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review 2014-08-30 19:12
Fall into Forever - Beth Hyland

I love dual POV books.

I love books about women looking toward new beginnings.

I love books with tough men that have a soft spot for only a few people. 

I love strong sidekicks and interesting prefaces.

And although Fall into Forever has all that good stuff, I didn’t fall in love with this book.

There are books that you can read in one sitting. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, other times it’s the best feeling in the world. To be so connected and interested in a story that it takes over your life as you sink into someone else’s. And that is how this reading experience started out, but about halfway through (somewhere between Ivy freaking the hell out about “this Gretchen chick” in Jon’s friend requests and that tent scene) it lost traction with me. (And I didn’t read it in one sitting, either. A few nights actually).

And I’m pretty sure the reason I did not fall in love with this book is solely Ivy’s fault. I just couldn’t connect with her. She is just trying to start over after a traumatic experience, and apparently all is better once her knight is shining armor shows up. (Which let’s face it, we all want, but he won’t solve all your problems).

Jon is that rugged, fucked up kinda sexy. With a soft heart and anger issues that conflict with one another. “He’s got black gauges in his earlobes the size of a medium-tipped Sharpie. A bruise is starting to form under his left eye.” (Every guy I’ve ever let buy me a drink anywhere. I have a type apparently). His story is interesting and made me teary-eyed a few times!

Also, I’ve read a few books dealing with amnesia, and this is the first where it just randomly blocks out a one particular moment. (I think that’s called selective memory, but whatevs). The amnesia didn’t really add anything to the story, just a background layer.

Little tid-bits I absolutely loved: Arctic Monkey’s mention, glimpses of Jon’s lyrics, Jon’s tattoo (!!omg!!), and the zombie run. 

There has to be nothing that cuts deeper than when someone who should protect and care for you denies something you’re having issues with. In this case, I mean Ivy’s bitch mom. I can’t even with her.

Fall into Forever is an overall cute story that I would love to see made into a movie! 

It wasn’t my favorite, but it could be yours. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this author in the future!

p.s. is that Zayn Malik on the cover?! Totally looks like him.

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review 2014-04-12 00:00
Fall into Forever
Fall into Forever - Beth Hyland Originally posted on The Filipina Booknote

Withdrawn, traumatized, ruined. Those were the words I thought of when I first met Ivy in this Beth Hyland book. In fact the first thing she was doing on the first chapter of the book was escaping a house full of people. I thought she was the usual girl protagonist carrying a lot of baggage about her life growing up, but she was different. An accident ruined her and her family and moving to to a new school far from home was her only way to have a new life. Who would have thought escaping through the roof of a house could change everything in her life? Because while she was busy thinking of ways to go down, Jon Priestly, a man with a box full of surprises comes to her rescue. Jon, a campus dj taking up Applied Chemistry, is all kinds of hot. Imagine a muscular tall man who loves indie music and is surprisingly intelligent and aspires to become a doctor some day all rolled up. Brains and hotness in one is Jon Priestly. But apart from his seemingly perfect façade as a campus hottie, he has a past that he wishes was never a part of him.

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary. – Oscar Wilde”

Their first meeting wasn’t really what you would have thought was a love story in the making. Ivy was showing her bitchy and was trying to mask her self to keep a away from the likes of Jon. Jon on the other hand wasn’t able to hide his “jerk-y” side when he was caught staring on Ivy’s chest. I can tell it wasn’t a case of insta-love or insta-lust, rather it was more of strong attraction between them. I liked their relationship because they did do their share of knowing bits of each other first before hooking up. I’d have to give credits to Jon for being a gentleman and not pushing for sex and having control over his hunger for Ivy.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple. – Oscar Wilde”

I usually fall in love with the guy whenever I read contemporary books, but this I time I want to meet Ivy and offer her a big hug of comfort. I can never relate to whatever happened to her but I can feel her emotions and being cautious through the pages of this book. Even if she was totally crushing on Jon, she didn’t put down her walls immediately and she took her time to see if the guy he was crushing on deserved his trust. I can say that Ivy portrayed a very strong female character despite her traumas and fears and this was a refreshing take on a contemporary novel. Hyland did a very good job in expressing what the characters were going through especially with Ivy. It was like she also wrote this book to address the issue of bullying which is a very important topic in today’s world. Although I liked Ivy’s character, I didn’t really fell for Jon’s wounds of the past. I was thinking he would have more “big” issues that might affect their relationship, when in fact his ego was his big problem. If not for his consideration and thoughtfulness for Ivy I wouldn’t even take a second look at him.

Overall, this was a good read and I enjoyed it. It was like experiencing the world of the traumatized person through Ivy’s words. I also liked that it had a lot of book reference, but wished that it had a soundtrack or playlist too. I was assuming it would have one since Jon was a radio dj and there were some songs mentioned. It would be more enjoyable reading the book while listening to the song the characters were enjoying too. Well aside from those, contemporary romance junkies are sure to love this book too.
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review 2014-03-26 00:37
Review: Fall into Forever by Beth Hyland
Fall into Forever - Beth Hyland

Initial reaction: I need a little bit of time to reflect on this because I'm not sure what to rate it. The story had a really hard time hooking me because it's full of cliche after cliche and I really didn't identify with the leads to start. It gets a little more tolerable as the story moves along, but I don't think that makes up for how difficult it was to get into. Somewhere between 1 and 2 stars, and I'll decide that when I up the final review.

Full review:

Okay, I'll bite, this gets 1.5 stars from me. To be honest, I was not captivated by Beth Hyland's "Fall into Forever." Whenever I read New Adult books, it seems like when I pick up a romance title it falls into one of two camps: either there's so much going on in the way of melodrama that it has my blood pressure rising from frustration at the characters and scenarios, or I couldn't give two cents about the characters and nothing seems to be going on despite the purported scenarios. This book fell into the latter category. It started on an interesting note when Ivy's trying to scale a roof to get away from someone at a party, but then the story dragged like no-one's business. I struggled through this book. I didn't really like Jon's character either because he's the typical abrasive bad boy with family issues, but somehow ends up instaloving the heroine and I'm supposed to buy their relationship while discovering that Ivy's running from a past that was both tragic and abusive. It's the same script, different cast type of story, only I couldn't really identify with either character because it seemed like they were both lacking in the identity department. Very stilted presentation on behalf of both characterizations.

There were a few quirks and references in here that I recognized, but that didn't help the narrative for structure or pacing as far as I was concerned. I just couldn't feel the depth of events here and largely I was bored for the larger part of the narrative. The story attempts to come together in the end for events and I saw it happening, but found it very hard to care. It just didn't connect with me in terms of intimacy and I found it really unfortunate because the overarching story (for events, in any case) had potential and promise.

I'll read another of Beth Hyland's works, but this really didn't work for me.

Overall score: 1.5/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.

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text 2014-03-22 05:24
Reading progress update: I've read 29 out of 208 pages.
Fall into Forever - Beth Hyland

I haven't made it that far in this one at all, but at least it's shorter than I expected.  I'll try to get as far as I can into it tonight.  I'm hoping it turns out better than "Because of Luke."  *shivers*



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text 2014-03-22 01:20
At present, working on Camp NaNo Outlines...
Because of Luke (Lewiston Blues) - F.X. Scully,Tirzah Price
The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa
Fall into Forever - Beth Hyland

Then I have a few WIP edits to make, and then I'm going to try to finish "Because of Luke" and "Fall Into Forever" tonight.  Because I think I'd better get the NA reads out of the way while I'm still in a good mood.  Then back to "The Forever Song" because that's exceeding my expectations so far.


My itinerary for tonight.  Hoping it's fruitful. *crosses fingers*

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