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review 2020-04-05 17:14
Destiny's Embrace
Destiny's Embrace - Beverly Jenkins

Mariah was abused by her mom. Her mom was a seamstress and Mariah learned how to do so too. In addition, she draws designs that her mom would sell and pass on as her own. After being hit (again), she decides enough is enough and leaves. With the help of her aunt Libby, she answers an ad for a housekeeper in CA.
Logan is a rancher and shares property with his (step)mom. He also doesn't want to marry and likes his life just so. His house is also a pigsty (in both looks and smell). It also doubles as the tack shed (since the last one burned).
Needless to say, there is friction between Logan and Mariah. Mariah blossoms and becomes someone who speaks her mind and doesn't put up with bullshit. It was glorious! I liked how Logan eventually changed and re-evaluated his life and what he wanted. I enjoyed Alanza and liked her forward thinking. I'm hoping something happened with Max. I also liked his brothers Drew (Andrew Antonio)-a lawyer (and womanizer) and Noah (a sailor) even if they were not on the page. My only compliant would be the ending felt rushed; I wanted more. The ending also opens what (I assume- I haven't read the synopsis for book 2 yet) the plot for the next brother's story will be.
There is also some of CA history and a recommended reading list for more info.
I read this for Romance-opoly The Cobbles moon track

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review 2020-02-05 18:45
Destiny's Embrace
Destiny's Embrace - Beverly Jenkins

Ohh la la. Seriously though I am loving these historical romances by Jenkins. This one is the first book in her "Destiny" series. I loved the hero and heroine and cannot wait to read more books featuring the Yates brothers.


In "Destiny's Embrace" we follow Logan Yates and Mariah Cooper. Mariah Cooper is living in Philadelphia with her rage filled mother. Mariah wants to get married, but is shunned due to the color of her eyes (golden) and the fact that her mother refuses to let anyone too close to her. When Mariah suffers one more beating by her mother, she flees to her aunt who tells her her mother's past. Mariah's aunt pushes her to answer an ad for a housekeeper in California. Logan causes his mother fits. His house is a mess (and it smells) and all she wants is for him and his two brothers to settle down and give her grand babies. When Mariah come along the two go together like oil and water. She pushes his buttons and vice versa. Since Logan is up front about never marrying and only wanting a woman long enough to be a mistress, we get to follow him as he is shut down by Mariah and her not wanting to be another notch on his bedpost.


I loved the transformation of Mariah from cowed to queen in this one. She also made me laugh about her matter of fact way of enjoying Logan's kisses, but not being foolish enough to think he means anything by it. I also loved her relationship with his mother. 


Logan and his brother and best friend's fits at him not knowing what to do about Mariah was hilarious. That's all I got.


The setting in this time period is interesting. I liked that Logan's mother Alanza (step-mother really) is descended from a different side of California that many don't think of When California was a Spanish and Mexican colonial at some points during the decades. You get to see how that place seemed to be more forward thinking of mixed race people. 

The ending was great though it felt a bit rushed. I can't wait for book #2!


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review 2020-02-04 22:16
Breathless - Beverly Jenkins

Well I loved the fact we get to see the HEA for characters we met in the first book, while focusing on new love interests in this one. "Breathless" follows Eddy's niece Portia. 

Portia is now in charge of her family's bookkeeping at the hotel they run in the Arizona territory. The family had to flee after her uncle Rhine admitted his mixed race heritage. Portia doesn't think she will ever find a love like her Aunt Eddy an is happy to just focus on her job. However, old family friend Kent Randolph finds Rhine again and asks for a job. Rhine agrees to let him work for him. Kent and Portia have sparks flying with Portia wondering if she can just kiss Kent and forget about him. We get some introduction to new characters as well as revisiting with the older ones.

Jenkins did a great job of making me think that Portia and Kent had feelings for each other and how suited they were with each other. Portia is easily understandable based on how her mother sent her and her sister away in order for her to have a better life. Portia's mother does pop up again, but it's a plot hole I expect is resolved in book #3. I also loved the back and forth with her and her sister Regan. Though I will roll my eyes a bit that all of their talk was mostly about getting married and what man. They both are strong women and I wish that Jenkins had thought to do a novella of them growing up in Arizona. The tales we are told via other characters about them learning to ride horses, do shingling, etc. were so interesting. 


I also loved how Kent's life changed once he pushed back against his father's expectations of him being a doctor too.


We get secondary characters and definitely get to see that old adage, not all of my skinfolk are kinfolk in this one. 


Also thankfully we have Jenkins acknowledging the times of the day with the women's suffrage movement and how it was excluding women of color. I also loved how we hear about Geronimo (and he even makes an appearance). I also could not believe that men of color could not be deputized and if they were murdered or stolen from there was nothing they could do unless a white man or sheriff came along and pressed the issue. 


The book ties things up neatly with Portia and Kent, but things are left open about Regan. I am definitely going to find and read book #3!

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text 2020-02-01 19:46
Reading progress update: I've read 9%.
Breathless - Beverly Jenkins

Hello there. 

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text 2020-01-16 21:29
Winter Weekend Read-a-thon
Courting Trouble - Deeanne Gist
Breathless - Beverly Jenkins
An Extraordinary Union - Alyssa Cole
Copycat Killing - Sofie Kelly
The Preacher's Promise - Piper Huguley

We are expecting a minor winter storm tonight that would last until tomorrow afternoon. So school may not be happening tomorrow; this adds to the holiday weekend and today my son stayed home from school sick. 


Basically I'm in need of a sanity saver/keeper. Usually I would be doing the 24 in 48 read-a-thon, but since the organizers cancelled this round, I don't have that. So I am making my own read-a-thon. There will be no cutesy name or hashtag; it will happen just here on BL (fingers crossed it stays up) and on IG if I remember to do so. Just me and a goal of reading for most of the weekend (Friday to Sunday) and making a dent in a stack of books. 


TBR for the Weekend:

1. Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist

2. Breathless (Old West #2) by Beverly Jenkins

3. An Extraordinary Union (The Loyal League #1) by Alyssa Cole

4. Copycat Killing (Magical Cats #3) by Sofie Kelly

5. The Preacher's Promise (Home to Milford College #1) by Piper Huguley


If you need me, I will be in my blanket fort reading.



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