of the world. It’s a bit of an emotional tale because Atticus seems to be saying goodbye to Oberon as he prepares for what could be his own death.


I really enjoyed listening to Besieged. Luke Daniels has come to be one of the all-time best narrators I have ever heard. His range of voices is truly unmatched. I loved listening to him give life to so many different characters. Overall, the stories are mostly interesting and fun to listen to, however the last three stories were the best because they set the stage for the final book, Scourged


My Rating:  B+

Narration:  A+


Review copy provided by Penguin Random House Audio


Of note: I change my listening speed from my usual 1.5x down to 1.25x. I don't recall exactly when, but it was because the vehicle I drove in for much of the book seemed to play the stories a bit faster than when I listen via headphones.

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review 2017-07-17 09:15
Besieged (The Iron Druid Chronicles) by Kevin Hearne
Besieged - Kevin Hearne

This is a collection of short stories in the Iron Druid universe.  I found most of the stories to be rather bland - same stuff, different day.  There were one or two stories that were different, but most were of the all-powerful druid killing the bad guy variety.  In short, an ok read but I know the author can do better and I wonder if he hasn't got bored with this story.

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review 2016-01-04 00:00
Fortress Besieged
Fortress Besieged - Qian Zhongshu,Nathan K. Mao a fantastic literary gem depicting a turbulent time of Chinese history. The original is much better than the translation but I guess this is unavoidable. There is much essence lost in the attempt to fit intricate Asian subtleties into western concepts.
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review 2015-12-04 23:33
Itty, Gritty
Besieged - Rowena Cory Daniells

I really liked this book. Wow, it was great. Everything I look for in fantasy, well I suppose this is more of a dark fantasy, but that's probably why I like it.


Look at the cover !! Super pretty, and i'm not gonna lie it is why I picked up the book in the first place. The story itself though is what kept me reading.


This is the first book in the Outcast Chronicles trilogy. It does a really fantastic job of setting the series up, introducing characters and fleshing out the world. It covers the span of about 30 years, and follows the perspective of about four (or five I can't remember) characters. 


The main perspective (in my opinion) seems to be Sorne, the halfbreed son of the king, and Imoshen, a T'en woman (the magic people).


I love the world that Daniells has thrown us into. Its harsh, unfair, struggling. There's hatred, war and corruption. None of the characters are perfect. They make mistakes and have flaws. It's fantasy, and yet very real. It reflects real life.


This book ended in a cliff hanger, but then that's not very surprising, as it is part of a trilogy. I can't say if this series will have a happy ending in any sense, but if it does, the characters are going have to work very very hard for it.


I am very interested to read the rest of this series.

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review 2015-03-02 01:12
Besieged by Clay
Besieged by Rain - Michelle Irwin

WOW, just finished reading 'Besieged by Rain' & what can I say... other than I need more Clay & Evie NOW! 'Besieged by Rain' is book 1 in the "Son of Rain" (SoR) series, which in itself is sort of a companion series for Michelle's "Daughter of Fire" (DoF) series which features Evie's story. I would advise you to read both Evie & Clay's stories, as instead of writing both POV's in 1 book/series like many other authors do, Michelle has written two series that intertwine in each others timelines & story plots. I love the idea as it saves alot of jumping around & confusion when reading.

In this book we follow Clay's journey of discovery, pain, action, denial, secrets & intense love.... Clay has been searching for Evie since the day she ran from him back in high school, secretly searching, using all of the Rain's resources, until finially he finds her. He leaves the Rain, his father & siblings to quench is NEED for Evie, finding & convincing her that he isn't a threat. I'm not going to ruin this intense book, no spoilers from me.... you have to read it for yourself.

I LOVED Evie's side of the story in 'Through the Fire' but it left so many questions, thank goodness Michelle had Clay's story all set out & had planned it this way. I found it answered so many questions that I had throughout Evie's book, as Clay is a bit evasive in 'TtF' when discussing things to Evie. Having now read both Evie & Clay's first books I understand both sides so much better than I did when I'd just finished Evie's POV. Michelle's ability to take her reader out of their mundane life & transport them into the lives of her characters is amazing... I felt everything I read, the pain, denial & everything that Clay was put through was enhanced in my mind... it was almost like watching a movie.

I CAN NOT WAIT till book 2 has been released for BOTH DoF & SoR series, I await them both with baited breathe.

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