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review 2017-10-20 23:50
Where Loyalties Lie by Rob J. Hayes - My Thoughts
Where Loyalties Lie - Rob J. Hayes

I'm of two minds about this book.  There were parts I really loved, but there were also parts that I really disliked.  Most of it was an enjoyable read if you're able to get your head around characters that really aren't one bit heroic - even the likable ones are rather horrible at times. 

Where Loyalties Lie is a very apt title for this first book in the series.  We meet a bunch of pirates, mostly captains, some more wicked than others.  Most of the book, in fact, sets up whole over-arcing plot, I assume, since the pirates we meet don't do much of substance other than cross into each others' orbits and on some occasions work together and others... not so much. I know this is in the same universe as some of Rob's earlier books, but I don't think one needs to read them first.  

So I'm reading a book about pirates, there's going to be lots of violence and blood and gore - I'm aware of this. Maybe it's the atmosphere of the week with all the Weinstein stuff, but I find I have little patience or tolerance for the violence against women in this book.  There's not a lot on the page, but there is some, including one awful scene were the Big Bad Pirate Captain feels he must teach his daughter a lesson.  I think I understand why the author chose to include this, but I question the need of it really. 

Another problem I had was a couple of times, the author made a point of showing (as opposed to not telling) something - how awful a character is for instance - and then a little later on in the book having a need to tell (as opposed to show) us again.  In case we missed it probably.  *eyeroll* 

In the end, as I said, there were parts I loved, parts I hated and many readable parts in between.  :)  Will I continue in the series?  Most probably.  I like Hayes' way of writing.

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text 2017-04-03 09:11
REVIEW TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Best Laid Plans Box Set by Robyn Kelly
Best Laid Plans Box Set: An Alpha Billionaire Romance - Robyn Kelly

Jillian Whitkins is an event planner who is ready to throw in the towel. She is managing a birthday party with a 50 Shades of Grey theme—and it’s turning into a disaster! The birthday girl is drunk, the guests are harassing her staff, and she is about to offend a real-life Christian Grey.


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Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2017/04/review-tour-giveaway-best-laid-plans.html
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review 2016-08-24 16:25
Best Laid Plans by Taylor Rush
Best Laid Plans: a romance novel (Greywater Chronicles Book 2) - Taylor Rush

I received this through Goodreads in return for an honest review. I've given this a 4* review. This was an ok read. While parts were really good, other parts were lackluster. At the end, it sort of left me hanging, not quite feeling like it was the end. And since I don't care to read more of this series, I'll never know how it ends up.

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review 2016-04-22 00:00
The Best Laid Plans
The Best Laid Plans - Ponderings The Best Laid Plans - Ponderings Stiles wants Derek alone so he can seduce him. Of course his plans never work. But eventually he gets Derek alone. Sterek smexy times!

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review 2016-01-07 08:33
Best Laid Plans (The Mercenaries) (Volume 1) - Stylo Fantome

Astrid's review - Happy New Year!


This isn't a sweet lovestory. This is a story you'll end up having whiplash with and boy, that feels so good. I hope the story will be made into a movie, it would be epic.


Lily (I love her name) and Marc are mercenaries. For the correct amount of money there isn't much they wouldn't do. Lily is a kickass woman, she can hold her own in a fight, she's smart as a whip (I see pattern here) and her role in this operation in Liberia, Africa is to be a transporter. Lily has her own agenda though. She has been working towards her goal to get revenge for her sister, who was tortured and killed by Russian mob.


Marcelle De Sant is a rough guy who can be utterly charming when he wants to be. He is usually solitary but of course he doesn't mind a lady's company for a passionate romp in the sheets. He works this job for the money.


I hopped into this book not knowing what was to come. After the first 20% I was wondering if I wanted to read about a hero and a heroine roughening each other up but as the story progressed I saw that it was necessary. These two people aren't lovey-dovey people, they work in a field where violence is present at all times and it is essential to shoot first and ask questions later. So I moved forward in the story with that in mind and I'm so glad I did.

After they spend some time in each other's company, unwillingly at first,


Marc softens and succumbs to Lily's charm (which includes but is not limited to) kicking his ass six ways to Sunday, and it's probably the only sweet thing you'll see in this book.




Kingsley Law is a side character and Marc's friend and sometimes partner and I can't wait to get to see his story.


The story ends on a cliffhanger, so make sure you have the 2nd book ready because, I promise, you will not want to wait to continue. This read was extremely fast paced and I had to catch my breath repeatedly, there wasn't a quiet moment and I loved every second of it.

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