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text 2018-02-06 19:44
Shame on You by Tara Sivec $1.99!
Shame on You - Tara Sivec

War veteran Kennedy O’Brien is in the business of sticking it to the man—or at least any man who tries to cross a woman. After she returned home from Afghanistan and caught her husband in bed with the nanny, Kennedy lost her faith in men and started Fool Me Once Investigations with her two best friends. After all, there’s no better bounty hunter than a woman scorned.


When Kennedy takes a case to slap cuffs on a bail jumper turned dog-napper, she figures it’ll be an easy paycheck. But trouble has a way of finding Kennedy. Enter the last man on the planet she’d willingly choose as a partner: her cheating ex-husband’s best friend, Griffin Crawford.


As gorgeous as he is unwelcome, Griffin has always had a thing for Kennedy, and after keeping quiet about her ex’s cheating, he’ll do anything to earn back her trust. Whether or not she wants to admit it, Kennedy will need help as the case of the Chihuahua thief spirals out of control. Griffin may be just her man—in more ways than one.

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text 2018-01-30 11:06
Shame ON You (An Ozzie Novak Thriller, Book 4) (Redemption Thriller Series 16) - John W. Mefford
Shame ON You (An Ozzie Novak Thriller, Book 4) by John W. Mefford | Author
"This case had twists and turns that have come to be expected out of a Mefford thriller – the kind you don’t expect. How everything wraps up and ties together had my head spinning. I would never have guessed it to fall into place the way it did. Definitely pick up Mefford’s latest – Shame ON You." reviews Nicki's Nook
"Their hunt takes them into the dark and dangerous world of drugs--where nobody ever tells the truth! In order for you to find out what really happened to the girl who disappeared 10 years ago you will have to read this fast moving and emotional novel!" reviews Miki's Hope
"Ozzie and Ivy have teamed up in the quest to find a missing girl. Ozzie and Ivy are unique characters on their own, but together, they’re unstoppable. I love their interaction and camaraderie. With Ozzie’s clumsiness and Ivy’s wild hair, I don’t want the Redemption series to ever end." reviews I Create Purty Thangs
Read more on the #book, series and author here...
Two shattered lives bound by one haunting secret.
Chantel hasn't been the same since her sister went missing ten years ago. Ravaged by drug addiction ever since that fateful moment, Chantel vanished a month ago. Could the same kidnapper be involved?
Pulled into the investigation by his friend, Ivy Nash, Ozzie quickly learns the art of the addicted: deceit is a way of life.
Meanwhile, a high school reunion reminds Ozzie of the good old days, but some annoying personalities just haven't changed. Kate delivers a heart-wrenching song, honoring those who've died, in particular her cousin, a boy from Ozzie's class who made everyone smile -- and now, ten years later -- shed a tear.
The hunt for Chantel takes Ozzie and Ivy to the most dangerous places in Austin. A girl is bludgeoned to death -- they believe they have a key witness, but he slips away.
When Ozzie and Ivy finally get a clue from Chantel's feisty grandmother, what at first seems unthinkable could be reality. But there's far more to unraveling this bizarre set of events. Could this all circle back to his high school class?
Two girls connected to one tragic event. Years have passed…people have died, and more could follow. But there is one demented soul who shames those he was meant to save.
Will Ozzie be able to solve this twisted mystery and save the ones who've suffered the most?
Get Shame ON You now!
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text 2017-10-07 23:41
Halloween Bingo: 80's horror
A Crying Shame - William W. Johnstone


The missing link may have been found in a swamp in Louisiana.

And they need women.


A mercenary hired to wipe them out finds himself without a boss and falling for the ex-boss's sister.

Love blossoms among the blood, guts and gore.

But this is not a romance.



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text 2017-08-22 19:33
Some people are just pure evil

If you haven't read my earlier post this morning . . . .


So.  I wrapped myself in determination and set out to run my errands.  First stop was the library to pick up the book I had ordered.  Before I stepped out of the car, I swore again not to be tempted by the sale room.


I was even prepared to kind of, you know, close my eyes as I walked through and pretend those shelves of $1.25 books -- and 25-cent paperbacks -- weren't there.


You'd have thought they planned it, as though they knew as soon as that book came in for "Linda Hilton" that it was time to pull some merciless trick on me.


The sign was waiting just inside the door, mounted on the first table of used books.




10 cents EACH / 12 for $1.00


If I had had the Kindle with me -- I had left it in the car -- I would have chosen more wisely, but the duplicate paperback was only ten cents, so I'll re-donate it on Thursday when I go back.


Oh, yes, I will go back.  I am a glutton.


EDITED TO ADD photos, of the morning's haul and my fortune cookie fortune from this past Sunday.  Yeah.  They're evil.




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text 2017-08-22 16:27
The collection: Confessions of a book glutton

Prompted by Kaethe's post:


I am a book glutton.

There are well over 5,000 books on my Kindle.  Before Kindle, there was Project Gutenberg, and I have another 1,000 or so of those; I've never actually counted.  I suspect a lot of those titles are now available in Kindle format and could be transferred/reloaded, but, well, it takes time.

My physical library contains another 4,000 volumes, more or less.  Most are listed on my simple spreadsheet inventory, but many are not.  Those paperbacks in boxes in the workshop, for instance.  I have no idea what's in them, only that there are three stacks of boxes and each box holds 50, 60, maybe 70 books.  Or more.

When I went back to college in 1998, I got into the honors program, which afforded free photocopying services.  I abused it, and made copies for personal use of another 100 or so long-out-of-print books.  That's how I acquired my copy of the full, three-volume original version of Briffault's The Mothers.

While in graduate school, I had a part-time job with a small property management firm.  There were only two of us in the office regularly, and on the two or three days a week that I worked, my boss often disappeared for hours at a time.  The photocopier was on a lease contract, the minimum allowed, which included toner and up to 1500 copies per month.  I was in charge of reporting the number of copies to the copier leasing company, and we only made about 100 copies a month for the office use.  I provided my own paper and used the rest of the allotment to copy more of those out of print academic tomes.  

My personal collection is therefore somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000 to 15,000 titles.  Maybe more.

I ordered a book from the county library system (for Halloween Bingo!) and received the email this morning that it has arrived at the local branch.  Yes, the local branch that has the entrance from the parking lot go right through the used book sale room.  Every single time I SWEAR I will not buy any books, but so far I've only succeeded in avoiding the temptation once.  Every other time, I drop a few bucks in the Friends of the Library coffers and bring home . . . more books.

Sadly, I don't make, take, or have the time for reading that I used to.  Last year's Halloween Bingo provided terrific incentive, and I started to get back into a routine.  Life disrupted that.  Then came BookLikes-Opoly, and I regained some momentum, until other obligations intervened.  Now it's Halloween Bingo time again, and I am more determined than ever to right my listing ship and steer her back on course.

Ahead Full Sail!

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